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Increase the height of the DayPilot Calendar control to fit its parent dynamically

Answered: Please see the following tutorial for a working example (Scheduler with heightSpec set to "Parent100Pct"):

Slow in rendering cells

Answered: The Scheduler is optimized and it only renders the cells for the current viewport. However, this configuration extends the viewport to the whole grid and it displays all 100*15*24 = 60,000 cells at o...

Right-click range select, on button release

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2018.4.3470):

Event rendering on copy

Answered: Most likely, the problem is that the new event has the same ID as the original one. After recent changes, the Scheduler requires each event to have a unique ID. This applies since the various event i...

Extra Fields Add

Answered: The modal dialog can show any HTML page using showUrl() method. You can create a standard page with the required fields and display it using showUrl(). You can pass the form data back to the calendar...

How to switch between the Day,Week and Month view in Angular4

Answered: Please see the following sample project that shows how to implement a calendar with day/week/month views:

limited timeframe

Answered: already found the solution need to change $morning_shift_starts = 9; $morning_shift_ends = 13; $afternoon_shift_starts = 14; $afternoon_shift_ends = 18; in the backend_create.php thankyou anyway

Scheduler with Sortable Columns for Javascript

Answered: There is a tutorial in the works that will show how to sort rows using the column headers in the JavaScript version. It will be published at - you can subscribe to email not...

Exception User-Unhandled

Answered: Yes, thank you so much. I've checked in WireShark the IP address my app was trying to connect with. Then I set that address (with another port) as a proxy and suddenly it started to work. Thank you!

cssClassPrefix overrides resource tree backColor

Answered: You can extend your onBeforeCellRender like this to apply the green background color: dp.onBeforeCellRender = function(args) { var row = dp.rows.find(args.cell.resource); if (
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