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How to display event's text while moving the event?

Hi, I'd like to display even't text (or some text) on the indicator (the gray indicator, I'd like to use white text color on the gray background) to display some text (not necessary event's text). Ho...

Hide bubble on outside click of calendar (Angular 6)

I'm showing bubble on click of event and I set hideAfter property to '0'. It works pretty well, but the bubble popover do not hide if I click outside of daypilot calendar. Any help is appreciated.

DayPilot.Modal.alert Theme is not working

Answered: Have you tried the attached project? It seems to work fine. You may want to check that the CSS import works correctly and that you are using the latest DayPilot.Modal version from https://code.daypil...

Week Calendar. How to have events of arbitrary length

Hello, I see from all your demos, that resizing the events goes in step equal to the cell height. If you want to have cell height of 30 minutes, how can i have a event resized to 40 minutes, to examp...

EventClickHandling with JavaScript

Answered: I solved the Problem. The script was saved in the cache, so I just had to delete it. Now it works fine.

Add popover on click of event on schedule calendar (JS / Angular 2+)

Answered: Please see the following tutorial that explains how to display a bubble with custom content (defined as static HTML, dynamic HTML loaded from the server, and as an Angular component): https://code.da...

Can anybody explain me how to show bubble in daypilot calendar Angular 6+

Documentation lacs many things related to configuration, please provide full details about how to config bubble and also mention list of properties applicable while configuring bubble.

Add a new panel to be able to drop events to

Answered: Yes, it's been in the queue for some time already. Before it's implemented, the following approach might work: Instead of dragging the whole event, you can insert a custom element into the event that...

data changed - force rerender of event

Answered: The events.update() method is the right tool. It only reloads the event in the UI. It doesn't send anything to the server. In the server-based versions (ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms, Java), it's pos...

change tag

Answered: You can find the event using events.find() method: The original data object is accessible as, so the tags can be accessed as
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