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How to change the backColor of the timeRangeSelection while timeRangeSelecting event

Asked by Boubaker CHIHI
14 days ago.

I would like to have control on the cells belonging to the timeRangeSelection while timeRangeSelecting event !..
The goal is to change the backColor if neede, for example if the resource is out of servcie (hotel room).

Many thanks in advance.

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
14 days ago.

You can use the direct cells API, e.g.

Just a note - you need to remember the changes made to the cells and redo them when it's finished.

Comment posted by Boubaker CHIHI
13 days ago.

It works but affects only the first cell !

I need it like i see when the selection overlaps an event and then the backColor becames red !


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