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DayPilotBubble not showing on Touch/Mobile devices (iOS/Android)

Hi, 9 months ago i posted the folowing bug report: Because it's older than 6 months it automatic...

New Lines in DataTextField

Answered: Oh nevermind, I just replaced Environment.NewLine with <br /> and in wrote protected override void OnBeforeEventRender(BeforeEventRenderArgs e) { e.Html = e.Text; } works nice now, there are new line...

Reloading daypilot control based on dates from textbox

How to reload daypilot scheduler based on date entered in a text box? Currently thought it taking value, once form is loaded, it show data loaded first time. Kindly assist

DayPilotScheduler variable no longer available

Answered: Yes, DayPilotScheduler namespace is deprecated as is no longer available. Instead of DayPilotScheduler.dragStart() you can use DayPilot.Scheduler.startDragging(options): Old syntax: DayPilotSchedul...

Half Day Blocks

Answered: Found a solution... function onEventMoving(args) { args.start = args.start.getDatePart().addHours(12); args.end = args.end.getDatePart().addHours(12); }

Scheduler - Event.partStart()

Answered: dp.eventMoveSkipNonBusiness = true;

Event for ContextMenuSelection

Hey everyone, I tried to call a method in my contoller via a the MenuItemAction. In the normal ContextMenu the "OnEventMenuClick" event gets fired. So I want to know which event is for the ContextMen...

Change actual date to "Day 1" for shift cycle

Is it possible to change the actual date in the header, e.g. 02/16/2017 to "Day 1", "Day 2", etc.? This is useful when doing/showing shift cycles where a date is not relevant (dates are assigned late...


I need to return the user to the last row they clicked on and see references to scrollToResource but it doesn't seem to exist in the Pro MVC build. Is there a way to do this in MVC?

Conditional Overlaps of Appointments?

Answered: You can use the real-time event handlers to implement it: EventMovingJavaScript EventResizingJavaScript TimeRangeSelectingJavaScript The latest sandbox build (8.3.3582) supports
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