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multiple rows per resource

How to create more than one row per resource header
Asked by Sivakumar 1 day ago.

How to install DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms (OEM Start)?

I have been working with the DayPilot Lite version for some time and finally I bought a DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms (OEM Start) licence. However, I could not find any tutorials or documentation...
Asked by Anonymous 1 day ago.

End date is adding one day

The end date is actually September 30th but it is showing October 1st bcz of time i would like to customize the bubble (when i am dragging an event).It should show me the end date as September 30th.H...
Asked by Maheswar 2 days ago.

Undo Moving event and Undo Resizing event

I would like to confirm the user after moving an event or re sizing an event,but i don't want to load from server. Here is my codec dp.onEventMoved = function (args) { if (confirm('Are you sure you w...
Asked by Maheswar 3 days ago.

Switcher bug

Hi, I get the following error when I switch from Monthly View to Event View: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'lines' of undefined DayPilot.Calendar.$4T @ daypilot.js:14 DayPilot.Calendar.$75...
Asked by Giovanni 3 days ago.

Time range context menu in DayPilot.Month

Hi. I'm using DayPilot Pro, version 921 I try to create context menu on time range selection by this code var dp = new DayPilot.Month($el.attr('id')); dp.contextMenuSelection = new DayPilot.Menu([ { ...
Asked by Anonymous 4 days ago.

Change "gannt_default" design to my own design

I created a new Gantt design using the Theme Designer, put it into the same location as the other themes, created a <link> next to the other themes in my code and finally I tried to call it with "gan...
Asked by Anonymous 5 days ago.


Answered: Unfortunately minute precision for the calendar start is not supported in the Calendar at the moment. In the Scheduler you can create a custom timeline (http://doc.daypilot.org/scheduler/timeline/) w...
Asked by Anonymous 9 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 9 days ago.

How to hand over parameters on JavaScript Action

Answered: The menu source object is available as "e" variable. In this case, it is the selection object which has three properties (start, end, resource): <DayPilot:MenuItem Action="JavaScript" Text="Neue Ab...
Asked by Mark 10 days ago. 4 replies, last reply 10 days ago.

How to prevent user from creating links in Gantt?

Answered: You can disable link creating by setting LinkCreateHandling="Disabled" (the default value is "Notify").
Asked by Roger 10 days ago. 3 replies, last reply 9 days ago.
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