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Feature Request For Frozen Rows

Answered: We don’t plan to add a vertical scrollbar support to the frozen rows in the Scheduler. If you want to display two independently scrolling row sections, I recommend using two Scheduler instances, like...

I Need help to use : args.areaData

Answered: When resizing the inner section, you need to adjust the args.start and args.end values in the onEventResizing event handler. This is explained in the following tutorial: JavaScript Scheduler: Warm-Up...

Continuous Events

Answered: The event can’t go forever (you need to specify start and end time) but it can be very long.

How to remove "old" header area

Answered: After changing the holiday definitions (globalHolidays), you need to call the update() method to refresh the Scheduler. This will generate a new time header (using onBeforeTimeHeaderRender). Also, ma...

daypilot-lite-angular allowEventOverlap=false

Answered: Unfortunately, the real-time event overlap protection is not supported in the Lite version at the moment. It is only available in the Pro version (see also the feature matrix). However, you can check...

Unavailable cells not working properly

Answered: If you want to disable Scheduler cells for drag and drop operations, it is necessary to mark them as disabled in the onBeforeCellRender event handler. The unavailable property of resources is not a s...

Scale={"Manual"} with 30 minutes cells

Answered: To display time cells with custom duration defined in minutes, you need to set the scale property to "CellDuration": scale={"Manual"} cellDuration={30] Another option would be to use scale={"Manual"...

select form with remote search

Answered: oeps i see you can change it to type: "searchable", so that works :-)

Setting the 'links' via the Direct API does not work

Answered: Hi, Nothing related to that. [webpack-dev-server] Server started: Hot Module Replacement disabled, Live Reloading enabled, Progress disabled, Overlay enabled. core.mjs:26656 Angular is running in de...

I need only snap to grid animation.

I don’t want my data to be altered, so i want to be able to free move my event but when released or resized, acting like snap to grid was true. What can i do?

How to create a full width menu under column header.

Answered: There is no easy way to do this. You can try detecting the cell dimensions using the internal dp.nav.main property which stores the DOM parent of grid cells.

The EventData does not allow reference to parent object (fails with 'Converting circular structure to JSON')

Answered: The JSON serialization is necessary for Angular change detection. Circular references would also prevent any other change detection mechanism based on event comparison from working. To avoid this iss...

Daypilot React- Make left click work the same as right click

Answered: The time range selection always stays active, until you call clearSelection() or update the calendar. You might want to check your onTimeRangeSelect/onTimeRangeSelected handlers.

Daypilot React Scheduler - Row Header Customization with multiple columns

Answered: Unfortunately, custom React components in multiple row header columns are not supported at the moment. Until it is available, you can try using row header active areas to show the icons.

How to get a bubble on the time column headers in the scheduler.

Answered: You can show the bubble using a time header active area: onBeforeTimeHeaderRender: args => { const header = args.header; args.header.areas = [ { left: 0, ...

Removing all tasks from a gantt chart without disposing of it

Answered: When you need to load a new task set in the Gantt chart, the best way is to replace the tasks with a new array: const tasks = [ /* ... */ ]; dp.update({tasks}); There is no need to clear the events ...

How to prevent even dragging and resize on selected events

Answered: Drag and drop In the Lite (open-source) version, you can only enable/disable drag and drop for all calendar events using eventMoveHandling and eventResizeHandling. In the Pro version, you can disable...

Separator on TimeHeaders

Answered: You might need to check the value of startOfMonth. Please make sure that it contains correct dates. My guess is that the values don’t correspond to the current view when the separators are not visibl...

Scheduler businessEndsHour later than 24

Answered: The Scheduler has built-in support for quick specification of business hours using businessBeginsHour and businessEndsHour but businessBeginsHour needs to be smaller than businessEndsHour. For more c...

newResourceId is undefined on event resize

Answered: There is no args.newResource available in onEventResize as the resource doesn’t change during resizing. You can access the event resource ID using args.e.resource().

Put a Swap button on the context menu

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial: JavaScript Scheduler: Swap Events using Context Menu

Backend events are not loaded in the resource calender

Answered: Thanks for the update! The problem is the type of events.resource_id database field. It is incorrectly set to varchar instead of integer. Older versions of PHP/PDO converted integer values to string ...

Highlighting multiple dates in scheduler

Answered: You are overwriting the onBeforeCellRender event handler several times and only the last value is used. You need to check the dates against the list of highlighted days inside onBeforeCellRender. Thi...

How to collapse tasks based on field from database

Answered: In onBeforeTaskRender, it is only possible to access the raw data object ( The DayPilot.Task object is not available yet. To collapse the rows, you can set the prop...

DayPilot React: When Event is moved I wanna ask a question if they are sure they wanna move it

Answered: Yes, you can find an example in the documentation for event moving: onEventMove: async (args) => { args.async = true; const modal = await DayPilot.Modal.confirm("Do you really want to move this...

Api Key

Answered: Can you please contact

Scheduler: Mac users can't scroll when hovering resources

Answered: Thanks for the update. All browser on a Mac use the same rendering/JS engine (from Safari). The problem with old MacOS versions is that Safari stops getting updates at some point - that means on an o...

SnapToGrid: false destroys Time Range Selection.

Answered: It’s in the queue, please hold on!

scrollToResource is buggy.

Answered: The scrollToResource() method is quite simple (it sets the scrollTop style to the appropriate value) but it is executed asynchronously, after a delay of 100ms. It’s good to take this into account. I ...

Gantt chart

gantt chart attech in c#?
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