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Invalid cellGroupBy value

Asked by JP Crounse
2 years ago.

I'm currently trying to configure my scheduler to display the cells in 15 minute intervals as seen in this example:

Although I can get it to display the headers as shown in the example, it will report the javascript error 'Invalid cellGroupBy value'.
This scheduler is fully functional when using the hourly scale settings.

Here is the code concerning the scale/header settings:

dp.scale = "Minute";
dp.timeHeaders =
{groupBy: "Day", format: "dddd d MMMM yyyy"},
{groupBy: "Hour"},
{groupBy: "Minute"}

Answer posted by JP Crounse
2 years ago.

I was able to fix it using the online configurator as a guide, here is the modified js used:

dp.scale = "CellDuration";
dp.cellDuration = 15;
dp.timeHeaders = [
{groupBy: "Day", format: "dddd d MMMM yyyy"},
{groupBy: "Hour"},
{groupBy: "Cell", 'format': 'mm'}

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