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Different Colours for events in Scheduler

Answered: Something like this works in c#: protected override void OnBeforeEventRender(BeforeEventRenderArgs e) { if (Boolean.Parse(e.Tag["CheckedIn"])) e.BackgroundColor = "#9FF59F"; if (Boolean.Parse(e.Tag["...
Asked by Anonymous 6 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 6 days ago.

Right clicking context menu on mobile devices

I saw in the forum that the 7.8 release was supposed to feature the tap and hold event for bringing up the context menu on mobile devices, but I can't seem to find that option on ASP.Net WebForms/VB ...
Asked by Ian (CTS) 8 days ago, 1 vote.

2013 Demo gets an error

Execution permission cannot be acquired.
Asked by Terry 10 days ago.

Current time in Scheduler

Hi, Is it possible to have a vertical line to display the actual time on the scheduler control?
Asked by Fabien 10 days ago.

Resource Header Click

Answered: After further tests, I found that there is no problem with the Resource Header Click if I use Google Chrome instead of IE8 as the browser. So, it seems that ResourceHeaderClick event is not supported...
Asked by Yung 10 days ago. 3 replies, last reply 2 days ago.

How to change border end of each day?

Hi, We are using DayPilot in once of our Web applications. What we need is in the scheduler view change the right or left border of each cell at the end or start of the day. So that users can clearly...
Asked by Dank 10 days ago, 2 votes.

Javascript Scheduler Rows Auto Height

Hi, Is it possible for the Javascript Scheduler rows to fill all the available vertical space? You can see in the attached screenshot that, if you have 3 resources on the Scheduler, there is some unu...
Asked by Gabriele 14 days ago.

Last cell has no right border.

Answered: It's now fixed in the latest sandbox build (7.9.1384): http://javascript.daypilot.org/sandbox/scheduler/ An official SP release will be available early next week.
Asked by Pro User 17 days ago. 4 replies, last reply 6 days ago.

Error in chrome with DayPilot (Input string was not in a correct format. Screen Shot Attached.)

Answered: This error may happen if the Chrome zoom is not set to 100%. Chrome has started to report the scroll position as a decimal number in one of its recent releases. It's fixed now in the latest DayPilot ...
Asked by Manjeet 17 days ago, 4 votes. 3 replies, last reply 6 days ago.

Display Hours as header or (Hours and Days)

Hi, I currently have a scheduler for a sight, but I'm having a hard time as to how can I show Time per day(24hours) as well as days in a week both in X axis. >daypilotplanner.aspx This is my current ...
Asked by Don 20 days ago.
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