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Scheduler full update slow in IE 10

We are evalutating the latest MVC scheduler and are having trouble with performance when it comes to Internet Explorer 10. We are testing with 159 resources and 159 events and the initial load is qui...
Asked by lisse 3 days ago.

ERROR 405 Method Not Allowed 'PUT'

Answered: Nevermind got it fixed, it wasn't a scheduler issue
Asked by jusCodin 10 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 10 days ago.

Daypilot Calendar Issue

Hi, I have created a scheduler using DayPilotCalendar and DayPilotNavigator. I was using the resource view. This is use for plotting schedule event on day view. I was using daypilot version 7.4 befor...
Asked by Rod 10 days ago.

Can't create event using javascript

I have tried to create event using javascript. I have created like this : @Html.DayPilotMenu("menu", new DayPilotMenuConfig { CssClassPrefix = "menu_default", Items = new DayPilot.Web.Mvc.MenuItemCol...
Asked by Anonymous 16 days ago.

Can we attach files in calender?

Hi, I need below requirements for my calendar. File attachment Location map (google) Pls let me know if your product support that
Asked by Ali 17 days ago, 1 vote.

How to export daypilot calender in excel ?

after R&D on export supports for daypilot i came to know there is only support for PDF and image. I wanted to confirm is there possibility to export to excel & if possible then how ?
Asked by Anonymous 17 days ago, 2 votes.

Calendar in repeater

Hallo, I'm using Calendar in asp.net repeater. Every calendar has to be bound with a navigator. The problem is that every calendar is generated with the same client object name, and so I cannot corre...
Asked by Cristina 18 days ago.

Event Calendar only shows current day

Hi, I cant seem to get the Event Calendar to show more than the current day. My Controller looks like this currently: public ActionResult BackEnd() { return new Dpc().CallBack(this); } } public class...
Asked by Jacob 18 days ago.

Can't load events from mysql

I'm setting up the calendar and I am having trouble switching from the sqlite database in the tutorial to my mysql database. I'm using the tutorial code created and populated a mysql databse using _d...
Asked by Jake 22 days ago.

DayPilotNavigator postback

Hi guys, I am using version 7.3.2841.1 and only now I have noticed on a problem. I have a DayPilotMonth and a DayPilotNavigator to go through the months. Everything works fine when I cycle through mo...
Asked by João Silva 23 days ago.
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