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Javascript (Gantt Chart)

Answered: The full list of properties that can be specified in the source data object or in onBeforeTaskRender can be found here:

Backcolor's make event text un-readable

Answered: The backColor property will accept all color formats defined in the CSS spec (it's translated to an inline "background" style): To specify...

How can i use angular 6 day-pilot in mobile?

Answered: The components will work on mobile devices as well. 1. You may want to make some dimension adjustments (like the row header width in the Scheduler) depending on the device width. 2. You'll also need ...

Angular Daypilot Scheduler ngOnDestroy

Answered: The message appears if you deploy the trial version. The trial version can only be used for evaluation and this message is a reminder that you need to purchase a license: https://javascript.daypilot....

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript > Installation

Answered: Hi Rafael, Yes, exactly. You just need to replace daypilot-all.min.js with the one from the licensed version.

remove demo

Answered: You'll need to purchase a license: The tutorial includes a trial version of DayPilot Pro.

How to add cssClass property per rowHeaderColumn in Tabular mode

Answered: Ok, I played a few hours, looked at the new resource object in tabular mode and came to the following solution. Note that I removed the 'display' attribute, to make sure DayPilot looks at the columns...

Export Scheduler Data

Answered: The best way to export the data is to use the events.list property: The Scheduler updates this array with all changes made using the UI (event...

How to add more fields when creating events

Answered: You can use DayPilot.Modal to display a custom page. This approach requires that this page interacts with the server directly. You can find an example in the following tutorial: https://code.daypilot...

Calendar Resources Header width

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not supported at the moment. As you mentioned, it's possible to use fixed column width but it applies to all columns.

Set Display to a Business Year in Scheduler

Answered: Yes, this is possible. You need to modify the row total calculation logic so that it only includes the selected events. The Annual leave tutorial (

When is the control ready to use?

Answered: The scheduler.control value is accessible since ngAfterViewInit.

How to Disable Weekend Cells

Answered: You can disable selected cells using BeforeCellRender event. Please see more here:


Answered: By default, the results of onBeforeCellRender are cached until the next update() call. You can disable the cache using beforeCellRenderCaching property. See also:

Scheduler AutoScroll detect autoscroll event

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not supported at the moment.

Context menu

Answered: You can't display a dropdown but you can modify the menu items (e.g. change the icon) on the fly using onShow() event handler:

Area selection

Answered: 1. Active areas that specify the "action" property will not let the mouse click event bubble to the underlying event and the event click action won't be fired. You'll need to leave the "action" value...

Doesn't show all events on live server

Answered: I recommend using the browser developer tools (Network tab) to check what is being loaded and at what point. The loading logic may not be correct. The development environment usually has much lower n...

Daypilot Day view but without the time - possible?

Answered: If you want to display one week, you can use the Month view and use the Weeks view: <DayPilot:DayPilotMonth ID="DayPilotMonth1" runat="server" ... ViewType="Weeks" Weeks="1" /...

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript

Answered: The use of the trial version is limited to evaluation purposes and to 60 days. See also the trial license agreement:

Column header click event

Answered: There is now a new onBeforeRowHeaderColumnRender event available in the latest sandbox build (2020.1.4266): You can use it to add custom active areas to show ...

Event on tals collapse/expand?

Hello, How do I fire an function when an user collapses or expands a row of the Gantt? I am using the angular version.

Trial MVC pro will not run at all

Answered: The demo project in the download packages uses MVC4 which needs to be installed globally using this link: See also: https://mvc.daypilot...

Resources names are not displayed

Answered: The "name" property, as well as "id" must be in lower case. See also: Please note that this is not the free Lite version but a trial version of ...

How to use daypilot pro javascript OEM license

Answered: Could you please contact and include your order number?

Scheduler Event Phases

Answered: The event phases are displayed using active areas ( Active areas are rectangles inserted into events. The can be positioned using css-like left...

How to prevent the changed between dates when we implemented Rowfilter and Scrolling.

Answered: When infinite scrolling is enabled, it is necessary to be careful when changing the Scheduler timeline parameters (scale, cellWidth, startDate and especially days). The infinite scrolling feature shi...

How to populate second RowHeader from database

Answered: You can set the column data source using "display" property of the rowHeaderColumns[] array items: This requires DayPilot Pro for JavaScript version 2019.4.4073 or later (with the tabular mode suppor...

height of scroll field

Answered: If you are using heightSpec="Parent100Pct" you'll need to call the show() method to fix the height based on the new parent element height:

ERROR Error: DayPilot.Scheduler: The placeholder element not found: 'dp_158159830263098078'.

Answered: You can use *ngIf on the <daypilot-scheduler> element: <daypilot-scheduler [config]="config" [events]="events" #scheduler *ngIf="visible"></daypilot-scheduler> You can also create the component d...
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