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limited timeframe

Answered: already found the solution need to change $morning_shift_starts = 9; $morning_shift_ends = 13; $afternoon_shift_starts = 14; $afternoon_shift_ends = 18; in the backend_create.php thankyou anyway

Exception User-Unhandled

Answered: Yes, thank you so much. I've checked in WireShark the IP address my app was trying to connect with. Then I set that address (with another port) as a proxy and suddenly it started to work. Thank you!

Scheduler with Sortable Columns for Javascript

Will this feature be released for JavaScript? And if there currently some work around can be done to get it working?

Show Event Links on hover or select only?

Answered: Sorry for the delay... Unfortunately, the links can't be displayed on hover. You might be able to implement your own logic by only adding the selected links to the array (on event click, on active ar...

cssClassPrefix overrides resource tree backColor

Answered: You can extend your onBeforeCellRender like this to apply the green background color: dp.onBeforeCellRender = function(args) { var row = dp.rows.find(args.cell.resource); if (

BeforeEventRender EventClickEnabled Not Working

So when form loads and calls beforeeventrender, I have it set for all pre-created events to have the e.eventclickenabled = false (by looking at and make sure its all old ids versus new ids). Whi...

Css class removed after expanding resource group

Answered: The CSS class added using addClass() is now persisted to DayPilot.Scheduler.resources[].cssClass and it will survive update() calls. It's implemented in the latest sandbox build (2018.4.3445): https:...

Highlight holidays

Answered: I figured it out... dp.onBeforeCellRender = function(args) { var cellDate = moment(args.cell.start.value).format("YYYY-MM-DD"); if (jQuery.inArray(cellDate, holidayArr) !== -1) { ...

Hotel type calendar grid

Answered: DayPilot requires to be run in a web application (it's a client-side JavaScript technology). It is possible to create a web application that uses Microsoft Access as storage but it's not recommended ...

Hide/Show Resource Section in Daypilot

Answered: Yes, please see the "rowHeaderHideIconEnabled" property which enables an icon that lets users hide/show the row headers: It's als...

Make Event selected and Change color for selected item

Answered: Yes, please see the "Event Selecting" topics in the docs:

Disable left Click in Day Pilot Schedule

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not supported in the ASP.NET version of the Scheduler. In the JavaScript version, it's possible to customize the behavior using onGridMouseDown:

Hyphens in event text

Answered: I'm not able to reproduce the problem - however, it looks like a CSS issue. If you enable text wrapping some browsers may wrap the text after the hyphen. If the event height only allows one line of t...

BubbleText Hover

Answered: It's not possible to display the bubble when the mouse cursor is still in move but you can configure the delay it waits (after the cursor stops moving) using showAfter property: https://api.daypilot....

BOM at beginning of body

Answered: It looks like without the BOM the browser doesn't recognize the <doctype> section at the top of the HTML file and renders the document in quirks mode. There might be a problem with some non-ascii cha...

Can an Event option be used to adjust Business hours for a Scheduler resource?

Answered: Hi Tony, I'm happy to hear that DayPilot helps. Unfortunately the business hours are specified on the resource (row) level. At this moment, there is no way to set different business hours for differe...

Constrain Event moves in Scheduler to within Parent Resource?

Answered: Oh, of course... after hours of searching docs, I find something mere seconds after asking. I'm assuming it will be handled in "Event Moving Customization" correct?

Resources expanded by default??

Answered: If you set DynamicChildren = true the Scheduler assumes that the children are not available and need to be loaded from the server ( ...

Slow Load Times in IE11 DayPilot Pro for Javascript

Answered: Andrew, Something like this can happen if you have an extremely large timeline. Try checking your combination of "scale" and "days" values. I'd try to keep the timeline length (the number of cells in...

Kanban for AngularJS not working

Answered: Which version of DayPilot do you use? The latest version (2018.3.3417) seems to work fine so it might be a bug of one of the previous releases:
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