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Gantt - Error: 'Bubble support is not implmented yet.'

Answered: Solution to the problem. OnBeforeTaskRender had to be included in the controller. Shameful mistake.

Get the RoomId and create a new event for Day Pilot Scheduler

Does anyone know how I would get the resource Id eg. when creating an event booking, i need to get the room Id. I have used to demo and it randomizes the events, is it possible to create custom event...

Angular 5 Scheduler Event cssClass

Hi, We want to change the appearance of scheduler events in the way show below: However, this does not appear to be working within Angular 5, a...

Gantt graph appearance height

I have try to found where i have to modify the code in order to have the gantt char to cover all the available windows height. Now starting from the sample in php (

Show bootstrap delete icon on the Event when hover.

I want a trash icon on the event instead of a cross to delete the event.


Hello, what can I do? everything seems to be ok but I do not know what I touched because I cannot edit an appointment as a doctor. How can I make it possible to edit an appointment after a patient ha...

TimeRangeDoubleClickJavaScript doesn't work anymore in Calendar

Daypilotcalendar: TimeRangeDoubleClickHandling = "JavaScript" TimeRangeDoubleClickJavaScript = "alert('1234')" works in Daypilot 8.1.3513 doesn't work in 8.4.3635 / 2018.1.3644


How can I connect it to database? Thanks


Can't edit the appointment from the doctor view.


I have done everything and yet no error but when I insert a data, it does not show in my database. Please help. Thank you
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