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DayPilot Scheduler end date set as current

Answered: Use: days: 7, instead of days: new DayPilot.Date().dayOfWeek(),

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'calendar' of null

These errors keep on coming after I delete an event

daypilot remove event using javascript event listener

Answered: The events.remove() method requires DayPilot.Event object. This is the recommended way to add a custom icon with an onclick event handler (using an active area): <div id="dp"></div> <script type="...

Infinite scroll

Hi, How does infinite scrolling work? I found a demo where the feature works but when I try to apply it to our code there are problems with the scrollTo call. It does not scroll at the desired time. ...

Scrolling for past 30 days and future 30 days

Hi, How to allow user to scroll left and right to 30 days in the past and 30 days in the future respectively in day pilot scheduler?

Event moving and dragging not working in IE

Answered: This was a bug of the last release. It's fixed now in version 8.4 SP3:

Disabling thick boarders when generating custom timeline

Answered: This is a line that is highlights places where the timeline is interrupted (a cell doesn't start at the same time where the previous cell ends). You can override the CSS manually like this (for the d...

DataTextField text with vbcrlf

Answered: You can provide custom HTML that will be used for event content using BeforeEventRender event handler: Your event handler could look like this (...


Answered: The Lite version uses the first day of week that is read from the current Culture. It works automatically for ViewType="Week". You can also display custom number of days (Days property) starting at c...

Wanted to implement Day Pilot Calender control using Anguler JS

Answered: Please see the AngularJS tutorials available at That could be a good start for your application. You can customize the event depending on it...
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