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Scheduler - onTimeRangeRightClick not fired on frozen rows

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.5471):

Scheduler: consecutive events appear as overlapping with high zoom level

Answered: In some cases this can happen. It's a result of the following logic: 1. The Scheduler enforces a minimum event with of 1px. 2. The overlaps are resolved on pixel level. These rules are necessary to e...

How I can Update events coming from api response..?

Answered: You need to get a reference to the DayPilot.Month object (using "ref" attribute) and call its update() method to display the events. You can find an example here (see the "How to load calendar event ...

get all the months in a year

Answered: The date picker component can be configured to display multiple months: They can be arranged vertically or horizontally:

Show event bubble in Queue?

Answered: Event bubbles are now supported in the Queue component in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.5467): You can use the standard API:

Use keyboard with daypilot angular

Answered: The Scheduler attaches "keyup" and "keydown" event handlers to the document element if you enable keyboard support using "keyboardEnabled: true". It uses the document object as the event target (you ...

How to change text in active area.

Answered: It is not possible to change the text of an existing active area using the Scheduler API. The Scheduler is built on a "refresh" model - you need to update the state first and then request an update t...

Scheduler - Frozen row not on the top layer

Answered: I recommend checking your custom CSS theme: If you define z-index for the event boxes, they will appear on top of everything. The Scheduler doesn't use z-index for any element.

How we can Update events coming from api response

Answered: I recommend checking the data that comes from the API endpoint - there might be a problem with the format (most likely the "start" or "end" properties).

Scheduler - Is it possible to show whole days, although cell duration is half-day

Answered: You can use onBeforeGridLineRender to hide selected grid lines in the Scheduler: You can also use a different approach - set scale ...
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