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snapToGrid not working

Hi, I was trying to apply snapToGrid false in our Scheduler (to be able to resize events by minutes), but it is really not working. Maybe is some other config property that is blocking it. Our config...
Asked by Mauricio Farinelli 15 hours ago.

Example Grails Code?

Could you post the same examples for Grails?
Asked by Anonymous 1 day ago.

BeforeCellRender is only working on the top row

I'm tryhing to split, as in the screenshot attached, the scheduler into sections for a client. I have done the following in the BeforeCellRender subroutine (using VB) If e.IsBusiness Then If tmStart ...
Asked by Ian Sheffield 2 days ago. 5 replies, last reply 1 day ago.

Moving Events- Java Script Scheduler

Whenever one event is moved to a different cell in Java Script scheduler, all other events appear to be moving as well. I didn't have this issue earlier, but it seems it is happening only after the l...
Asked by Anonymous 4 days ago, 2 votes.

The 'Press and Hold' does not seem to work

I get the menu to popup on my mobile device and then it closes before I can interact with is. Very frustrating. What can I do to get this working?
Asked by Stephanie 7 days ago.

Differences between Calendar and Scheduler + Why a person would choose between them?

Hi Dan and Team, Please would you explain the differences between a Calendar control and Scheduler control and why one person would choose between them? I've inherited some code which I am progressin...
Asked by mrplatypus 9 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 7 days ago.

Event Multi-Resize

I need to select multiple events and resize them. I found this Event Multi-Resize https://doc.daypilot.org/scheduler/event-multi-resizing/ but it doesn't work for me. I've added this JS code to my in...
Asked by dk 9 days ago.

How to: Disable the appearance of a context menu for types of users?

Answered: You can disable the context menu for selected users using BeforeEventRender event handler - by setting e.EventRightClickEnabled to false: https://doc.daypilot.org/scheduler/event-customization/
Asked by mrplatypus 12 days ago. 3 replies, last reply 12 days ago.

calendar & compatibility

hello, If I mark the configuration of the web (IE 11/10) To copmatibilty view setting = V So the header of columns not present display. I can not turn off the configuration for other software on my c...
Asked by s 13 days ago.

Event Drag And Drop Between 2 Scheduler

I have Scheduler, Scheduler1 & Scheduler2 both have "cellDuration" property set to 30 mins. but when i drag and drop an event from Scheduler1 to Scheduler2, in scheduler2 it will create an event with...
Asked by Shivprasad Acharya 14 days ago.
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