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hi team , facing issue once try to run application .

show appointments as free time

Answered: There are two options: You can mark the unavailable parts of the timeline as disabled (see Disabled cells in the Scheduler, Disabled cells in the Calendar). If the available slots have a fixed durati...

Implement a copy-paste functionality using context menu

Answered: This is correct. The server-side Command event is fired by the commandCallBack() method (in the menu item action JavaScript).

Confirmation prompt of event resize or event move

Answered: You can find an example in the documentation, Event Moving page (expand the ASP.NET WebForms section to see it): <DayPilot:DayPilotScheduler runat="server" id="DayPilotScheduler1" ... Clien...

Text missing on export time headers.

Answered: If you use onBeforeTimeHeaderRender to customize the headers, the Scheduler will use the value of args.header.html in the live instance in the browser and args.header.text during the export. Also, it...

Loading pic

Answered: Probably the easiest solution would be to add a simple <img> element that you hide using CSS so it isn't visible by default. Then you can make it visible using a client-side click event handler (OnCl...

Quick way to set background color of cells in DayPilotScheduler

Answered: The BeforeCellRender event is fired for every cell and it needs to be kept as efficient as possible. It is not possible to run a new database query in every invocation. I recommend running a single q...

Is database connectivity available in Demo version

Answered: Yes, the database connectivity is available in the trial version as well. Please take a look at the ASP.NET Scheduler tutorial which shows how to use DayPilot with SQL Server: https://code.daypilot.o...

Daypilot Scheduler in ipad (Safari browser)

Answered: Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Which version of Safari, iOS and DayPilot do you use? Safari and Chrome use the same engine on iOS and they should behave exactly the same.

Applying CSS styles to dynamic "bubble" popovers

Answered: The "month_default_event_hover" class specifies appearance of calendar events when you move a mouse over it. To control the callout width, you can use "bubble_default_main" class (for the default the...

How do I embed a html link in the Event text?

Answered: The "DataTextField" property specifies the name of the data source item field that will be used to set the event text. If you want to set custom event HTML (hyperlink, image, etc.) you can use the Be...

How to execute client side JavaScript function whilst server processing request after user clicks on event blocks? [DayPilot Monthly Event Calendar]

Answered: You can use EventClickHandling='PostBack' and invoke the PostBack manually using eventClickPostBack() from EventClickJavaScript, after executing your code:

Add line break in text in Event

Answered: Mike, Please see my answer here: Please let me know if there is any problem.

room fields update

Answered: You can activate a context menu for the Scheduler row headers: Or you can add an action icon to the header:

Event test

Answered: The event text gets HTML-encoded (as a protection against XSS attacks) and then it is treated as HTML. That means ASCII line breaks will be ignored. If you need to insert a line break, you'll have to...

cell to into two lines or below the current line

Answered: The events will be displayed in a single horizontal line if they don't overlap. If the end date/time of the first event and the start date/time are the same the events are still considered non-overla...

Date wise Header but data rows breaks into two lines.

Answered: Thank you for posting the screenshot:

how to prevent the daypilot modal from closing when clicked outside?

Answered: You can do it using onClose event handler: onClose: args => { if (args.backgroundClick) { args.preventDefault(); } }

Refresh Gantt command

Answered: The Modal.Close() method uses a workaround to return the control back to the client side. Older versions may not work well - please make sure that you use the latest version of the ASP.NET WebForms h...

Automatically collapse child tasks

Answered: By default, the state of all Gantt chart groups is set to "expanded". You can keep the children collapsed by setting Expanded = false when loading tasks.

Gantt chart not showing

Answered: I recommend checking the HTTP requests using the browser developers tools, Network tab. You will see which requests fail and the responses will include an error message which may provide a hint. Most...


Answered: scrollTo() is a client-side method and it can only be used on the client side, in JavaScript:

box.html in group mode

Answered: Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the task group inner HTML in ASP.NET.

Progress bar change color

Answered: You can use the box.barColor and box.barBackColor properties:

How do you make more than one employee run the same shift

Answered: Yes, there are many different scenarios that are not covered by this sample. To add more people to the same time and location, you can choose a solution depending on the workflow: 1. To allow more as...

Is clearSelection available?

Answered: Yes, the clearSelection() client-side method is available in the ASP.NET WebForms version as well. You can find an example in the main Scheduler demo: The ...

DayPilot Block specific resource or time

Answered: Yes, you can use BeforeCellRender event to mark cells as disabled. That will prevent all drag and drop operations:

ResizeStart / ResizeEnd not working on touch devices

Answered: This is a regression bug which should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.3805): Thanks for reporting the issue!

Month Event Prerender not working

Answered: You'll need to change the attribute to: OnBeforeEventRender="DayPilotMonth1_BeforeEventRender" or add "Handles" to the the method signature: Protected Sub DayPilotMonth1_BeforeEventRender(ByVal...

How to call a daypilot EventClickJavaScript on button click of ASP.NET WEBFORM - C#

Answered: Instead of trying to build the DayPilot.Event object, I recommend changing the ask() function signature so it would accept individual parameters that are available to the button click event handler.
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