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In Gantt Chart, can I add task to a particular group?

Hi, I noticed that I can create a new task from the front end, as long as rowCreateHandling is "Enabled". What I would like to do is for the user to be able to add a task as a child of a particular G...
Asked by Ifedi 1 hour ago.

First Resource column not the Resource name

Hello, We're looking into using this tool for a customer. One thing I cannot figure out is how to add a column BEFORE the resource name. Every example I see the first column is the resource name. And...
Asked by Roel 4 days ago.

How to disable the percentage that is displayed in the task box as text ("51%") in Gantt

How to disable the percentage that is displayed in the task box as text ("51%") in Gantt?
Asked by Roger 6 days ago.

Modal dialog does not pop up when gantt is placed inside ajax update panel

I placed a gantt diagram inside an ajax update panel component from MS Visual Studio. An entry in context menu of a task should start a modal dialog. Action of this menu item is set to postback. But ...
Asked by Roger 7 days ago.

Menu Child Menu Stuck Open

So, I have a child context menu. If I click on the parent menu item before the child is rendered, the parent menu goes away and the child menu is shown. I have no way to make the child menu go away w...
Asked by Lucas 8 days ago.

Hide ressource parent without children

Answered: How about this: // ... if (r.Children.Count > 0) { DayPilotScheduler1.Resources.Add(r); } // ... instead of: DayPilotScheduler1.Resources.Add(r); You can also filter the resources on ...
Asked by Julien 8 days ago. 4 replies, last reply 8 days ago.

How to display bottom scroll bar in daypilot calendar

I am using daypilot calendar version 1.0 and asp.net 4.0. How to show bottom scroll bar in daypilot calendar.
Asked by manoj 8 days ago.

How to show Horizontal Scroll bar in Day Pilot Calender

Hello Team , We are using Day Pilot Calendar version (5.8.1956.0) but there is no property for show horizontal scroll bar . So please let us know If we can show scroll bar horizontally or not ?. IF w...
Asked by Alok Sharma 8 days ago.

$scope.scheduler is undefined

Answered: Then you should be able to start with this code and extend it step-by-step until you have all you need or until it stops working. If it stops working please check the last thing you added.
Asked by Anonymous 8 days ago. 3 replies, last reply 8 days ago.

How to navigate to a special task in Gantt?

After filling a gantt with tasks I want to show the gantt, but not starting with the first row. Instead the first shown row should be for example the row 120, so the gantt should be scrolled down ver...
Asked by Roger 8 days ago.
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