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DatasourceID return as string vaule

Basically i used they following code to get the string in the cell field EventInfo ei = DayPilotCalendar1.SelectedEvents[0]; string evnt = ei.Text; But i would like to get the DatasourceID of the fie...
Asked by Samir 2 days ago.

Am getting error for the daypivot

It Says, The type or namespace name 'Events' does not exist in the namespace 'DayPilot.Web.Ui' (are you missing an assembly reference?) i Have included Daypivot dll in my project and here is my code ...
Asked by Anonymous 2 days ago.

optical bug when i drag an event

hi! i have an event with "moveHDisabled". When i drag this event i can drag this event to the left cell. hope you know what i mean ;) can send you a screenshot...
Asked by Anonymous 3 days ago.

How to preserve calendar data on page?

Actually when I select calendar date then calendar then calender data did not show on page. Pls help to solve this.
Asked by Anonymous 3 days ago.

How can I show calendar sunday to saturday in daypilot month calendar?

Answered: Use WeekStarts="Sunday". See also: http://doc.daypilot.org/month/first-day-of-week/
Asked by Anonymous 3 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 2 days ago.

How to move an event programmatically?

Answered: If you modify the event in .events.list and call update() it should be updated properly (as all events will be redrawn as part of the update). See also: http://api.daypilot.org/daypilot-scheduler-upd...
Asked by Hoang Phung 5 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 3 days ago.

Passing Data to OnEventMove with e.Data

Answered: e.Data holds custom data sent from the client side when invoking the EventMove event manually using .eventMoveCallBack(). See also: http://api.daypilot.org/daypilot-scheduler-eventmovecallback/ If yo...
Asked by David 7 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 3 days ago.

How to set color multiple selection in DayPilot Month

Answered: You can use CellSelectColor property to specify custom cell selection color. This is one of the few elements that can't be styled using the CSS theme. It will be added to the themes soon.
Asked by Anni Tay 8 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 3 days ago.


Answered: For true WYSIWYG export including CSS you need to use a browser. Take a look at PhantomJS: http://phantomjs.org/ It works very well but it's a standalone process (no native .NET support).
Asked by Jhon 8 days ago. 1 reply, last reply 3 days ago.

DayView change the start date to dynamically get value from calendar control

Answered: 1. If you want to use <asp:Calendar> control you will need to place both controls inside an UpdatePanel. In the Calendar.SelectionChanged event handler, call: DayPilotCalendar1.StartDate = Calendar...
Asked by Rick 8 days ago. 2 replies, last reply 1 day ago.
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