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cellDuration value is not honoring in OpenSource code

Answered: The cell duration adjustment is not supported in the open-source version at this moment:

MVC with Foreign Key

I'm using daypilot on a ASP.NET Core but my model has a foreign key and I can't add a date for that reason, what can I do? or why I can't add a date, this is my code public class Reservacion { public...

Need DayPilot Javscript non-minified source code

Answered: Please see the licensing options here:

Event link arrow missing css class

Answered: The arrow element is marked with one of the following classes: .scheduler_default_link_arrow_left .scheduler_default_link_arrow_right .scheduler_default_link_arrow_down .scheduler_default_link_arrow_...

How to export excel from Scheduler

Answered: Unfortunately, export to Excel is not supported at the moment.

How to show week number in Weekly view calendar?

Answered: You'll need to switch to the Resources view and generate the column hierarchy manually. Please see more here:

How to show Event name as tooltip in navigator?

Answered: Unfortunately, the navigator doesn't support showing event details. It can only show free/busy status for the visible days.

How to change the position of next and prev buttons in Day pilot navigator or manually invoke the methods associated with these two buttons?

Answered: The position of the next/previous buttons can't be changed. However, you can hide it using CSS and switch the dates manually using the select() method:

How to show week number in Monthly calendar View?

Answered: You can show the week numbers in the first cell using onBeforeCellRender. Example for ISO week number (week starting on Monday): dp.onBeforeCellRender = function(args) { if (args.cell.start.getD...

Getting Uncaught Invalid timezone spec: 6667 error while loading the daypilot

Answered: It looks like you are using date/time string in a format that the Scheduler isn't able to parse. For a list of supported formats please see:
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