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Filter in columns

How to filter on a value in column with onRowFilter? Thnxs
Asked by Ardus 18 hours ago.

Insert an input to the file edit.php

I would like to know how to insert another field commented on edit.php file because eh treaty but I always get an error using the lite version and let me know if possible. Thanks.
Asked by Cesar 1 day ago.

Scheduler looses scroll position

I am unable to debug the problem to this issue. I have the scheduler in a container which i minimize. Scheduler looses the scroll position and scrolls to the top when trying to minimize this containe...
Asked by Viktor Eriksson 1 day ago.

TimeFormat recognizion doesn't seem to work perfectly in the calendar

Using a swedish locale, timeFormat will display AM/PM which is wrong, we use 24 hour format.
Asked by Viktor Eriksson 2 days ago.

How to get parent resource id

Hi, I created Dynamically resource tree. i'm able to get child resource id using e.NewResource in OnEventMove method but i want "Parent Resource ID".
Asked by Anonymous 3 days ago, 3 votes.

Using SQL with DayPilot

I love Daypilot and looking into purchasing the pro version now. I am familiar with .net and my first thought was to used sql with asp.net forum. However, I noticed that the application what somewhat...
Asked by Ammar 3 days ago.

How to display datepattern year with only two numbers ?

Answered: It's now supported in the latest sandbox build (8.0.1538): http://javascript.daypilot.org/sandbox/
Asked by Viktor Eriksson 5 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 5 days ago.

Scheduler: edit row width

Hi! Let the User edit the width of a row with his mouse (drag n drop). Like MS Excel, but not for every single row. When the user Change the width, all rows should be this width. Ajax-call should be ...
Asked by Daniel 6 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 5 days ago.

how to show contextMenu when right-click on timeRange

Answered: You need to specify the context menu using .contextMenuSelection: dpc.contextMenuSelection = new DayPilot.Menu([ {text: "New appointment", onclick: function (args) { var ...
Asked by RajeshBoora 8 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 3 days ago.

Day pilot event selection on right-click and double-click events

Hi, I'm working on the Day pilot Pro Javascript -v1531. When the event right-clicked or double-clicked the event should get selected and it is not doing now. Please help me to achieve this.
Asked by RajeshBoora 8 days ago, 1 vote.
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