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Welcome to the DayPilot General forum!

Asked by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
This is a new place to discuss everything about DayPilot.
Comment posted by Anonymous
14 years ago.
Why did you get greedy all of a sudden?
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
I agree that it would be good to have more open-source controls.
And I think DayPilot 2.1 still is a nice open-source control.
Comment posted by Gourav Rana
13 years ago.
really it good product but nothing is perfect still it need new features.
i am great full to you that you are thinking on upgrading it.
really your control help programmers a lot.
Comment posted by Canadian Husky
13 years ago.
well well I was kinda disappointed seeing a commercial version too, after all infragistics has a way more powerfull schedule control already and as an open source control daypilot was great, I have downloaded v 3.1 to take a look and the saw the 'demo' buy links , it took 5 mins to get rid of them and dump the whole source, no big deal, anyways Dan worked hard on this so I wont pass the source or the recompiled DLL (without demo link) around , but I still think this project should have stayed as open source
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.
I can understand the disappointment but let me explain that a bit more:

DayPilot Lite is available as open-source as it always was.

Without DayPilot Pro there would never be many new features in the open-source version anyway since it takes a lot of time and focus. DayPilot Pro is available because people want additional features and are willing to pay for them. Without these money I would be spending my time somewhere else.

I'm happy I can work on DayPilot Pro because I've invested a lot of time into the open-source version and this way it can get better and better. It will take some time but I want DayPilot Pro be one of the best schedulers available.

So you can live happily with DayPilot Lite, modify it according to your needs, and use it for free; or take your $300 to get all the new stuff (and you get the source code so it's similar to open-source for you after you purchase it).

I understand that people would like to have the new features for free but that's simply not possible.
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