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Scheduler - How to center multiple active areas horizontally in row header column

Answered: Unfortunately, it's not possible to center a variable number of active areas horizontally. The width is not adjusted because active areas are displayed in a separate layer which is not part of the ro...

DayPilot.Modal Form

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.

Scheduler - onTimeRangeRightClick not fired on frozen rows

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.5471):

Show event bubble in Queue?

Answered: Event bubbles are now supported in the Queue component in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.5467): You can use the standard API:

Use keyboard with daypilot angular

Answered: The Scheduler attaches "keyup" and "keydown" event handlers to the document element if you enable keyboard support using "keyboardEnabled: true". It uses the document object as the event target (you ...

How to change text in active area.

Answered: It is not possible to change the text of an existing active area using the Scheduler API. The Scheduler is built on a "refresh" model - you need to update the state first and then request an update t...

Scheduler - Is it possible to show whole days, although cell duration is half-day

Answered: You can use onBeforeGridLineRender to hide selected grid lines in the Scheduler: You can also use a different approach - set scale ...

Start drag and drop programatically (Scheduler)

Answered: That is not possible but you can activate any element to be draggable to the Scheduler using DayPilot.Scheduler.makeDraggable():

Scheduler - Changing the margin for certain events

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not supported at the moment. You can change it using CSS by overriding (increasing) the left/right/top/bottom properties of the inner div (marked with "scheduler_default_event_...

Confirm pop up on calendar

Answered: The onValidate event handler can't be asynchronous. Every change of "args" made after the "await" call in validateDateRequired() method will be ignored. If there are values which you allow but requir...

Gantt Chart - the html(img) is not rendering on the gantt view.

Answered: I recommend checking the DOM element using browser developer tools. If you see a broken image icon, the image path may be incorrect.

Scheduler - How to use linear-gradient() in event's backColor property

Answered: You can set the gradient using the "backColor" property. See also: This example uses DayPilot.ColorUtil.lighter() and DayPilot.ColorUtil.darker() helpers...

Conditional drags crashes scheduler

Answered: There are a couple of issues with this example: 1. If you set args.async = true, you must call args.loaded() in every code path. Otherwise the dragging operation will remain active. The first "if" bl...

Scheduler - How to show bubble for active area

Answered: This seems to be fine and a static version of your sample works well in my tests: = [ { id: DayPilot.guid(), text: '', resource: "frozen1", s...

Scheduler - How to get current cell width when cellWidthSpec is set to "Auto"

Answered: The calculated value is stored in cellWidth:

Scheduler - How to position event's areas to lower right corner

Answered: You can do it like this: { visibility: "Visible", bottom: 0, right: 0, width: 0, height: 0, style: "border-bottom: 6px solid #006600; border-left: 6px solid transparent;" }

Events with rounded corners (border-radius)

Answered: It is not possible to set border-radius using a special property at the moment. However, you can can use cssClass to set multiple classes (separated by space).

Floating event feature is not working

Answered: I recommend using the browser devtools to check the DOM structure. If an event is partially hidden (outside of the current viewport), the Scheduler adds a special <div> element with "scheduler_defaul...

Customize time blocks on Weekly Calendar

Answered: At this moment, the Calendar component uses fixed time blocks but it is possible to use a workaround and map the block number to the hour/minute part of the start/end time. This approach is used in t...

multiple event

Answered: This is not supported in the Calendar component at the moment but you can take a look at the Scheduler component which can group concurrent events automatically:

Multiple event show +1

Answered: > If we have multiple event can we show +2 or +3 etc Please see my answer here: > in weekly can we change date format You can change the calen...

Search task in Gantt Chart View.

Answered: Task filtering is now available in the latest sandbox build (since version 2022.4.5449):

Can't Write Input Using DayPilot.Modal.prompt

Answered: It depends on what "will not work" means - the field is read-only, can't be focused, you can't type in the field, the new value is not available in modal.result? I recommend inspecting the <input> el...

Is database connectivity available in Demo version

Answered: Yes, the database connectivity is available in the trial version as well. Please take a look at the ASP.NET Scheduler tutorial which shows how to use DayPilot with SQL Server: https://code.daypilot.o...

Daypilot Scheduler in ipad (Safari browser)

Answered: Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Which version of Safari, iOS and DayPilot do you use? Safari and Chrome use the same engine on iOS and they should behave exactly the same.

How can I improve data load in vue js

Answered: All main components (Calendar, Month, Scheduler) provide visibleStart() and visibleEnd() methods that you can use to get the start and end of the current date segment (calculated from startDate/days)...

how to apply css (font-weight) for cell?

Answered: The Scheduler cells are marked with "scheduler_default_cell" CSS class (when using the default theme): .scheduler_default_cell { font-weight: bold; } See also:

Trigger collapseAll and expandAll on clicking header

Answered: You can add the icon using an active area which lets you specify an onClick handler. Active areas are supported in time headers, row headers, events, and cells. Here you can find an example of a row ...

I need to add an event listener on collapse name.

Answered: Adding event listeners to Scheduler elements using global selectors is not a supported scenario. The Scheduler needs to update individual elements as needed. Instead, use the provided render event ha...

How to prevent event move

Answered: You can use onEventMoving event handler to customize the Scheduler drag and drop event moving in real time:
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