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Mouse click on the cell not exactly

Answered: i found the reason why, because parent tag has a style with value: "margin-top: 50", change to: "padding-top:50" and it worked perfect ^_^

Javascript breaks when hover scroll bar

Hello, I am using DayPilot.Web.MVC version 8.3.5880.1 and daypilot-all.min.js version 2937. When I hover the scheduler scroll bar, on the bottom of the scheduler, I get this error message: "Unhandled...

DayPilot Scheduler (JavaScript) with SQL Server backend

Hi everyone, Is it possible to use the Scheduler (JavaScript) with a SQL Server database? I see in the tutorials that MySQL & SQLite can be used with PHP backend. I'd like to implement the DPS using ...

Menu: menu is not defined

Answered: 1. The "contextMenu" property specifies a context menu for events. It's activated when you right-click an event (the default eventRightClickHandling value is set to "ContextMenu"). You can also map i...

loadEvents(); wanted to call every 10 sec

Answered: Thanks for the update. There is also a built-in AutoRefresh feature that is a bit smarter (it doesn't fire if a drag and drop operation is in progress):

onTimeRangeSelected: giving 3 value start/end/resource

Answered: The original data object is accessible as "data" property of the row object. You can get the row object (DayPilot.Row class) using .rows.find(): var row = dp.rows.find(args.resource); var rm_cat =...

Add or remove doctors

Answered: Management of doctors is not implemented in this tutorial. The doctor data is stored in the database, in a table called "doctor": CREATE TABLE doctor ( doctor_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AU...

how to create simple modal, can i have snippet please

Answered: You can display custom HTML using DayPilot.Modal.showHtml(): var modal = new DayPilot.Modal(); // ... modal.showHtml("<div>text</div>");

How to show Active Areas in Angular4

Answered: You might be defining onBeforeEventRender handler too late in the component lifecycle (after it is rendered). Try adding it to the config object (see also the Angular 4 Calendar tutorial at https://c...

Export Calendar Month with different event colors

Answered: The event colors should be already fixed in the latest sandbox version (since build 2936): The TypeScript definitions [missing exportAs()] will be updated sho...

Drag&Drop of events which cross the border of visible period

Hi! Here is an issue with events which cross the border of the beginning of the visible period. Every event is bound to the start date. But in this case the start date isn't even displayed. So we can...

How to highlight area on Scheduler when clicked on an event

Hi everybody, There is few time I have started to use Daypilot for JS. But now I have a problem that not seems to be in "Demo" section. My goal is to highlight some area when an Event is selected. Fo...

Month problem

What if our project has many tasks throughout a couple of months. How can I show the diff tasks on the same chart although they're on different months?

How to highlight the busy days in angular2

Answered: <daypilot navigator [config]="navigatorConfig" [events]="events" [(date)]="calendarConfig.startDate"></daypilot-navigator> here [events]="events" is list of events which is used in calendar so same c...

How to get the start and end date

I am currently using the trial version of DayPilot Pro. I am displaying a default week / month view of the current week/month. I need to extract from the calendar the start and end dates it is showin...

module daypilot angular

hi ! i would add this calendar to my software but it wont add the library daypilot pro angular so i install it , i put it in systemconfig.ts : " 'daypilot-pro-angular': 'npm:daypilot-pro-angular' " b...

hideAfter property of bubble is not working

I have tried to set the hideAfter property to 8000 miliseconds, but bubble gets hide after mouseout. hideAfter property not working. please suggest Thanks

New version uses Array.prototype.find which is not supported by IE11

Answered: Hi Marc, This is a bug. It's fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2934): Thanks for reporting the issue!

two scheduler synchronization

Hello, I have two schedulers on a page. Bottom one doesn't have a timline and it's right under the first scheduler. Cells have the same width, so they look like one grid. But when I expand groups ins...

Drag and drop from one Kanban to another is often failing (no move done)

I have two kanban in a page and dragOut is enabled; allowing to drag a card from one kanban to another. When using it, it often fails (nothing happens, the card is not moved; it remains at the previo...

Can I switch column header x and y ?

Answered: Please see my answer here:

How to change first column header from time to date?

Answered: Such a view isn't supported at the moment. I recommend using the Scheduler ( The Scheduler can display days on the X axis and a hierarchy of resources on the Y ax...

hide resources name row

Answered: You can use "rowHeaderCols" property instead of "rowHeaderColumns". It's an older syntax that creates columns but doesn't generate the column headers. It holds an array with column widths: dp.rowHe...

Event overlay

When you create one-minute or two-minute events, and with two-minute intervals between events, they overlap. The configuration used is below. dp.days = 365; dp.locale = "pt-br"; dp.scale = "Day"; dp....

Bubble error on production

Hello I have updated the version as I saw on your previous answers but still have error when hovering on the scheduler cells. Its happening only on production. thanks

Typescript compile errors in daypilot-angular.min.d.ts

Answered: These errors are fixed now in build 2914. Thanks for reporting the problem!

Displaying scheduler inside of a popup

Answered: You can set the Scheduler to use full height of its parent (see to avoid duplicate vertical scrollbar. The horizontal scrollbar can be avoided usin...

DayPilot in AngularJS with webpack

Answered: After a night sleeping on the issue, found the solution. DayPilot registers the module in angular using angular.module("daypilot",[]) so in order to register one needs to use the 'daypilot' module na...

Possibility of an automated reminder

Answered: This needs to be done on the server side. DayPilot focuses on the UI and it doesn't include support for sending emails.

How to hide rows with no events

Answered: Take a look at this tutorial:
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