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How to export Gantt chart view in png/svg/pdf in 2022.4.5483 version.

Answered: The latest release now supports export customization events in the Gantt Chart component as well ( You can use onBeforeRowHea...

Cannot read properties of null (reading 'dontFocus')

Answered: It looks like you are passing "null" as the "options" argument. Try removing it or use an empty object - "{}". This problem should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2023.1.5527).

How to customize title when using print()?

Answered: The print() method uses the title of the current page when printing. You can temporarily override the title like this: const oldTitle = document.title; document.title = "My Scheduler"; dp.exportA...

args.loaded is not a function

Answered: In version 2023.1.5508, asynchronous processing of onEventDelete is not supported. It is now available in the latest sandbox build (2023.1.5525+). See also:

Scheduler - Rendering issue with row header height after hiding/showing events

Answered: Thanks - but after changing the event properties, you need to update the Scheduler to make the changes visible. Do you call update()? Or events.update()?

Does Gantt have a dispose() method?

Answered: There is a special React package that defines a <DayPilotGantt> React component which you can use in your JSX instead of creating the instance manually using a placeholder and init() method. To see h...

How to set the start of the week as monday

Answered: The Gantt Chart component uses the "locale" property to determine the first day of week: You can use one of the built-in locales or create your own. Se...

Scheduler - Stacking of Overlapping Events

Answered: Do I understand it correctly that although there are three events in the screenshot you define six events? Events are rendered in the in the order determined by the default sort order. You can also d...

How to export Gantt view in png/svg/pdf

Answered: Please see my comments here:

Scheduler - DayPilot.Scheduler: The placeholder element not found: 'dp_1673963716024126533'.

Answered: The Angular Scheduler component includes a placeholder div in its template. This placeholder is then initialized using init() call in ngAfterViewInit() - you can also see this in the stack trace. If ...
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