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Download option

Is there any option to download the gantt chart report?

Scheduler OnTimeRangeSelected shows wrong start/end

I set business hours at 7-23 and do not want to show non business hours. My code looks like this: The thing is that on time range selected it shows wrong hours, e.g. star...

Drag and Drop task (events) on a specific resource

I have a Angular 2 web-app with tasks (events) and resources. I also have a drag-and-drop module instaled ( Is it posible to drag a task from a list and d...

Finding empty time slots in the event calendar

I am trying to build a timesheet app and I want to find all the empty slots (where there is no event assigned to the time slot) on a given day and not let them submit if there are more than accepted ...

Display Meetings and cancel

Would like to know how to display all the calendar appointments and send a cancel invite for all the users using PS/EWSManaged API

Calendar Timetable with TimeHeader as a range of start and end

I would like to make a Timetable (daily) for my events, just to have one under another (one in a line). I've seen a tutorial, but it is for WebForms. For now I've done TimeHeaders with range of start...

Click on events not working when scheduler loaded in a dynamic component

We use a scheduler in a Ionic 3 - Angular 4 application and we face a problem: the scheduler is loaded in a dynamic component and when we try to click on events it doesn't work. The funny thing is th...

Export to PNG

I am implementing the print functionality in a page that inherits master page in wen I clock on print the PNG generated has all the tabs n stuff which are in master page...How can I get on...

Event for ContextMenuSelection

Hey everyone, I tried to call a method in my contoller via a the MenuItemAction. In the normal ContextMenu the "OnEventMenuClick" event gets fired. So I want to know which event is for the ContextMen...

Disable HeaderColumn resize

Hi, is there a method or a property to disable resize of HeaderColumns? I have created 3 custom columns in my scheduler and I really need to lock their size. Thanks Davide


can we select time duration of two hours ex like:12 to 2,2 to4 etc.

Jasmine unit tests for DayPilot Scheduler AngularJs Typescript

Hi, I need to write Jasmine unit tests for my page containing DayPilot Scheduler. Is there any sample code available. I have downloaded the project but it doesn...

Demo failed in Visual Studio 2017

Hi The demo opened OK and built OK, however, when I ran it in Internet Explorer I got Server Error in '/' Application Exception Details: System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly '...

How to display more than one(current) mont ?

I have a sheduler like on screenshot. Unfortunately it shows only reservations(load from database) from current month. I'm able to display more days (eg dp.days = 365;) but there's no cells(only line...


I need to return the user to the last row they clicked on and see references to scrollToResource but it doesn't seem to exist in the Pro MVC build. Is there a way to do this in MVC?

searching and displaying specific data in DayPilot Scheduler

I get my scheduler on my JSP page without any problem. Now i'm trying to search and display only ONE specific resource, or Project. i enter something in my jsp text input, i get a JSONException when ...

How to find a resource by mouse position

Hi; How to find a resource by mouse position on rowColumnHeader using onmouseup event (not usingDaypilot.contextMenuResource) ! I used jquery like this $("body").on("mouseup",".scheduler_hotelca_rowh...

How to disable an specific (the first one) row in Daypilot.Scheduler

Hi guys, I want to know if there is a way to disable the drag and drop from a particular row in the scheduler. I get all the resources and then iterate on them to fill the rows. Also I would like to ...


please how the compile the source code

block the resize of a column

Is there a way to remove the resize option of one of the header columns ? Thanks
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