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Multirange selecting in react disapears when you set the state of the component

In react when you change a component state it will refresh the render. Normally you pass the state to the childcomponents but I can't find the correct method to do so for multi time range selecting. ...

angular timetable for school and class weekly timetable

is there any option to schedule a week for school / class timetable with custom timings and custom blocks?

DayPilot Scheduler Event Moving Shadow Issue

I have noticed a small issue on DayPilot Scheduler which seems to be a possible bug. Process: I have a Scheduler dated 5th March to 15th March. In this I have an event which starts on 4th March and e...

Event on tals collapse/expand?

Hello, How do I fire an function when an user collapses or expands a row of the Gantt? I am using the angular version.

DayPilot.GanttConfig doesn't include onRowCreate

The type definitions of Daypilot.GanttConfig (daypilot-pro-angular 2020.1.4216.) Don't include the function type OnRowCreate Nor is it included in the api docs

Disable Link Creation per event

Is there a way to disable link creation per event? I would like something like the way move, resize, etc... can be disabled now on js side. ie: = true. The best would be if ev...

Set Text in Resource 2nd Columns

How we can set description/text on resource's second column on a button click. I understand on onBeforeResHeaderRender event, I can set description on second column but need to set dynamically. Below...

Input string is not in the correct format error on Samsung Galaxy Note device

We have a web application that uses DayPilot to display a 1, 3 or 7 day view with the hours along the side. In this view there will be calls that the user can click on to take them to another page. T...
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