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Event Calendar and ModalPopupExtender

Answered: It's omitted from the tutorial text for brevity but you can find it in the downloadable project (in Default.aspx.cs). This is the source code: private DataTable DbSelectEvents(DateTime start, DateT...
Asked by Tolga 15 hours ago. 2 replies, last reply 6 hours ago.

Multiple resource lines for one resource

Answered: Yes, that's possible using the "Resource Tree" feature: https://doc.daypilot.org/scheduler/resource-tree/
Asked by Anonymous 1 day ago. 3 replies, last reply 1 day ago.

Obtain args.div in Scheduler's onEventDoubleClicked() event handler

(v.8.2 SP10) I am currently calling the Bubble's showHtml() method upon event double-click in the Scheduler. Is there a way to obtain the args.div like it is in onEventClicked()? It doesn't appear to...
Asked by Jason709 2 days ago.

Day Pilot Event Calendar

I wants align my one (or) more events one below one associated with same timeslot using Event Calendar in Week view and Day view. How to achieve this, can you please guide me.
Asked by Mohamed Asheik P 2 days ago.

Anything new on nuget for your controls?

Asked by Peter D 2 days ago.

Divide day block/cell to more blocks/cells

Answered: It's possible to set custom cell size using the following settings: dp.scale = "CellDuration"; dp.cellDuration = 240; // 240 minutes = 4 hours See also: https://doc.daypilot.org/scheduler/time...
Asked by Anonymous 5 days ago. 3 replies, last reply 2 days ago.

Problem setting headerDateformat to pt-br

Answered: What version of DayPilot do you use? There was a bug in versions prior to build 1974. It should work fine since version 8.2: http://javascript.daypilot.org/daypilot-pro-for-javascript-8-2/ Let me kno...
Asked by Anonymous 5 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 1 day ago.

Calendar: Only Show Business Hours and be Dynamically resizable - how to do both?

Answered: You can use DayBeginsHour and DayEndsHour in combination with HeightSpec="Parent100Pct". See also: http://forums.daypilot.org/Topic.aspx/3391/daypilotcalendar-businessbeginshour-and-businessendshour-...
Asked by mrplatypus (aka Dave) 6 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 6 days ago.

Anything new on 100% height issue as described here:

Answered: DayPilot detects window size changes automatically and it will adjust the height of the Scheduler control to match the parent element height if HeightSpec is set to "Parent100Pct". The key here reall...
Asked by Peter D 6 days ago, 1 vote. 1 reply, last reply 6 days ago.

DayPilotCalender - css Styling -- Overlap of "White" area over its container

Hi Dan and Team In a previous posting: https://forums.daypilot.org/Topic.aspx/3360/css-styling-calendar-and-scheduler-daypilot-controls I asked about styling of the calendar and scheduler controls......
Asked by mrplatypus (aka Dave) 6 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 6 days ago.
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