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Getting "No next cell found" error

I have two schedulers on my page, one for a Queue. When I try an event from the Queue, as soon as it goes over the Scheduler, it throws this error in the this._getBusinessDuration function in this co...

Event tap and hold Doesn't work .

Event tap and hold Doesn't work using Event Calendar when columnWidthSpec is set to "Fixed". ver. 2020.4.4701 (trial) works correctly. ver. 2021.2.4939 (product) is not work. ver. 2022.2.5286 (trial)...

Where do the args of the onBeforeTimeHeaderRender method come from?

Hi everyone, I'm working on a project that loads events dynamically, also using the onScroll method. In addition to this there is a zoom that allows, depending on the selected level, to view the peri...
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