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Undefined Variable

Answered: The original data object is available as property (see also Most event handlers make DayPilot.Event object available as args.e, so ...

How to change the Date and time position in Daypilot calender

I want to change the Date and time position of Daypilot calender from horizontal to vertical. here is the link: Thanks

check Daypilot is open source or not?

Answered: There are two versions of DayPilot: DayPilot Lite (open-source) DayPilot Pro (commercial) This tutorial (https://code.daypil...


Answered: You can see a live demo of the Scheduler here:

Touch support for Windows devices

I am implementing DayPilot scheduler with drag and drop functionality which works fine with external mouse but when I'm trying to drag and drop my events using touch then it is not functioning as des...

Add Button to Time Header

Answered: This doesn't work because the HTML doesn't get compiled using Angular. It looks like it might be possible to support it in the future it looks like it would also add a lot of overhead (the time heade...

Delete and Menu option in angularJS Event calendar

Answered: The open-source version doesn't include any built-in UI mechanism for deleting events (compare with the options available in the Pro version - I re...

Scheduler don't read UTC date properly

Answered: The Scheduler works with an idealized timezone that is based on UTC. It mean all dates need to be supplied without the timezone specification. If you specify the timezone it will be used to convert t...

how to get Entire week total hours using daypilot scheduler

Hi I am new to Day Pilot Scheduler. I have referred this link here this link has both javascript (angularjs) and PHP for me...

External item dragging into scheduler

Hi, We have used makeDraggable function and set keepElement: true as we have to use same item multiple rows. When i dragged the same item twice and moved or resized the item.One item disappears. Plea...

fatal error

Answered: It looks like the 'ODBC' user doesn't have sufficient permissions (to access the database). See also:

DayPilot Scheduler end date set as current

Answered: Use: days: 7, instead of days: new DayPilot.Date().dayOfWeek(),

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'calendar' of null

These errors keep on coming after I delete an event

daypilot remove event using javascript event listener

Answered: The events.remove() method requires DayPilot.Event object. This is the recommended way to add a custom icon with an onclick event handler (using an active area): <div id="dp"></div> <script type="...

Infinite scroll

Hi, How does infinite scrolling work? I found a demo where the feature works but when I try to apply it to our code there are problems with the scrollTo call. It does not scroll at the desired time. ...

Scrolling for past 30 days and future 30 days

Hi, How to allow user to scroll left and right to 30 days in the past and 30 days in the future respectively in day pilot scheduler?

Event moving and dragging not working in IE

Answered: This was a bug of the last release. It's fixed now in version 8.4 SP3:

Disabling thick boarders when generating custom timeline

Answered: This is a line that is highlights places where the timeline is interrupted (a cell doesn't start at the same time where the previous cell ends). You can override the CSS manually like this (for the d...

Scheduler Event backcolor Revert back after loading

Answered: If you add events using .events.add() you don't need to call .update() to apply the change. The Scheduler will be updated automatically. Also, calling .update() in every iteration of the loop is very...

events empty

Answered: It looks like you are calling the .update() method too much. The update() is performed asynchronously a multiple simultaneous calls may disrupt the display. It's not necessary to call .update() befor...

limitations trial version?

Answered: You can use the browser console to check if there is any error in the input data. Just type: dp.resources to see the resources array. The trial version will display 71 rows without any problem. T...

External drag and drop to another grid is not working for Mobile devices

Dear colleagues, This is a rather important issue for our company. We've implemented drag and drop from one schedule grid to another. Everything works well, but not in IPad and other mobile devices. ...

resources dynamic data

Answered: There is now a new tutorial available that shows how to load resources and events in JSON format from a server-side endpoint created using ASP.NET Core:

HTML5 Doctor Appointment Scheduling (JavaScript/PHP) - Js Error on Demo

Answered: As far as I can see there is a problem with double-clicking the grid when timeRangeSelectedHandling is set to "Disabled" (the default value is "Enabled") and timeRangeSelectedDoubleClick is set to "E...

change doctors

Answered: You can simply delete the othe doctors in the database ('doctor' table).


Answered: As noted in the tutorial text, the project download includes a trial version of DayPilot Pro that displays the DEMO label. It's licensed for evaluation purposes only. If you want to use the tutorial ...

Resource Title Undefined in Scheduler

Answered: Worked out the issue, need to set the header to json reponse header('Content-Type: application/json');

New event renders twice

Answered: Right, Thanks for the help!

Override Daypilot.min.js function

Answered: In case of the ASP.NET WebForms version the client-side library is embedded in the DLL and it's inserted into the page using internal ASP.NET mechanisms. As far as I can tell it's impossible to inser...

How to leave blank area in time header when group is collapsed

Answered: I made a wrapper for daypilot and override method _getScrollableWidth. if (innerHeight > height && !autoHeight && this.reserveSpaceForScrollBar === undefined) || this.reserveSpaceForScrollBar) { scro...
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