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How to render component in event areas's html?

I have tried loading a component (<tw-popover-teams></tw-popover-teams> ) in 'html' of event areas but could not achieve. Please suggest. args.e.areas.push({ right: 6, bottom: 0, left: 0, visibility:...

Getting error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined

Hi, I am using daypilot-calendar control and daypilot-month control, In my application i added Week and Month view, so based on selection i hide other and show that component, Its working fine, But r...

BeforeCellRenderer fired only on Startup

I am using the BeforeCellRenderer event to modify certain cell's background color via DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.BeforeCellRenderEventArgs which works as expected. the problem as soon as an event updates...

Scheduler + Calendar break rowMoveHandling on Firefox

Hi, I think I have found a bug! If you have the Scheduler and the Calendar directives in the same page, it seems that the rowMoveHandling option stop to work for the Scheduler directive. This strange...

Daypilot Javascript

i am using Daypilot javascript demo version after 60 days what will hasppen .i need that details .immediatly pleaase help me

Daypilot Javascript

Daypilot Javascript after 60 days what will happen i need that details can you help me

login to scheduler

Hello, is there a sample how to handle user login/logout for the scheduler users. Thank you in advance Otto

How use Daypilot on Laravel

I have project for work orders on laravel I like to use scheduler of daypilot. But lmodal.showUrl and loadResources() did not work. How I can use. Please let me know samples.


The bubble text is slower to display upon hover when I there are more resources. This happens in Chrome.

Drag and drop into Angular schedular

Hi there Is it possible to drag and drop an external object into the Angular scheduler? Do you perhaps have an example or demo of dragging and dropping from another component into the scheduler?

Can we prevent link creation?

can we prevent link creation of particular row?

Scheduler Timeheaders

hello im using the latest version of daypilot pro for scheduler i have the following issue , if i customize one of the timeheaders , it doesnt render properly. ,sometimes it renders correctly , and s...

Sahred Calendar Month/week/Year view with Reminders

Hi, I have shared calendar working in weekly mode. How can we change the view from Weekly to Monthly / Yearly? Is Also Is there a way we can show reminders of upcoming meetings for that day with Deta...

How to display time range of resource e.g. to show unavailability

I`m familiar with selecting cells to achieve that, but unavailability time range may not be rounded on cell duration.

I want syntax get a day when I click to daypilot-navigator in angularjs

I want syntax get a day when I click to daypilot-navigator in angularjs: <article> <div style="float:left; width:160px"> <daypilot navigator id="navigator" daypilot-config="navigatorConfig" daypilot-...

Bubble per event phase?

Bubble is a really nice upgraded tooltip since it allows custom html content. I have seen that bubble is tied to event and tooltip is tied to phases. My events have many phases and every phase has di...

How can we get height of the event

Hi, I want to implement functionality that, In the events i am adding the users by adding active areas, But if suppose it goes beyond the height of actual event height then i need to show more info i...

Add new column

Can we add new column with description

No result, no data passing to stored procedure?

I am currently trying to implement the ASP.NET and Javascript DayPilot solutions with no luck. At the moment I am using a RecordSet to call from a SQL Database view, and this works. However, my onEve...

Looking for a 3rd party seller of the Hotel program with a POS..

If you already use the Hotel system and can configure and add a POS pleaese contact me.. GetThis1@Icloud. Com Thanks
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