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Is it possible to Spread the left area of the gantt chart to maximum width?

Hello, I was able to hide the right part (timeline) of the Gantt chart. Two Questions: Is it possible to add any other HTML Element or component instead of the timeline? I want to add a Div and some ...

DayPilot.Gantt.onTaskMoving and DayPilot.Gantt.onTaskMoved broken in 2024.2.5936

Answered: Sorry for the troubles! These issues (onTaskMoved and onTaskMoving) should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2024.2.5939). These fixes will be included in the next release, which will be avai...

Add Icon to modal confirm buttons

Hello I have 2 icons that I use in this type of modal that resemble the “Yes” and the “Cancel“ buttons how can I use them in this modal

area bubble

Answered: This is fine. I assume that you have defined the area position and dimensions (left, right, etc.). I have tested your code in the Scheduler and the only problem is that if you also have an event bubb...

MenuItemData Automatin ID

Answered: Hi Jörg, You should be able to target the element using a custom CSS class which you can add using the cssClass property. This property is already available.

Remove or Highlight the holidays on the Event

Answered: The eventMovingSkipNonBusiness property affects the drag and drop behavior over the non-business time segments. The mechanism is explained in the JavaScript Scheduler: Skip Non-Business Cells during ...


Answered: The full project is attached - you can download it at the top of the article using the “Download Source” button (below the main screenshot).

Vertical dragging to associate one event with multiple resources

Answered: Yes, this is possible. To distinguish this action from moving the original event to a new location, you can use a modifier key or an active area. 1. Modifier key You can use the approach described in...

Using Row Spans for Resource Names in Tabular Mode

Answered: To implement this, you can use the split resources feature:

Remove or Highlight the holidays on the Event

Answered: I am trying to highlight or cut the holidays on the event itself

Change Time Header Vertical Grid lines style

Answered: You can use the following CSS: .scheduler_default_timeheadercol_inner { border-right-width: 4px; }


Answered: That’s a typo. The event is called onEventMoving. There should be no problem using it to clear the selection.

Keep drag and drop preview through rerenders

Answered: Sorry for the delay! I assume that you are using dynamic event loading to load additional data during scrolling (onScroll event). In the event handler, you should only update the Scheduler by calling...

How to resize row header column on touch devices

Hello, Can the width of the Scheduler's Row Header Column be configured to allow resizing on touch devices? Additionally, when rowHeaderScrolling is set to true and the splitter is displayed, is it p...

Next invisible month

Answered: In the Scheduler, the visible range is set using the startDate and days properties. You should use the combination that displays the desired date range. Another option is to create a custom timeline ...

How to ensure that the calendar fills the entire HTML page?

Answered: Unfortunately, setting the calendar height to 100% of its parent is only supported in the Pro version at the moment.

Event drag not working in corner cases in JavaScript Lite version

Answered: There was a bug in the calculation of the grid boundaries. It’s fixed now in the latest sanbox build (2024.2.525): Test:

customizing context menu with click/touch

Answered: Sorry for the delay! Which component do you use (Calendar, Scheduler..)? > I am also wondering if it would be possible to pass information from the onEventClick event to the context menu’s onShow eve...

Is there any way we can hide the right side of the gantt chart

Answered: The Gantt chart component is not designed for this mode, but you can hide the the time grid using the following properties: scale: "Manual", startDate: "2020-01-01", // use a day in the past

can we change the expander or collapse icon

Answered: You can change the icons using CSS. This is how the icons are defined in the default CSS theme: .gantt_default_tree_image_expand { background-image: url('...
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