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Bubble issue on daypilotcalendar

Answered: Do you have the problem with tried the latest DayPilot version? (There is no version 15.2 and v5.2 is very old.)
Asked by Ap 16 hours ago. 2 replies, last reply 16 hours ago.

VS 2010 version of hotel-room-booking-asp-net-c-vb-sql-server please...

Answered: Dave, If you open the TutorialHotel.sln file and change the following line (#2): # Visual Studio 2012 to # Visual Studio 2010 it should work.
Asked by mrplatypus (a.k.a Dave) 20 hours ago. 1 reply, last reply 16 hours ago.

Limit resources

Answered: DayPilot Scheduler doesn't limit the number of resources. However, there are different heigh settings that will affect how many resources/rows are visible without scrolling. Please take a look at the...
Asked by athlon64 20 hours ago. 2 replies, last reply 15 hours ago.

DayPilotBubble not showing on Touch/Mobile devices (iOS/Android)

Answered: Peit, How do you activate the bubble? It should work fine for EventClickHandling="Bubble"? If the bubble used to open without EventClickHandling="Bubble" it might have been an unwanted side effect. A...
Asked by Piet Eckhart 1 day ago. 1 reply, last reply 16 hours ago.

Control for MVC ASP.Net

Answered: Unfortunately a MVC version not available at the moment.
Asked by Dhaval Radhanpara 3 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 16 hours ago.

Booking for multiple tables

Answered: This scenario is not covered by the tutorial. However, you can select multiple time ranges at once using "time range multi-selecting" feature: http://doc.daypilot.org/scheduler/time-range-multi-selec...
Asked by Dhaval Radhanpara 3 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 16 hours ago.

DayPilot month start date time

Answered: You can display the start and end time using the following properties: <DayPilot:DayPilotMonth EventStartTime="true" EventEndTime="true ... /> Another option is to add the time at a specified...
Asked by Anonymous 6 days ago. 4 replies, last reply 5 days ago.

Licence for both ASP.NET MVC & ASP.NET Web forms

Hi Can you clarify the DayPilot scheduler costs and functionality please? As an organisation we are looking at both: • DayPilot for ASP.NET MVC version • DayPilot for ASP.NET Web forms version Can yo...
Asked by BY 6 days ago.

Javascript daypilot-modal-2.2.js Error issue..

Answered: Very strange, since the function seems to be defined. One thing to check is the context from which you call the .close() method. To close the modal dialog from the parent simply call .close() on the ...
Asked by mrplatypus 11 days ago. 6 replies, last reply 5 days ago.

Hide rows in Gantt

Answered: The row filtering API is not implemented in the Gantt chart at the moment. However, you can hide the row by setting .row.hidden attribute of the task to true: var task = dp.tasks.list[0[; if (!tas...
Asked by Martijn 11 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 8 days ago.
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