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How do you link events on a child resource where one id is linked on the child resource and the other id on the parent resource?

Answered: There are two ways to approach it: 1. Create an on-the-fly composite id for the child resources - this is what you do. 2. Create a unique record for every job-pour type link in the database and use t...

Not working on IE Compatibility mode

Answered: Unfortunately the IE compatibility view is not supported. It's an obsolete IE mode that doesn't support modern technologies. Its main purpose was to reproduce bugs and limitations of IE7 and previous...

How to change font and localization of day of week at header of Daypilot lite Calendar?

Hi, I want to change font and localization of day of week at header of Daypilot lite Calendar. First, I tried to increase font size at header by changing DayFontSize at the DISPLAY section of the Day...

Width of overlap event

Answered: In the Lite version, it's not possible to adjust the overlapping behavior. It uses a fixed mode that corresponds to "Full" arrangement mode in the Pro version:

Click event

Answered: Please note that the special ASP.NET Core version of the Scheduler is now on hold. I recommend using the JavaScript version - it works with an ASP.NET Core backend just fine. There is a tutorial avai...

Version Lite

Answered: The ASP.NET Core version of DayPilot is now on hold - please see my reply here: You can use DayPilot Lite for JavaScript which includes Calenda...

DataTextField text with vbcrlf

Answered: You can provide custom HTML that will be used for event content using BeforeEventRender event handler: Your event handler could look like this (...


Answered: The Lite version uses the first day of week that is read from the current Culture. It works automatically for ViewType="Week". You can also display custom number of days (Days property) starting at c...

Is there any feature for showing time range scheduling line for Parent resource?

Answered: At this moment the Scheduler doesn't generate summary events automatically. However, you can generate it manually based on the DB data a display it in the parent row using the parent row id.

How to hide the Trail message popup in IIS SERVER?

Answered: The trial version displays a "DEMO" label and also a popup to remind you that you are using a version that is not licensed for production. If you want to deploy DayPilot as part of your application y...

For how many days trial version of Day pilot pro will run in Server

Answered: The trial version allows you to use DayPilot Pro for evaluation purposes for up to 60 days.

How to not allow schedule on weekends

Answered: It's possible to the non-business hours in the Schedule using ShowNonBusiness property (it hides hours outside of BusinessBeginsHour and BusinessEndsHour and weekends):

resources dynamic data

Answered: There is now a new tutorial available that shows how to load resources and events in JSON format from a server-side endpoint created using ASP.NET Core:

The calendar event handler does not work in window resizing.

Answered: It looks like Chrome doesn't fire window.onresize if you change the window size between "any state" <-> "minimized". However, it is fired if you switch between "normal" and "maximized" state. This is...

Override Daypilot.min.js function

Answered: In case of the ASP.NET WebForms version the client-side library is embedded in the DLL and it's inserted into the page using internal ASP.NET mechanisms. As far as I can tell it's impossible to inser...

Scheduler ContextMenu Scrolling

Answered: Thank you for your answer. I've found a my solution putting the following code into css file: .menu_default_main {position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 450px; overflow: auto !important; z-index: 11; ma...

Sceduler Export to PDF - the scedule does not show correctly from second page

Hello, When I export schedule to PDF, the rows that has schedule gets shifted down and its not fitting the row like the first page. Is there any way to fix this issue? Thank you.

scheduler export PDF - how to put time bar and dates on the second and third page

Answered: There is a tutorial available that shows how to do this using the client-side export: Basically, it's necessary to export one image pe...

Scheduling on Weekdays only.

Answered: You can hide weekends using ShowNonBusiness="true": You can also hide selected time columns using IncludeCell event handler: https://doc....

Change order of Resources (like drag and drop)

Answered: Yes, it is available. Please take a look at the following demo:

DayPilotMont - GetEventMap Error

Answered: Thanks for reporting the issue. It's now fixed in the latest sandbox build (8.4.3620):

DayPilot Scheduler (JavaScript) with SQL Server backend

Hi everyone, Is it possible to use the Scheduler (JavaScript) with a SQL Server database? I see in the tutorials that MySQL & SQLite can be used with PHP backend. I'd like to implement the DPS using ...


Answered: This tutorial required DayPilot Pro (the commercial version). It looks like you are using DayPilot Lite (the open-source version) which doesn't support all the features (e.g. SetScrollX() method).

Event Resize in vertical and horizontal direction in Scheduler

how can i resize event in both direction horizontal and vertical ? it is just allow me to resize event in vertical direction but not in horizontal direction . can you please help me ?

Scroll down a specific Event on filter

Hi, How can i scroll down to a specific event when i apply filter? . when i apply filter event filtered but i have to scroll down to find specific event . is there any way to go on specific event dir...

Fix Header

Answered: Please take a look at HeightSpec property, especially Parent100Pct value:

How to display full time on monthly calendar event

Answered: I found a solution in a demo project. The demo project is in the on the following page : On the StartEndTime aspx page, look for the OnBef...

Is it possible to change color to milestone

Is there any way to change color of milestone task in some conditions (code behind should be the best option in my case) Regards


Answered: Only by displaying the control using a WebBrowser component. Take a look at the following tutorial:

DayPilot > Scheduler > Printing - results in blank page

Answered: OK. Finally got this to work. this was my final version: var image = this.$scope.dps.scheduler.exportAs("SVG" ,{ area: "range", dateFrom: this.formatDate(fromDate), dateTo: this.formatDate(toDate), q...
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