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concurrent event groups

Answered: Now (since build 8.3.2847) you can also access the events in the group using array: The latest build is available in...

Event overlap javascript

Answered: Found a solution: dc = dp.resources[x].children[y].id; var dcStart =; var dcEnd =; var deStart = args.start.addMinutes(30); var deEn...

Move resource server side in Scheduler

Answered: The resources will be displayed in the order specified in the Resources collection. When adding a new Resource just insert it at the specified position or sort the collection before updating the Sche...

Can Navigator be used seperately from other controls?

Answered: Yes, no problem. Just set TimeRangeSelectedHandling to "PostBack" or "JavaScript" and handle TimeRangeSelected/TimeRangeSelectedJavaScript event to be notified about the new date selection. You can a...

How can I change font css for a specific Task Column in Gantt Chart

Answered: Each row header column cell is marked with several CSS classes. One of them is column-specific and includes the column number. Example: Column #2 (indexed from 0) with the default theme ("gantt_defau...

New row localization

Answered: It can be changed using "RowCreateHtml" property which is available since build 8.3.3592 (now in the sandbox):

Hide resource without event

Answered: It's possible to hide the rows without events using client-side row filtering. There is a tutorial available for the JavaScript version of DayPilot Pro:

I'm having troubles with databind

This is my getDate function: Private Function GetCalendarData(ByVal start As Date, ByVal [end] As Date) As DataTable Dim rfTecnico As Integer = Session("idUtente") Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("stato...

All Day Event Font Color.

Answered: FontColor is now supported for all-day events as well (since build 8.3.3595). You can get the latest build in the sandbox:

cancel booking

i want to coding of cancel room booking after booked that room

Customizing Color, Heigh of Group, Child Task images

I am using Demo DayPilot Gantt to know its flexibility and customization before going to purchase. Can someone let me know 1. How to change background color for group, child task and milstone. 2. How...

How to increase/decrease width Header Column in ASP.Net

Answered: You can use the CellWidth property: <DayPilot:DayPilotGantt ... CellWidth="20" />

Demo failed in Visual Studio 2017

Hi The demo opened OK and built OK, however, when I ran it in Internet Explorer I got Server Error in '/' Application Exception Details: System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly '...

Scheduler footer

Answered: The footer is not available yet. It's in the mid-term plan (6 months - 1 year). As a workaround, you can display column-related information in an additional time header row (use TimeHeaders collectio...

Updated sample for timesheet MVC 5 with pro

Hi can you share an updated sample on ASP timecard MVC 5, that also captures information like projects, bill rates etc

Incompatible DayPilot client script version. Expected 2717 (you are using 1478)

Answered: It looks like the old version of the client-side script is still cached somewhere. You can try forcing a reload by adding a random query string to the js file url (e.g. a version number): <script s...

How can I set the value of Text in the Calendar control if it's not data bound?

Answered: The "Text" property is read-only but you can set "Html" property. That is the value that is actually used for rendering the event. If Text is available it's used as the default value of Html.

ShowNonBusiness="false" page collapse

Hi, I have a date picker that is fed to the Scheduler control. The scheduler only shows 1 day at a time and for the hours 5am until 9pm using ShowNonBusiness="false" BusinessBeginsHour="7" BusinessEn...

DayPilotBubble not showing on Touch/Mobile devices (iOS/Android)

Answered: Hi Piet, The problem is that the previous behavior was not intended - it was never supposed open a cell bubble on tap. Cell tapping selects a single cell and fires TimeRangeSelected event. You should...

Reloading daypilot control based on dates from textbox

How to reload daypilot scheduler based on date entered in a text box? Currently thought it taking value, once form is loaded, it show data loaded first time. Kindly assist

Conditional Overlaps of Appointments?

Answered: You can use the real-time event handlers to implement it: EventMovingJavaScript EventResizingJavaScript TimeRangeSelectingJavaScript The latest sandbox build (8.3.3582) supports

Default start time

Answered: In the Calendar control, you can use ScrollPositionHour property to set the initial scrollbar position.

Grid Lines

Answered: If you mean the grid cells starting and ending at 12:00 (noon) instead of 00:00 (midnight) then this is implemented using a custom timeline feature: It's ...

User too much speed

Answered: The Scheduler supports BlockOnCallBack property that allows blocking the UI during CallBacks (until the CallBack is resolved). It temporarily places an overlay div over the Scheduler which prevents a...

Monthly Event Calendar - Steps after AJAX Calendar Event Moving not clear

Answered: To get it working you need these elements: 1. A MVC view with the calendar (Views/Home/Index.cshtml) 2. A controller action for this view (Controllers/HomeController.cs: Index() method) 3. A controll...

Cells drawing problem

Answered: Strange issue. The Scheduler doesn't get rendered properly when it's in a hidden part of a page during initialization (such as an inactive tab). This happens because the browser doesn't calculate dim...

Disable HeaderColumn resize

Hi, is there a method or a property to disable resize of HeaderColumns? I have created 3 custom columns in my scheduler and I really need to lock their size. Thanks Davide

Bubble not showing when hovering over event

Answered: Pete, What version of DayPilot do you use? There is a bug in version 8.3 SP3 (8.3.3568) which prevents the Bubble activation. It's fixed now in the latest release:

Expected release date for ASP.NET Core Scheduler?

Answered: The ASP.NET Core version should be available during March.

If you end modal with OK, it will result in an error.

If you end modal with OK, it will result in an error. Line: 1 Error: 'JSON' is not defined. It is normal to end modal with CANCEL
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