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How to auto hide empty/unhide non-empty rows when scrolling horizontally and vertically

I want to be able to hide empty/unhide non-empty event rows as I am scrolling horizontally and vertically. I currently have the "hide rows without events" checkbox implemented but I need to toggle th...

Scheduler integration with excisting system

Hi, Which one we should buy to implement the scheduler in MVC application hosted in azure cloud.

Summary columns at the end of the Scheduler

Answered: Hi Petr, Unfortunately, it's only possible to display the summary on the left side (in the row headers) at this moment.

Daypilot does not detect window size is changed - content height is not adjusted

Answered: Are you able to reproduce the issue using the project from the "Angular Scheduler: Full Screen Layout" tutorial? Please note that ...

Problem with events and resources background

Answered: The image export only supports a limited set of CSS styles. The Scheduler tries to detect the background color but if you use an unsupported background style it will fail. You can override the auto-d...

Can't get resource.

Answered: Sorry for the confusion: In onEventMoved, you need to use args.newStart, args.newEnd, args.newResource instead. See also:

Time range context menu does not work

Answered: This looks like an old copy of the demo. You can find the latest version here: It should work fine for both the time range selection (use...

Target custom columnheader_cell as rowheadercol with number

Answered: The latest sandbox build (2021.3.5045) now support adding a custom CSS class to the column headers using onBeforeRowHeaderColumnRender event handler. Example:...

Empy header cell for next columns if treeEnabled = true

Answered: The column content is set in onBeforeRowHeaderRender event handler. You'll need to modify it to exclude parent rows: dp.onBeforeRowHeaderRender = (args) => { // skip parent rows if (arg...

Show view Month?

Answered: You can find a demo of the monthly calendar (Lite version) here: Click the "Show source" button to see the JavaScript source code. This demo...
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