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How i can add icon with text in context menu?

Hi , I have to show some icon with text in the context menu, Please check the attachment there we have text with icon. Please guide me how to do the implementation. Thanks in advance

How can i add multiple events in single cell?

Hi, I have to add multiple events in single cell, how can do it please guide me for this implementation. Thanks in advance

How to get the text from upper left corner in the cell?

Hi i'm trying to put the text in the event cell but its coming from middle, how i can get from upper left corner, please guide me. Thanks in advance

How to show allday Event in Schedular

Answered: Unfortunately, all-day events are only supported in the Pro version of the calendar:

Dragging events out of loaded date range leads to errors or losing duration

Hi everyone, I have trouble with my Scheduler when dragging events out of the loaded time range using infinite scrolling. So I'm starting with a range of multiple months around "today" loaded and dra...

How to provide the header for scheduler and how to change the today's cell color?

Answered: Instead of using the Scheduler time header to display the navigation, it's better to create your own toolbar and place it above the Scheduler. To learn how to implement the next/previous/today button...

daypilot all - functions not working

Answered: I resolved this. I was sending the 'data' object via jQuery $.post and it was failing. Re-populating the object sent using $.post using: newStart: args.newStart.toString(), newEnd: args.newEnd.toStri...

Event test

Answered: The event text gets HTML-encoded (as a protection against XSS attacks) and then it is treated as HTML. That means ASCII line breaks will be ignored. If you need to insert a line break, you'll have to...

Uncaught ReferenceError: module is not defined

Answered: If you want to include the library directly using <script> element you need to download the zip package and include daypilot-all.min.js file instead of using NPM: Pro version: https://javascript.dayp...

How to change the font color while changing the back color for event?

Answered: Please see the documentation for "event customization": You can also change the color globally (for all events) using a custom CSS theme: https...

How to wrap the text in Modal input box?

Answered: You can use the "textarea" form item: import {Modal} from '@daypilot/modal'; // ... const form = [ { type: 'textarea', id: 'textarea1', name: 'Multi-line text', }, ]; c...

How change the height of all-day-event's row

Answered: The height of the row with all-day events depends on the content. It will stretch automatically to fit all events. You can change the all-day event height using allDayEventHeight property: https://ap...

Date wise Header but data rows breaks into two lines.

Answered: Thank you for posting the screenshot:

how to change the time format

Answered: You can customize the hour header cell content using onBeforeTimeHeaderRender event handler:

cell to into two lines or below the current line

Answered: The events will be displayed in a single horizontal line if they don't overlap. If the end date/time of the first event and the start date/time are the same the events are still considered non-overla...

show all day events side by side

Answered: Unfortunately, the all-day events can't be displayed side-by-side. They are always arranged vertically.

All-day events in Resources view

Answered: Yes, it is possible. There is no live demo available but you can try this example: <div id="dp"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> var dp = new DayPilot.Calendar("dp"); dp.startD...

How to show Monday to Friday in calender?

Answered: You can control the days displayed using startDate and days properties: You'll need to set "st...

how to increase the size of cell if we have long text?

Answered: The event height is always fixed. You can increase it globally using the "eventHeight" property ( or per event using the "height" property of ...

How to wrap the text within the event if we have long text?

Answered: You can enable text wrapping using the "eventTextWrappingEnabled" property: You can also use HTML line breaks (<br>) in the event...
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