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Event move

Hi While moving the event,event is resizing.How to prevent resizing while moving the event Thanks

Want to show Cell in color

I want to apply color for cell if respective date is having more than 1 count...I am using now dp.onBeforeCellRender() for the same. But its not very usefull for me.

TimeRangeSelect shadow backcolor

How to customize the background-color of the timeRange on selecting?.

Uncaught String expected Error when export shceduler to jpeg

Answered: the stack trace of the error: daypilot-all.min.js:10 Uncaught String expected text @ daypilot-all.min.js:10 (anonymous) @ daypilot-all.min.js:26 a.each @ daypilot-all.min.js:9 (anonymous) @ daypilot-...

AreaCollection in Calendar

Answered: The active areas are supported in Calendar cells but only with fixed positioning using area.Left/Right/Top/Bottom. Positioning using area.Start and area.End is not supported at this moment.

modal dialog

Answered: You need to add the buttons yourself. The showHtml() doesn't add anything to the HTML and only displays what you supply. You can close the dialog by calling modal.close() method.

Why is some of the Calendar bar another color, sometimes?

Answered: By default, the event boxes are aligned with the grid (useBoxes="Always", see also The duration bar is filled with the lighter color. The dar...

Overlapping events mode

Answered: You can find the overlapping event arrangement options here:

What determines if an Event is shown?

Answered: Each column uses two key properties: id start The basic rule is that event.start must be within the specified day (column.start) and the event.resource must match the column id ( Plus: 1. ...

Apply style sheet in sheduler

Answered: The Scheduler marks the important elements with custom CSS classes (the names are derived from the theme names). You can find the list here:
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