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ERROR 405 Method Not Allowed 'PUT'

Answered: Nevermind got it fixed, it wasn't a scheduler issue
Asked by jusCodin 1 day ago. 1 reply, last reply 1 day ago.

Daypilot Calendar Issue

Hi, I have created a scheduler using DayPilotCalendar and DayPilotNavigator. I was using the resource view. This is use for plotting schedule event on day view. I was using daypilot version 7.4 befor...
Asked by Rod 1 day ago.

Can't create event using javascript

I have tried to create event using javascript. I have created like this : @Html.DayPilotMenu("menu", new DayPilotMenuConfig { CssClassPrefix = "menu_default", Items = new DayPilot.Web.Mvc.MenuItemCol...
Asked by Anonymous 7 days ago.

Can we attach files in calender?

Hi, I need below requirements for my calendar. File attachment Location map (google) Pls let me know if your product support that
Asked by Ali 8 days ago, 1 vote.

How to export daypilot calender in excel ?

after R&D on export supports for daypilot i came to know there is only support for PDF and image. I wanted to confirm is there possibility to export to excel & if possible then how ?
Asked by Anonymous 8 days ago, 1 vote.

Calendar in repeater

Hallo, I'm using Calendar in asp.net repeater. Every calendar has to be bound with a navigator. The problem is that every calendar is generated with the same client object name, and so I cannot corre...
Asked by Cristina 9 days ago.

Event Calendar only shows current day

Hi, I cant seem to get the Event Calendar to show more than the current day. My Controller looks like this currently: public ActionResult BackEnd() { return new Dpc().CallBack(this); } } public class...
Asked by Jacob 9 days ago.

Can't load events from mysql

I'm setting up the calendar and I am having trouble switching from the sqlite database in the tutorial to my mysql database. I'm using the tutorial code created and populated a mysql databse using _d...
Asked by Jake 13 days ago.

DayPilotNavigator postback

Hi guys, I am using version 7.3.2841.1 and only now I have noticed on a problem. I have a DayPilotMonth and a DayPilotNavigator to go through the months. Everything works fine when I cycle through mo...
Asked by João Silva 14 days ago.

Uncaught The minimum year supported is 1

Answered: Problem solved. Was on event that fucked things up. had no date set.
Asked by Mikael 14 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 14 days ago.
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