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How to add menu and header in angular 6 Day Pilot Gantt chart?

I want to use the Gantt chart in my project. I checked the Day pilot angular Gantt tutorial. But it is without the menu and header. I want to add 3 or more headers and a menu in the left side header.

Swap events but keep duration

I was following this tutorial for swaping events Problem for me is that line of code = because e...

double click on cell areas results in two invocations

I defined an area in scheduler cells and a javascript handler for the click event. If I double click on the cell area the javascript handler is called twice, once for the first click, and once for th...

Drag and Drop issue on second time

I have dragged/drop an event first time after page load and it works fine but when the event is dragged/dropped second time then it gives me an error "Cannot read property ja of null". When i refresh...

Navigator changing dates behaviour

There seems to be a bug with the Navigator when changing the selected date forward. For example, if the navigator is currently on September 26th and the number of months to display is 1 and I assign ...
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