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How to disable context menu item via coding in asp.net code behind file.

Dear Sir, We are working with demo version of the ASP.NET scheduler for web forms, we are displaying multiple context menu items for the different event displayed on right click. But how can i disabl...
Asked by Amit Prajapati 4 days ago.

How to Add Date with Day like (Mo, Tue, We, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun) in two rows in header

Dear Sir, We are using the daypilot scheduler for asp.net web forms, we are stuck in one of the functionality where we wants to display the Date with Day in two rows on header part. e.g. 1 2 3 4 5 6 ...
Asked by Amit Prajapati 4 days ago.

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 8.1 - Active Areas examples

I am looking for examples of two new features: Time-Positioned Active Areas (Scheduler) Active Areas for Grid Cells (Scheduler) I already have found the demo for Active Areas for Time Headers (Schedu...
Asked by Albert Ritmeester 5 days ago.

Export functionality PDF/PNG format

Hi, I am currently evaluating your product DayPilot-Pro for using it in our online application. But one of the most important requirement is to be able to export the calendar in PDF/PNG (for printing...
Asked by Seema Patil 8 days ago.

How to select a row in Gantt?

Answered: 1. You can use SelectedRows property to set the selected rows. Example that selects the first row: DayPilotGantt1.SelectedRows.Add(DayPilotGantt1.Tasks[0]); There is a bug in the latest release t...
Asked by Roger 11 days ago. 3 replies, last reply 3 days ago.

Add days to calendar while onEventMoving or onEventResizing

Answered: Unfortunately, this scenario is not supported at the moment. Calling .update() redraws everything and the context is lost (including the drag and drop operation in progress).
Asked by B. 11 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 9 days ago.

AngularJS locale property not working

Answered: I've tested it and it seems to work (even with your code). Where exactly do you see English? In the demo (http://javascript.daypilot.org/demo/lite/), changing the locale affects the day headers and i...
Asked by Anonymous 12 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 12 days ago.

args.cell.start.getDayOfWeek() goes from 1 to 6 (no 7 for Sunday)

Answered: It should return 0 for Sunday. Can you please give it a try with the latest sandbox build (1753)? This returns 0 as expected in the JavaScript console: new DayPilot.Date("2015-06-21").getDayOfWeek(...
Asked by B. 13 days ago. 4 replies, last reply 11 days ago.

Remove vertical border between cells?

Answered: You will need to hide it using CSS (scheduler_default_matrix_vertical_line) and add only the desired ones: 1. Create a custom grid cell class with { border-right: 1px solid #eee; } and add it to the ...
Asked by Bert 13 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 11 days ago.

Daypilot month navigator getting issue

Answered: Normally this indicates a syntax error in JavaScript code, like this: alert(1 1); However, in this case it is probably a bad response from the server. DayPilot expects a JSON string which it is t...
Asked by Vijay 16 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 14 days ago.
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