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Resource rows not lining up with schedule rows in Chrome

Answered: It looks like some global CSS may interfere with the Scheduler CSS styles. You can try to disable the global styles temporarily to see if it is the case. Also, it looks like you are using an old vers...

interval date of events

Answered: DayPilot interprets the dates in your example as "2017-04-01T00:00:00" and "2017-04-05T00:00:00" - that should explain the default behavior. You can switch the behavior using eventEndSpec property: e...

Angular 2, cell bubbles during event move

Hi When moving an event with drag and drop our cell bubbles are shown during drag where the grab handle happens to be placed on the event, instead I would like to display a bubble with the targeted s...

How to capture mousedown on events

Answered: There is onAfterEventRender event that you can use to attach custom listeners to the event div: Example dp.onAfterEventRender = funct...

Day pilot scheduler is not showing all events in angular 2

Day pilot scheduler is not showing all events. It just display events for the visible contents. it does not show events for the days for which we need to scroll. Show it is only showing records on fi...

Angular Scheduler: setting htmlLeft from onBeforeEventRender

Answered: It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.3.2842): Let me know if the problem persists.

can't set color in cell when getDayOfWeek() == 7

Answered: DayPilot.Date.getDayOfWeek() returns 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday ... 6 for Saturday:

Performance issue when adding/deleting entity in daypilot

Answered: Please hold on - the events.add() and events.remove() optimizations are in the works. At this moment it redraws the full row because it's always safe (the added/removed event can affect row height an...

Reset "args" data in "onEventMoved"

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.3.2841): Let me know if the problem persists.

Daypilot scheduler demo version

Answered: The trial version of DayPilot Pro can only be used for evaluation purposes and can't be used in live applications. If you want to deploy it you have to purchase a license: https://javascript.daypilot...

Angular 2 scheduler loaded in a dynamic component

Hi, I'm trying to load a scheduler within a dynamic component in Angular 2 but I'm experiencing problems to get events showing in my scheduler. I'm not really sure what's going on but it could be som...

Implementing a navigator in a Resource View

Answered: The visibleStart() and visibleEnd() are guaranteed to work only for the following viewTypes: "Day" "Week" "WorkWeek" The primary purpose of these methods is to provide information on the dates that w...

how to reduce amount

Hi sir, This is valueable to codeing .but small doubt . iask to how to reduce in amount .

Kanban - args.preventDefault()

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.3.2792):


Is there any documentation on the Daypilot.Switcher? I can't find any.

Can't get showNonBusiness to work on JS

Answered: I used dayBeginsHour and dayEndsHour instead and that worked perfectly. I'm not sure if showNonBusiness is deprecated, I tried to debug the script and saw those two so I used them. So now my only pro...

Change from sqllite to MS SQL

Answered: Yes, you just need to adjust the $db variable initialization in _db.php: $db = new PDO('sqlite:daypilot.sqlite'); For MySQL you'll need to use something like this: $host = ""; $port =...

Inverse the axis

Answered: It's possible but you'd have to use the Calendar control switch to the "Resources" mode instead of the Scheduler. You can see a demo here:

DayPilot.Scheduler.resources expects an array object in 8.3.2724

Hello, I evaluated feasibility of daypilot in Angular in trial of version 1938 and now we bought licensed code. Once I copied library I started to getting error: DayPilot.Scheduler.resources expects ...

SyntaxError: Unexpected token in JSON at position 0

Answered: It is definitively related to the use of BOM, If I open the file I clearly see the [ at first position but if the file is read through fs, the BOM is not stripped and the JSON.parse fails.

dragging from external list focusing on prefer target

Answered: I worked it out using scrollTo & scrollToResource. thanks anyway

Gantt: onBeforeTaskRender cssClass not working

Answered: You need to specify the CSS class for either the row header ( or for the task box in the grid ( In the Gantt chart, doesn't exist: ...

JS Schedular - Multimove across the resources(y axis)

Answered: You can move all events if you set multiMoveVerticalMode property to "All": dp.multiMoveVerticalMode = "All"; The documentation is now updated.

typescript can't find Property 'makeDraggable'

Answered: DayPilot.Scheduler.makeDraggable() is now included in the TypeScript definitions (since

Time Range Multi-Selecting without holding ctrl.

Hello everyone, is it possible to do a multirow select without holding the ctrl button in the scheduler? I should be possible to select the startDate by clicking on one cell. Then the user should hol...

delete and/or view

hi, how do i delete/cancel the event on your program? also, how or where can i access or view it's database? 'coz i can't see it in my localhost. i'm using uwamp server. it would be great if you help...

Display selected day in Navigator

Answered: You can select a given day using .select() method: <div id="nav"></div> <script> var nav = DayPilot.Navigator("nav"); // ... nav.init();"2017-03-13'); </script> See al...

Events show less one day and endDate on TimeRageSelected gives 1 more day

Answered: This is by design. Please see this topic for more details and other options:

Leak on the splitter object in daypilot-all.debug.js

We found out that the events 'mouseup' and 'mousemove' registered in daypilot-all.debug.js line 6227 are never unregistered, causing a leak every time you zoom in/out of the component. this.registerG...

Automatically moving later events when inserting new event

Answered: This is a nice feature but it's not implemented at the moment because it would lead to bad app design (allowing inconsistencies). 1. Let's say you have scheduled one event per day for a given resourc...
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