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Multi cell selection does not seem to work on scheduler in scale hour

Hi, I am using the scheduler from "daypilot-pro-angular": "" Unlike the various samples you have provided, I am not able to select t...

OnBeforeCellRender optimization

Answered: This event is called once for every cell. Therefore the implementation should be as fast as possible. You should avoid making database calls from there. Instead, load the required data in advance and...

On BeforeCellRender Setting CssClass

Answered: The custom CSS class will be applied to all cells. The cells that belong to a parent resource may have additional CSS applied that affect the appearance. Make sure that your CSS overrides that. The b...

Possibility of an automated reminder

Answered: This needs to be done on the server side. DayPilot focuses on the UI and it doesn't include support for sending emails.

Scheduler - Change Event Duration Bar Position to Left

Answered: If you need a simple bar with a specified color then you can use an active area: You can also change the position of the duration bar by modifyi...

DayPilot in AngularJS with webpack

Answered: After a night sleeping on the issue, found the solution. DayPilot registers the module in angular using angular.module("daypilot",[]) so in order to register one needs to use the 'daypilot' module na...

How to hide rows with no events

Answered: Take a look at this tutorial:

searching and displaying specific data in DayPilot Scheduler

I get my scheduler on my JSP page without any problem. Now i'm trying to search and display only ONE specific resource, or Project. i enter something in my jsp text input, i get a JSONException when ...

Utilize full cell when max hours = 9 hours

Answered: If you use the default .useEventBoxes value the events will be aligned with the grid cells: dp.useEventBoxes = "Always"; See also:

Can't install paid Daypilot with npm in a Angular/Cli Project

Answered: Have you replaced x.y.zzzz with the actual version number? Example for the latest release: You can also get a link to a...

How to stop drag and drop feature on event calendar

Answered: You need to turn the features off one by one: dp.eventMoveHandling = "Disabled"; dp.eventResizeHandling = "Disabled"; dp.timeRangeSelectedHandling = "Disabled"; See also the following tutorial ...

Include library in angular with webpack

Answered: If you import DayPilotModule in your own module like this: @NgModule({ imports: [ // ... DayPilotModule ], // ... }) export class SchedulerModule { } You'll be able to i...

JS Schedular - Multimove across the resources(y axis)

Answered: You can move all events if you set multiMoveVerticalMode property to "All": dp.multiMoveVerticalMode = "All"; The documentation is now updated.

Modular DayPilot for Angular 4

Answered: At this moment it's not possible but we are checking if there is a way to exclude parts of the js file that are not needed. A quick stats FYI: The Scheduler itself (without helper classes like Menu, ...

Scheduler print error on Internet Explorer

Hi, I've followed this guide: but on Internet Explorer it fails :( IE is in compatibility mode: EmulateIE10 Thanks, Giovanni

Fixed width on kanban when we have a lot of columns

Answered: It's now possible to use fixed column width (since build 8.4.2890). See the sandbox: You can switch to fixed width like this: dp...

Set event bacground image without repeating

Answered: You can use an active area ( to place a custom rectangle the the specified position. Like this: e.Areas.Add(new Area().Bottom(0).Left(0).Width...

Timeline Chart - Selenium

Answered: The best way to target the DOM elements would be using the internal CSS classes (derived from the theme name) that are applied to the Scheduler:

Calendar _onMainRightClick

Answered: This should be already fixed since build 2886. See the sandbox: Let me know if the problem persists. And thanks for reporting the issue.

How to find a resource by mouse position

Hi; How to find a resource by mouse position on rowColumnHeader using onmouseup event (not usingDaypilot.contextMenuResource) ! I used jquery like this $("body").on("mouseup",".scheduler_hotelca_rowh...
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