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All cards hiding when collapse one swimlane

Answered: This bug is fixed in the sandbox build already: http://javascript.daypilot.org/sandbox/ The fix will also be included in the next official release.
Asked by Alexandra Skornyakova 18 hours ago. 1 reply, last reply 18 hours ago.

Scheduler event diseapear after resize/move

Answered: Older versions of DayPilot stored event data in ViewState by default. Newer versions use StoreEventsInViewState property to control the behavior. By default it is set to "false". You can enable the o...
Asked by Philippe 19 hours ago. 2 replies, last reply 1 hour ago.

How to Expand/Collapse all nodes on resource tree in a single click?

Dear Team, Would like to know how to Expand/Collapse all nodes on resource tree with one click. May be by using javascript?
Asked by Matt 22 hours ago.

How-To: Alter Duration Over Date Range (Scheduler)

Hi, Please take the attached pictures into account. The one image illustrates the DayPilot scheduler control and the other the desired outcome. Is it possible, to change the duration of an event that...
Asked by Richard 1 day ago.

How-To: Alter Working Hours (Scheduler)

Answered: Yes, you can do it using businessBeginsHour and businessEndsHour properties. See also: https://doc.daypilot.org/scheduler/business-hours/
Asked by Richard 1 day ago. 2 replies, last reply 1 hour ago.

Search for value

Hi! Is there anything like search for event? Let say, I would like to show in calendar event based on ID or some other unique value. So after button is pressed it will automatically "jump" to that we...
Asked by Anonymous 3 days ago.

Event Tooltip does not display using Lite version 5.0.308

Browser is Firefox and IE Documentation says it is supposed to work using the Lite version. Is there another property that needs to be set?
Asked by Anonymous 4 days ago.

daypilot calendar day is not matching date

Answered: Hi Haider, Can you please give it a try with the latest DayPilot Pro version (8.2 SP1)? http://www.daypilot.org/try/
Asked by Haider 4 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 4 days ago.

Export functions don't work with images as resources

Hi, im using the MVC Scheduler with resources as images in the first column. If i try to export any view from the scheduler, the images are not showed in the JPEG, PNG or somethings else. (see upload...
Asked by Anonymous 5 days ago.

Angular 2 Troubleshooting

Answered: Ok well my fault so here was the issue: I add that line I mentioned to the angular-cli.json Which is what I have done for every other 3rd party control in this project. I took that line out to stay i...
Asked by Aaron 5 days ago. 5 replies, last reply 5 days ago.
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