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adding columns

hi, I want to add columns dynamically to the scheduler (like adding events). How can I do that ?

Multiple Events in single Cell in one Line for Scheduler

Answered: Please take a look at this option: Let me know if this is not what you are looking for.

Multirange selecting in react disapears when you set the state of the component

In react when you change a component state it will refresh the render. Normally you pass the state to the childcomponents but I can't find the correct method to do so for multi time range selecting. ...

Scheduler drag and scroll

Hi Daypilot, Currently only can click on the scrollbar below or enable the autoscroll= always Can it be click on the scheduler anywhere and drag to scroll the scheduler horizontally? This will be mor...

Horiyontal scroll

Is it possible to get vertical scrollbar, when there are many resources to be displayed?

Set Text in Resource 2nd Columns

How we can set description/text on resource's second column on a button click. I understand on onBeforeResHeaderRender event, I can set description on second column but need to set dynamically. Below...

Scheduler Timeheader Date text 90 degree rotation

Answered: You can rotate the text using CSS:

Angular show() not working

Answered: In order to access the component using "this" you need to use the arrow function notation: reSizeScheduler = () => {; } See also: https://www.typescriptlan...

ivy - SchedulerModule angular 8

Hi, I'm trying to compile the SchedulerModule with ivy, but i still get the following error: ERROR in node_modules/daypilot-pro-angular/daypilot-angular.min.d.ts:1593:22 - error TS-996002: Appears in...

Vue.js: export and download scheduler as svg

Answered: If you follow this tutorial: you will be able to access the DayPilot.Scheduler object as "this.scheduler". ...

Upload file on creating new event

Answered: You can see that the form submission is intercepted and sent using a special $.post() request: $("#f").submit(function () { var f = $("#f"); $.post(f.attr("action"), f.serialize(), functi...

Scheduler durationbarvisible false not auto adjust event height

Answered: The durationBarVisible property doesn't affect the event height - you can test it by running dp.update({durationBarVisible:false}); in the browser console at

performance index

Answered: You should take a look at the hints provided by the audit tool. The audit breakdown has much higher value than the index itself. You will see what affects the performance of your page and can evaluat...

Scheduler endDate property

Answered: You can calculate the number of days between two days like this: var days = new DayPilot.Duration("2020-01-01", "2020-01-05").days(); See also: ht...

(IMP) Doesnot display exact time of the event in Calendar UI

Answered: By default, the calendar component aligns the events with the grid cells and displays a duration bar to indicate the real duration. In the Pro version, you can change this behavior as described here:...

Scheduler export with html tags

Answered: If you define the content using active areas you will get better support during the export and you will be able to include images. See an example here:

How to hide two additional columns in gantt Chart

Answered: This can't be done using the built-in icon but you can implement your own logic and change the columns array ( as needed. After calling update() the c...

Updating the Navigator with External call to event data

Answered: The Navigator doesn't support events.load() at the moment but you can load the events using update(): var data = [ ... ] ; nav.update({events: data}); Usually you'll want to reuse the calendar d...

How can I fetch value of new column from database and display it on the calendar?

Answered: You can use onBeforeEventRender event handler to modify the event HTML ( using the staff column ( You can also m...

Scheduler Event Link

Answered: It's not possible to change the link position but you can use custom link styles (colors, etc.). Also, the full link will be highlighted on hover so you'll be able to see it in full.

Angular Scheduler TimeHeader Display Week Wording

Answered: You can override the text in the time header using onBeforeTimeHeaderRender event handler:

When someone clicks on active area, how do I stop the default event from firing?

Answered: That did not do what I was looking for, however, I looked at the docs at the link you sent and adding the following code to the area onClick works: args.originalEvent.preventDefault(); args.originalE...

Angular 8 Scheduler Error: The placeholder element not found when refresh

Answered: Please see more here:

Adding, deleting events does not change the Navigator highlighting

Answered: The navigator can be refreshed by calling update(): If the Navigator doesn't share the data array (

Show current text when Inline Event Editing

Answered: The text area will use the "text" value of the event data object. If you only use "html" to set the event content you'll also need to add "text" property to the data object. See also:

How to Hide Daypilot Gantt Chart none business hours

Answered: You can create your own timeline using "timeline" property (set scale to "Manual"). Or you can use the showNonBusiness property of the underlying "scheduler" object of the DayPilot.Gantt class.

Properties not functioning in add event

Answered: I've tested it by adding this to the main scheduler demo page ( and it seems to work fine: dp.onTimeRangeSelected = function (args) { dp...

Calendar - Make delete icon stay on event

Answered: If you disable the built-in delete icon using eventDeleteHandling="Disabled" you will be able to add a custom icon using active areas. See also an example in the docs (

Adding a new event with client-side immediate update

Answered: After you create the new event in newcalevent.php, you need to send the event details (including the id) back to the main page using DayPilot.Modal.close(): var eventdata = { id: ..., start: ...

IE Error when clicking on/resizing an event using Warmup/Cool down Areas

Answered: This is a DayPilot bug. It has been fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.4.4159): Please let me know if the problem persists.
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