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Version no of Angular 13 DayPilot proversion?

I'm using the DayPilot pro version in my application. Now I upgraded my angular version to 13. Can you tell me what version will matche with Angular 13?

Daypilot Scheduler in ipad (Safari browser)

I'm accessing the web on iPad with a safari browser. Day-Pilot scheduler horizontal scroll works fine on the web(chrome) as using mouse scroll, But on iPad(Safari), I'm unable to scroll with a touch ...

View again current month

Answered: For this, you need to create one more button 'Today Button' and create one function for the today button and write your logic on this. todayDate() { this.configMonth.startDate =

Performance issue

Hello, we have problem with performance. We figure it out, if we add custom config it's more slower than we expect. The main problem we have with this config: // progressiveRowRenderingPreload:...

How can I improve data load in vue js

Answered: All main components (Calendar, Month, Scheduler) provide visibleStart() and visibleEnd() methods that you can use to get the start and end of the current date segment (calculated from startDate/days)...

Event Text Font size

Answered: When using the default theme, the Scheduler events are marked with "scheduler_default_event" CSS class (the outer div) and "scheduler_default_event_inner" (the inner div): .scheduler_default_event_...

how to apply css (font-weight) for cell?

Answered: The Scheduler cells are marked with "scheduler_default_cell" CSS class (when using the default theme): .scheduler_default_cell { font-weight: bold; } See also:

Trigger collapseAll and expandAll on clicking header

Answered: You can add the icon using an active area which lets you specify an onClick handler. Active areas are supported in time headers, row headers, events, and cells. Here you can find an example of a row ...

I need to add an event listener on collapse name.

Answered: Adding event listeners to Scheduler elements using global selectors is not a supported scenario. The Scheduler needs to update individual elements as needed. Instead, use the provided render event ha...

minCellHeight seems not work

Answered: In the monthly calendar, it's necessary to use cellHeight:
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