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Crosshair=header : highlight don't disapear anymore when moving in columns header

Answered: This issue is now fixed and the fix will be included in the next ASP.NET version release which will be available in about 14 days.

Context menu

Answered: You can't display a dropdown but you can modify the menu items (e.g. change the icon) on the fly using onShow() event handler:

Scheduler AutoScroll detect autoscroll event

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not supported at the moment.

Grid lines not shown at first load

Hi, Im facing the following problem: At the first appearance the grid lines are hidden. After refreshing the view by loading the data, that are binded to the Scheduler component, the lines appear cor...

Disabled Cells don't work in Chrome

Hi, I try to use disabled cells as described in I want to disable a complete row/resource. dp.onBeforeCellRender = function(args) { if (args....

How to prevent the changed between dates when we implemented Rowfilter and Scrolling.

Answered: When infinite scrolling is enabled, it is necessary to be careful when changing the Scheduler timeline parameters (scale, cellWidth, startDate and especially days). The infinite scrolling feature shi...

Vue.js: divShadow is undefined

Answered: > I installed the newest version und the error is gone, but we have instead a new one: "f.divHover is undefined" Like with divShadow we didn't change anything. The Scheduler object is initialized and...

Area selection

Answered: 1. Active areas that specify the "action" property will not let the mouse click event bubble to the underlying event and the event click action won't be fired. You'll need to leave the "action" value...

Row Sort Event/Property for scheduler

Answered: Since build 2020.1.4264, it's possible to read the current sort criteria using DayPilot.Scheduler.rows.sortParam property (read-only):

Vue.js: export and download scheduler as svg

Answered: If you follow this tutorial: you will be able to access the DayPilot.Scheduler object as "this.scheduler". ...

crosshair and shifted timelines

Answered: Hi Simon, This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.1.4271): Let me know if the problem persists.

Scheduler Event Phases

Answered: The event phases are displayed using active areas ( Active areas are rectangles inserted into events. The can be positioned using css-like left...

Problems between Infinite Scrolling and Switcher over Scheduler Calendar

Answered: The Switcher is only necessary if you want to manage different components, e.g. DayPilot.Calendar for the week view and DayPilot.Month for the Month view. If you are using two different configuration...

Doesn't show all events on live server

Answered: I recommend using the browser developer tools (Network tab) to check what is being loaded and at what point. The loading logic may not be correct. The development environment usually has much lower n...

Daypilot Day view but without the time - possible?

Answered: If you want to display one week, you can use the Month view and use the Weeks view: <DayPilot:DayPilotMonth ID="DayPilotMonth1" runat="server" ... ViewType="Weeks" Weeks="1" /...

Column header click event

Answered: There is now a new onBeforeRowHeaderColumnRender event available in the latest sandbox build (2020.1.4266): You can use it to add custom active areas to show ...

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript

Answered: The use of the trial version is limited to evaluation purposes and to 60 days. See also the trial license agreement:

DayPilot in lit-element (Web Components)

Answered: Yes, that fixes it. When is the next release planed? After having worked with many different companies offering similar services I have to say: extraordinary work! Thanks a lot!

Event on tals collapse/expand?

Hello, How do I fire an function when an user collapses or expands a row of the Gantt? I am using the angular version.

Trial MVC pro will not run at all

Answered: The demo project in the download packages uses MVC4 which needs to be installed globally using this link: See also: https://mvc.daypilot...
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