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location is not changing

location is not changing in shift scheduler php

custom bubble/context menu for different event types

Answered: There are two options: 1. You can use onBeforeEventRender to assing a custom bubble HTML to each event: { onBeforeEventRender: args => { = `my bubble HTML`; }, // ....

How to set dates in X-Axis and resources in Y-Axis

Answered: You can use the Calendar in resources mode:

Populate dropdown options using Thymeleaf in a const form

Answered: Thymeleaf can’t be used this way. I recommend loading the server-generated data using a special HTTP call. It could look like this: const {data} = await DayPilot.Http.get(`/get/my/options`); const f...

Resize Event daypilot-scheduler doesn't work. App crash

Hi There, I use daypilot-scheduler and I found a strange behavior on resize. The problem appears only when I try to resize an event that starts in the past and is not shown completely on the board an...

columnBubble is shown at different location

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2024.2.5913). Please let me know if the problem persists.

Show time header area text when hover cell

Answered: Unfortunately, this scenario is not supported at the moment.

How do I enable multi-range selection by default

Answered: This can't be done at the moment, but please let me check if it could work after making some changes.

How do I create different event behaviors for touch/click

Answered: In the onEventClick and onEventClicked events, you can access the original event as args.originalEvent. Using the original event object, you can check if the source was a touch event: onEventClick: (...

Autoscroll not working on touch devices.

Answered: OK, thanks for the update. I’ve added it to the wishlist.
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