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How-To: Change Week Start for DayPilot.Calendar (Week View)

Hi, How can I change the week view start day? It keeps defaulting to Sunday to Saturday. I would like to have it as Monday to Sunday. Please see attached image. Navigator is correct but Calendar not....
Asked by Richard 12 hours ago.

Gantt.Export(ImageFormat.Png) and Gantt.ExportBitmap()

When will Gantt.Export(ImageFormat.Png) and Gantt.ExportBitmap() be available? How can I export or print the entire gantt chart?
Asked by Anonymous 22 hours ago.

How do I resize the view of my tasks?

My task view display window is so small, that I cannot see what is in the gannt chart. How can this be fixed so that I can see several tasks at once? Thanks in advance.
Asked by Andy H. 1 day ago.

Resources not showing with dynamicLoading = true

Answered: I figured out what the problem was after testing my data on the dynamic example. I had not added args.loaded() in my onScroll function. After adding that the rows are loaded correctly, but with a del...
Asked by Bjørn 1 day ago. 2 replies, last reply 13 hours ago.

JavaScript month calendar: drag & drop

Hi, Is there any support for dragging and dropping of events in the month calendar control? If so, could you please elaborate? Thanks! Richard
Asked by Richard 3 days ago.

Get Resource Parent ID

Answered: You can do it like this: var parentId = dp.rows.find("A").parent().id; See also: https://api.daypilot.org/daypilot-scheduler-rows-find/ https://api.daypilot.org/daypilot-row-parent/
Asked by siddharthgupta2010@gmail.com 6 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 6 days ago.

Shared / Public calendar folder

Hi, this works fine for the users calendar, but if i want to access a (Shared/Public) Resources calendar, like a conference room wich the user has full access to?
Asked by David Lindström 6 days ago.

Display google calendar data in DayPilot

Is there a way / tutorial how to display google calendar data on the fly in DayPilot scheduler?
Asked by Hubert 6 days ago.

Installation - not able to load assembly? Dependencies not found?

Hi, I just installed DayPilot Lite into my Visual studio 2015 using NuGet. I added the tool in my toolbox and putted a Calendar into my WebForm. Everything is pointing to my IIS folder which has a bi...
Asked by JR 6 days ago.

onRowFilter - error on cells.all()

Answered: This event handler is called during the update process. The rows.cells.all() method will only work correctly when the update is complete. What would you like to achieve? Hide a row that doesn't have ...
Asked by Gary 9 days ago. 3 replies, last reply 9 days ago.
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