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adding custom non business days in scheduler.

Asked by Sanjay Pal
7 years ago.


I would like to add holidays in scheduler, so the different background color can be set for the scheduler as we have for saturday and sunday.

Please suggest.

Answer posted by Ruben
7 years ago.

I suggest you check the dates in the "BeforeCellRender" event f your scheduler.

Here you have all the data of the field, which you can use to cross reference with your own holidays list.

If you determine its a holiday, simply change the colour using e.BackgroundColor = "#FF0000" or sth the likes :)

Hope it helps you,


Comment posted by Chris
7 years ago.

We are using the Daypilot MVC with cssonly = true, the backgroundcolor didn't change.
Can't the backgroundcolor not be changed in cssonly mode?

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