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How-To get resource by mouse position

HI; I want to get the resource depending on mouse position (Y position) !.. Thank you

BeforeCellRenderer fired only on Startup

I am using the BeforeCellRenderer event to modify certain cell's background color via DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.BeforeCellRenderEventArgs which works as expected. the problem as soon as an event updates...

How use Daypilot on Laravel

I have project for work orders on laravel I like to use scheduler of daypilot. But lmodal.showUrl and loadResources() did not work. How I can use. Please let me know samples.

Display Context Menu On Touch Device Tap

Hi there, I am trying to display the scheduler event context menu when the user taps on the event from a touch device. I want this behavior to happen only on touch devices (small screens) not on desk...

MVC with Foreign Key

I'm using daypilot on a ASP.NET Core but my model has a foreign key and I can't add a date for that reason, what can I do? or why I can't add a date, this is my code public class Reservacion { public...

Angular Scheduler Developer

Looking for a front end developer to work on a multi resource scheduling system. Minimum 3 years of experience working with angular. Minimum 9 years coding experience. If you want more information pl...

I cannot load the events when I put if(IsPostBack)

If I set the condition of IsPostBack, then the dayPIlot control doesn't load anything! I'm writing the same logic that comes in the trial. DayPilot 2018.43692 First assign in the load the start dates...

How to drebug the angular Application in angular2`

Hi all how To debug the angula application. how to put Break point , in the angular2 thanks and regards siddu

Edit resource name with JavaScript

Hello. I‘ve seen, that it is possible to change the name of a resource/row inline. Is it also possible to do this outside of Daypilot with an external formular? Since now I didn’t found a way to do t...

login to scheduler

Hello, is there a sample how to handle user login/logout for the scheduler users. Thank you in advance Otto


The bubble text is slower to display upon hover when I there are more resources. This happens in Chrome.

Drag and drop into Angular schedular

Hi there Is it possible to drag and drop an external object into the Angular scheduler? Do you perhaps have an example or demo of dragging and dropping from another component into the scheduler?

Can we prevent link creation?

can we prevent link creation of particular row?

Scheduler Timeheaders

hello im using the latest version of daypilot pro for scheduler i have the following issue , if i customize one of the timeheaders , it doesnt render properly. ,sometimes it renders correctly , and s...

Sahred Calendar Month/week/Year view with Reminders

Hi, I have shared calendar working in weekly mode. How can we change the view from Weekly to Monthly / Yearly? Is Also Is there a way we can show reminders of upcoming meetings for that day with Deta...

Timeheader doesn't scroll vertically

Hi Daypilot, I'm using very old version of DayPilot having version "1418". Now I have a problem with Daypilot Calendar. In my Calendar, I have around 30 days, when I scroll to see another dates, the ...

DayPilot Responsive

Nice, easy to use package. I saw earlier question about making DayPilot responsive. I poked around in the code and found two lines where percentages are added as comments. I used the percentages inst...

BeforeEventRender EventClickEnabled Not Working

So when form loads and calls beforeeventrender, I have it set for all pre-created events to have the e.eventclickenabled = false (by looking at and make sure its all old ids versus new ids). Whi...
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