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Multiple row copy paste

I am working on daypilot scheduler pro. I implemented the multiple event copy paste against a single row. Now I would like to copy multiple events from multiple rows which I couldn't. Any idea on how...

Show only current month days in month view

Answered: It's not possible to hide the boxes but you can use onBeforeCellRender event to remove the day numbers (args.cell.headerHtml) and use a different background color (args.cell.backColor). See also: htt...

ng build fails if AOT is enabled (Angular 11)

Answered: It looks like this might be buggy behavior on the Angular side (or my lack of understanding of ngcc). The ngcc compiled code is significantly different when automatically run by `ng build` vs when ru...

Features available for react js schedular

Answered: All DayPilot Pro for JavaScript features are available in React as well. To learn more about event editing, please see the following documentation page:

Why Group use alway return 0 in the fist time run?

Answered: The "used" value will be 0 before the events are loaded. The result of onBeforeCellRender is cached and in most cases the caching needs to be disabled using "cellsAutoUpdated" property of the parent ...

Show/Hide Columns using checkbox list instead of context menu

Answered: Unfortunately, the menu doesn't support checkbox items so it can't be used for this purpose. You'd have to create a custom panel to show the checkboxes.

How to skip a day of the week

Answered: I'm not sure if that's what you mean but it's possible to exclude the hidden time from the event duration when moving events using drag and drop:

Giving a custom color to a Calendar message in Angular

Answered: This was not implemented in the Calendar component but it's now available in the latest sandbox build (2021.1.4923): this.calendar.control.message('Welcome', {delay: 5000, cssClass: 'welcome-msg'})...

Check empty resource free

Hi any ideas for make a list of free spaces for available booking?

Total hour by Employee by tasks

El total que me da por empleado, no es correct. Estoy utilizando una prueba de Scheduler y no suma los minitos correctaente, me ma menos.

How to get id of newly created event?

Answered: You need to return the ID of the new event from the server after saving the new record in the database. Then you can add the event to the Scheduler using events.add(). Please take a look at the follo...

How to use 'DayPilot Pro for JavaScript (Web Start)' License for Dev/Test/Prod Environments

Answered: When deploying the application to auto-scaling Azure App Services it's necessary to use a multi-server license. Also, it is necessary to have a license for all people (developers, testers, etc.) who ...

Scheduler TimeHeaderRow incorrect width

Answered: The auto-width features (row header width auto-fit and cell auto width) rely on the actual rendering to get some measurements. That happens in cases when it is not possible to calculate all dimension...

Scheduler RowHeaderHideIcon position does not update

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.1.4903):

Scheduler RowHeaderMaxWidth desirable

Answered: You can achieve this using CSS - specify max-width for the row header text: .scheduler_default_rowheader_inner_text { max-width: 100px; }

Blank gap in printable version

Answered: Browsers try to simplify the output during printing which makes the result unreliable. However, the Calendar is able to export an image which you can insert into a PDF file. Please see the following ...

Scroll to resource issue in DayPilot 2020.3.4610

Answered: Unfortunately, it's not possible to predict how the row height changes before the data are loaded. You can either make sure that the event row heights are the same (forbid overlapping events, group c...

Scheduler RowHeaderAutoFit doesn't shrink row header

Answered: Tim, This feature was designed to only extend the width. The latest sandbox build (2021.1.4889) now includes an experimental rowHeaderWidthAutoFitShrink property which you can use to enable shrinking...

Daypilot Scheduler Angular throws error cannot read property 'clientWidth' of null

Answered: Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the problem. Could you please send a sample project that reproduces the issue to You can generate a blank project at

Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded for versions after 4481

Answered: This indicates an infinite loop and it might be caused by an event handler or another method calling itself recursively. You might be able to find the problem by checking the stack trace. Please let ...

Bug with scrolling resources on mobile devices

Answered: This has been intentionally disabled in 2019.4.4089 ( iOS 13+ introduced some changes in onscroll handling which broke the sy...

How to stop scheduler overspilling parent when have an expanding header

Answered: The changes of the parent height are not watched dynamically. It's only recalculated if the window is resized. You can invoke a manual recalculation by calling show() after the header height is chang...

I don't understand which methods of the Pro version I can use for free

Answered: Don't worry. I have found the answer here: Thanks

Scrolling on event draw/move/resize in Event Calendar

Answered: It's not coming in the near future. If you'd like to speed things up by sponsoring the feature please contact

time squence order how we change

how to change sequence order of time

Resource Tree cell clickable

Answered: Yes, you can do it using onRowClick handler: dp.onRowClick = function(args) { args.row.toggle(); };

Is it possible to change hour height on defined time slots?

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible in the Calendar at the moment.

onBeforeCellRender not getting called upon update()

Answered: If you execute full update() the onBeforeCellRender will always be called. If you call partial update(), e.g. by specifying events only: dp.update({events: [ ... ]}); then a cached result of onBe...

How to implement recurrent events in Javascript version with spring boot

Answered: The JavaScript version requires the individual event instances to be passed to the component. So handling the recurrence is fully in you hands (on the server side). You'd have to store the rule with ...

End date of an area in Event needs one day added

Answered: The active areas always work with exact date/time points and they are not affected by the eventEndSpec setting.
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