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How can I change font css for a specific Task Column in Gantt Chart

Hi, I want to change font size, color for main Task Column. How to apply css or change font size, color for specific task column (probably main task).? Thanks for help in advance. Regards,

Gantt: onBeforeTaskRender cssClass not working

I am trying to add a class to tasks that are about to be rendered, following this guide: dp.onBeforeTaskRender = function(args) { = "te...

JS Schedular - Multimove across the resources(y axis)

We are evaluating JavaScript Schedular. It has all the feature we are looking for but one. We can't move multiple selected events across y axis using multimove feature. Just wanted to know if you are...

New row localization

Answered: It can be changed using "RowCreateHtml" property which is available since build 8.3.3592 (now in the sandbox):

Hide resource without event

Hi, I'm using Daypilot Scheduler. Is it possible to hide resource without event ? Thank you. Chris

typescript can't find Property 'makeDraggable'

I am trying to implement the external drag and drop on the scheduler in Angular2. I followed the tutorial ( I got it working by making a fu...

I'm having troubles with databind

This is my getDate function: Private Function GetCalendarData(ByVal start As Date, ByVal [end] As Date) As DataTable Dim rfTecnico As Integer = Session("idUtente") Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("stato...

All Day Event Font Color.

e.FontColor does not work for all day events


Answered: Yes. In that case the row height will be increased automatically so that all events fit in. You can disable event overlapping for drag and drop operations:

cancel booking

i want to coding of cancel room booking after booked that room
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