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Kanban - Insert new card at specific position

Answered: The Kanban component respects the original order of items (in cards.list). You can insert the card at the desired location there and call update().

Custom values in href parameter

Answered: You can use document.querySelector().value to get the value of the input field.

Setting lower margin-lefts for children in row header

Answered: You can control the indent width using treeIndent property:

Context menu does not close on click inside scheduler, when 'timeRangeSelectedHandling' is set

Answered: Hi Daniel, This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.2.4981):

Drag/drop long booking at viewport edge

Answered: If you use a timeline with gaps between cells or adjust the event length for non-business hours (eventMoveSkipNonBusiness) you should forbid moving events that cross the Scheduler grid edge. The Sche...

Create schedule with only start date and duration

Answered: No, this is not supported at the moment. You'll need to calculate the start and end dates before displaying the data in DayPilot.

Multiple resources on a date...

Answered: Yes, this is possible: You can also take a look at the Scheduler that can d...

wait message before Posting

Answered: Solved by changing to manual BIND TimeRangeSelectedHandling="JavaScript" TimeRangeSelectedJavaScript="btn_navigateClick();"

Load event not loading child only

Answered: You need to use a different resource ID for the parent rows. An event will be displayed in all rows where the id matches the event resource id (resources[].id === events.list[].resource).

Bubble showAfter setting has no effect

Answered: The bubble opened by an active area (action: "Bubble") is always displayed immediately. If you want to delay it you can use the following code: = [ { right: 0, ...
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