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How-To get resource by mouse position

HI; I want to get the resource depending on mouse position (Y position) !.. Thank you

I cannot load the events when I put if(IsPostBack)

If I set the condition of IsPostBack, then the dayPIlot control doesn't load anything! I'm writing the same logic that comes in the trial. DayPilot 2018.43692 First assign in the load the start dates...

How can we detect if the start or end of an event was changed?

Answered: Hi Jens, The e.part object is an internal structure that shouldn't be used for calculations. The e.part.start/end properties hold start/end for rendering purposes only - it won't always correspond to...


Answered: Hi Otto, The groupBy: "Cell" option sets the time header cell width to match grid cells. If you want to increase the grid cell width you can use "cellWidth" property:

dp.width = "100%";

Answered: By default, the Scheduler is rendered inside a div (the placeholder div which you specify using the id parameter of the constructor) which fills the available width (display: block). What you see mig...

ViewType = WorkWeek -> Days=1 and StartDate not monday

Answered: To get the calculated start/end you can use visibleStart() and visibleEnd() methods: Th...

ScrollTo Problem

Answered: This is my fix: jquery('.scheduler_default_scrollable').animate({ scrollLeft: jquery('.scheduler_default_separator').offset().left/2-100 }, 1000); Thanks!

Critical error, unable to build code on production environment

Answered: For the record: 1. Problem: Compilation error message: "Unexpected value 'DayPilotModule in ... node_modules/daypilot-pro-angular/daypilot-angular.min.d.ts' imported by the module '...'. Please add @...

Hide +/- boxes

Answered: You can hide the icons using treeImageWidth and treeImageHeight properties: dp.treeImageWidth = 0; dp.treeImageHeight = 0; See also: ...

Open source version of Kanban board

Answered: Unfortunately, the Kanban board component is only available in DayPilot Pro (paid version). See also the feature matrix:
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