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Context menu issues for JavaScript scheduler control in AngularJs app

Hi, I am just wondering if I am doing something wrong, since the context menu for my scheduler directive is not working. This is what I am doing. HTML <daypilot scheduler id="dp" daypilot-config="sch...
Asked by Anonymous 4 hours ago.

Project Gantt Chart

I am evaluating the Gantt chart. Is it possible to have it not expand to show all tasks unless I choose to click and open the parent record to see tasks?
Asked by JD 9 hours ago.

datapilot.mdb issue

I cannot open the database with access. it says "unrecognized database format" could i get a list of tables and fields so i can recreate the database with MS SQL? I am using the Tutorial scheduler vs...
Asked by JF 4 days ago.

Browser hangs when paging to previous year

Answered: This is a bug of version 8.0.1622 (8.0 SP1). It's fixed now in the latest release (8.0.1658): http://javascript.daypilot.org/daypilot-pro-for-javascript-8-0-sp2/
Asked by Stefhan Jonas 5 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 1 day ago.

Server side click won't fire

Hi, I'm trying to implement server side click for Lite version using this reference https://www.daypilot.org/server-side-event-handling/, but the click event won't fire. Also tried with Debug mode us...
Asked by Emil 6 days ago, 1 vote. 1 reply, last reply 2 days ago.

Multi Resizing

Hi. We are currently evaluating Daypilot Scheduler. Very satisfied with the multiselect and multimove features. But we are missing the option to select multiple events and then resize all selected si...
Asked by Stefhan Jonas 6 days ago.

How to have fixed hour in day view?

Am trying to fix the hour in daypilot? I have used dp.daystartshour=8 ,it is displaying from 8.am itself,now i have problem that i need to display the whole day hours though it starts from 8am(i.e., ...
Asked by Anonymous 8 days ago.

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript (OEM Team) - 5 Developers license

Hi Dan, We would like to know some more information about the "DayPilot Pro for JavaScript (OEM Team) - 5 Developers - 1 application" license. The OEM-5 developers means 1. Is it licensed to fixed 5 ...
Asked by rajesh.bsw@gmail.com 9 days ago.

Setting custom context Menu.

Using dp.onBeforeEventRender I have a switch based on a variable "status". I would like my context menu to be different for each one of these cases. args.e.contextMenuClientName seems to be the way t...
Asked by John 9 days ago.

I have to set the cell height dynamically.Please help

I have to set the cell height dynamically in daypilot calendar.
Asked by Prakash kumar 9 days ago, 1 vote.
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