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How can I add full calendar to Spring Boot MVC (Gradle) and Hibernate

How can I build the same calendar using Spring Initializr and Gradle?

Javascript Event Calendar Modal Update

Have a javascript event calendar. When the user clicks on an event it fires dp.onEventClick to bring up a modal to provide further details from the event (it's read-only so no worries about writing/e...

Use Postgres

Is it possible to use postgres as database instead of mysql or sqlite? For example: $db = new PDO("pgsql:host='$dbhost';dbname=$dbname", $dbuser, $dbpass); Are there any postgres working examples?

React scheduler executes something despite props not being updated

Answered: Unless something significant has changed in React with the introduction of state hooks, it works like this: React uses a single immutable state object to store the state items. Whenever you change an...

Setting custom html for time header in react

Answered: You can insert a React component using onBeforeTimeHeaderDomAdd: onBeforeTimeHeaderDomAdd: args => { args.element = <jsx>; } See also a related tutorial (on rendering JSX components in row heade...

Date.firstDayOfWeek doest take any arguments according to typescript daypilot-react.min.d.ts

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.4.4095).

How to optimize configuration for progressive event rendering

Answered: To clear the events out of the viewport you'll need to enable cache sweeping using dynamicEventRenderingCacheSweepiing:

Tutorial for Asp.Net Core

I would greatly appreciate a tutorial for getting started with DayPilot Event Calendar (Lite for starters) in a modern Asp.Net Core Web Application. Including installing DayPilot in the project (alon...

How to change time header in calendar, I would like to show resources in the header and days on the y-axis

Answered: This is in the plan but unfortunately it's not available yet. At this moment, the Calendar can only show up to 24 hours on the vertical axis.

Passing multiple items to tags object javascript/php/exhange

Had some coding that I had done about 9 months ago that kind of got put to the side, what was completed was working fine. Now trying to add to the code and running into a bit of a wall, I see now tha...
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