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Answered: You can access the original data object like this: var data = events[0].data;

Fixed column width on row header

Answered: Hi Bertrand, I'm not sure what exactly the problem is but: 1. The "RowHeaderWidthAutoFit" property needs to be renamed to "rowHeaderWidthAutoFit":

Problem when launch daypilot

Answered: Can you please contact Please include your order number.

Time range context menu is opened when time range is selected and clicking on event

Answered: Can you please give it a try using the latest DayPilot Pro version (2020.2.4470)?

Time header active areas don't work

Example from is not work (nothing happens when i click on time) on DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms 2020.2.3743 May 15, 2020 The same func...

Alert() Replacement in TypeScript, Angular.

I'm searching for a fancy Alert() Replacement in TypeScript, Angular.

How to change start time?

Answered: In the Pro version, this can be set using dayBeginsHour and dayEndsHour properties. See also:


Answered: The onBeforeCellRender implementation must be very fast because it's called for every cell in the grid during scrolling. I recommend reading all cell data in advance and storing it on the client side...

Problem with an org.daypilot.json.JSONException:

Answered: It looks like you are reading the input stream before passing it to process(). In that case, it's necessary to reset the position in the stream to 0. Something like this might also happen if you try ...

How to change bar color?

Answered: The right property name is "barColor". Here is a full list of event object properties: There is also an example that shows how to change the duration bar...

full display for Calendar

Answered: In the JavaScript version, all member names follow the camel case convention. You need to use "heightSpec":

ASP.NET WebForms

Answered: Can you please write to Thanks!

In tutorial app is referenced

Answered: It's the Vue app: var app = new Vue({ el: '#scheduler-app', data: { } }); It was missing in the previous code samples - the tutorial is updated now.

Scheduler not showing

Answered: The following combination of properties results in an empty timeline: days: 1, startDate: new DayPilot.Date('2020-02-01T00:00:00+00:00'), showNonBusiness: false, businessWeekends: false, The s...

Not having startDate and days filled in in the config doesn't cause the gantt to show every task

Answered: The parent tasks can either use fixed start/end values or values calculated from the children (which is the default mode). You can switch the mode using "taskGroupMode" property: https://api.daypilot...

Change the amount of days on screen, scroll through entire year

Answered: Yes, you'd have to calculate the cellWidth based on the viewport size. Something like this: cellWidth: function(args) { var days =; return Math.floor(dp.nav.scroll.clientWid...

Arrow issue

Answered: This is by design. In the Scheduler, the left edge uses "w-resize" cursor and the right edge uses "e-resize" cursor. If you don't like the appearance you can replace the built-in resize margins by ac...

DayPilot Calendar. Delete event icon is not show even on demo site.

Answered: This problem should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.2.3741):

Show Duration of External Drag and Drop Event

Answered: This example uses the generic HTML5 drag and drop API and that doesn't allow reading the source object properties until drop. So unfortunately, this is not possible. If you use the built-in external ...

New Event with dropdown values as name

On the creation of a new event, instead of typing name, get possible values from a query to a mysql. Getting a dropdown menu to select the name of the event.
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