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Width changes makes disaster effect on colum headers.

Just upgraded to the last version, and i have this huge issue.

Event not taking full height

Answered: 1. First, check if you use the correct value for the useEventBoxes property (see Exact Event Duration in the docs). The default value ("Always") aligns the event boxes with the grid cells. 2. It coul...

Scheduler - How to switch between dark and light themes

Answered: You can switch the CSS theme using the update() method: dp.update({theme: "my_dark_theme"}); And back: dp.update({theme: "my_light_theme"}); Both theme files need to be included in the page using <li...

Use with ASP.Net Core 6

Answered: Yes, no problem. DayPilot is a purely client-side solution so you can use it with any backend. This example includes a .NET 7 project but you can use the same source code with .NET 6 as well. You jus...

During one event, I have three areas with four dates in total. Is there a way to move each date to resize the event independently?

Answered: There are two issues: 1. The action property can only have one of the predefined values (see the API docs). A drag handle that triggers resizing must use either "ResizeStart" or "ResizeEnd". 2. The a...

Performance issues on table resize.

Answered: The calendar component doesn’t re-render events when the width changes. The resizing itself is fully handled by the browser (so there is nothing to optimize). Generally, it will take longer if the re...

vertical text in the scheduler

Answered: Yes, you can use the writing-mode CSS property: .scheduler_default_event_inner { writing-mode: vertical-lr; } or .scheduler_default_event_inner { writing-mode: vertical-lr; transform: rotat...

Smooth DragAndDrop

Answered: If you mean the option to turn off 'snap to grid' (as in the Scheduler), this feature is planned and will be introduced in one of the future releases.

Scheduler - build 5777 broke event rendering

Answered: This happens if you specify both text and html properties for events. This regression incorrectly applies text if both values are specified - the html property should have higher priority. It should ...

How to smoothen resize animation?

Answered: Please see my answer here:

Dynamic disabled cells in scheduler

Answered: You can customize the drag-and-drop moving behavior using the onEventMoving event handler. It lets you forbid the drop depending on the source event and the target position.

Is it possible to use events with different phases to make it shape like this?

Answered: You can customize the Scheduler event appearance using the onBeforeEventRender event handler. It lets you apply custom CSS class to the event, and specify event phases using active areas. See also th...

Listen to onEventMoving

Answered: The onEventMoved event is fired when all updates are complete, and it’s fine to use it for updating either the calendar/scheduler itself or external elements. The onEventMoving event is fired in real...

Cells disabled not working when moving an event

Answered: This was a regression that has been fixed in version 2023.4.5772. Please let me know if the problem persists.

OnEventmoving and OnEventMoved drag acts crazy.

Answered: It behaves as if the Calendar component were updated in the middle of the drag-and-drop movement. You can see that the source event (which is marked with calendar_default_event_moving_source CSS clas...

Font color for event name

Answered: You can customize the row header using the onBeforeRowHeaderRender event handler.

Daypilot resource forecolor

Answered: You can customize the row header using the onBeforeRowHeaderRender event handler.

Enhanced keyboard navigation for automatic timerange selection

Answered: > Why don’t select a cell or event when moving the cursor? In Excel when I move my cursor to the next cell, it selected the cell direct and I can edit or add something. OK, let’s see if I understand ...

Strange behavior of keyboard navigation

Answered: This bug should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2023.4.5802): Please let me know if the problem persists.

How can I add space at the top and bottom between events in the Scheduler?

Answered: You can define a custom margin beneath each event with the eventMarginBottom property, or alternatively, override the CSS to introduce additional whitespace. For more details, please see the Event Sp...
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