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Asp Menu Hiding Behind DayPilot:DayPilotScheduler

Asp Menu Hiding Behind DayPilot:DayPilotScheduler,How to do?
Asked by lichenyong@aliyun.com 10 hours ago.

Row Filtering: problem with child-resources

hi, i´ve got a resource tree: Resource "16" Res. "16 A" When using the new Feature "onRowFilter" with the filtervalue "A", the resource can not be displayed, because the parent, "16", do not have a "...
Asked by Anonymous 1 day ago.

Duplicated rows

Hi, I fill my daypilotscheduler with a datateble just like on the demo. But when I add more that one reservation for a room it works ok showing every reservation next to another, but generates new ro...
Asked by Anonymous 4 days ago.

Parrent100Pct Div Resize

I have a scheduler with HeightSpec set to Parent100Pct but if the parent div resizes because other elements are collapsed or hidden the scheduler doesn't resize to the parent. I'm using the angularjs...
Asked by Craig 5 days ago, 1 vote.

Parents-Resources on top level not expanded automatically

i am loading the grouped resources and setting "expanded = true" to all resources. But on the top-level resources there is no effect. I can expand it with a click. But not with the option true/false?!
Asked by Daniel 6 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 5 days ago.

Resources with no ability to book Events on

I have many Resources in Groups. The "Parent"-Resources shouldnt be able to book events on. And the backcolor of this rows may dark (or something like that). And if the user drags over thuch a row th...
Asked by Daniel 6 days ago.

Wrong time selection in timesheet when business hours not shown

Hello, I'm using ASP.NET Scheduler Pro for WebForms (v7.9.3373). DayPilot-Scheduler returns wrong time selection when ViewType="Days" and ShowNonBusiness=false. It's an urgent issue. Please help Than...
Asked by Anton 6 days ago, 2 votes.

Is there a way to show other data than the actual date in the header?

I'm thinking about using this for a room booking scheduler, but rather than showing multiple days horizontally, I would like to only show a single specific day with all the available rooms and the se...
Asked by Thomas 6 days ago, 1 vote.

Null reference error on Navigating Week view

When i am clicking on week row is gives Null reference error on IIS server while all of my code is running good on local machine.
Asked by Deepak 7 days ago.

Month, StartDate, and Angular

It doesn't appear that setting $scope.config.startDate in the controller does not automatically refresh the calendar like it does with scheduler. How do I dynamically reset the start date from a cont...
Asked by Craig 8 days ago, 2 votes. 1 reply, last reply 4 days ago.
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