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How-To get resource by mouse position

HI; I want to get the resource depending on mouse position (Y position) !.. Thank you

I cannot load the events when I put if(IsPostBack)

If I set the condition of IsPostBack, then the dayPIlot control doesn't load anything! I'm writing the same logic that comes in the trial. DayPilot 2018.43692 First assign in the load the start dates...

How can we detect if the start or end of an event was changed?

Answered: Hi Jens, The e.part object is an internal structure that shouldn't be used for calculations. The e.part.start/end properties hold start/end for rendering purposes only - it won't always correspond to...


Answered: Hi Otto, The groupBy: "Cell" option sets the time header cell width to match grid cells. If you want to increase the grid cell width you can use "cellWidth" property:

dp.width = "100%";

Answered: By default, the Scheduler is rendered inside a div (the placeholder div which you specify using the id parameter of the constructor) which fills the available width (display: block). What you see mig...

ScrollTo Problem

Answered: This is my fix: jquery('.scheduler_default_scrollable').animate({ scrollLeft: jquery('.scheduler_default_separator').offset().left/2-100 }, 1000); Thanks!

Hide +/- boxes

Answered: You can hide the icons using treeImageWidth and treeImageHeight properties: dp.treeImageWidth = 0; dp.treeImageHeight = 0; See also: ...

Scheduler using parent100pct not working properly.

Answered: When using HeightSpec="Parent100Pct", it's necessary to set the parent height explicitly so the Scheduler can fill it. This can be done by setting its "height" CSS style or using "position:absolute" ...

a different row and event height

Answered: Yes, please see the following docs page:

cellHighlighting - after event painting

Answered: The time range selection shadow (selection indicator) is always rendered in the layer below events. To make sure it's visible you can specify rowMarginBottom to add some extra space at the bottom of ...


Answered: Hello, I found a solution here in the forum and helpfiles. Thank you and best regards, Otto dp.onBeforeEventRender = function(args) { if ( && === "important...

changes with mouse click

Answered: There is an onEventClick event handler which you can use to call a server-side endpoint using AJAX (to make the change persistent). You can also change the event color using

Wrap text in DayPilot Weekly Scheduler

Answered: The text wrapping is disabled by default - you can enable it using this property:

timeline assign date

Answered: Hi Otto, You can create DayPilot.Date object from an ISO string using a constructor: var date = new DayPilot.Date("2019-05-04T12:00:00"); // "2019-05-04 12:00:00" works as well See also: https:/...

Edit resource name with JavaScript

Hello. I‘ve seen, that it is possible to change the name of a resource/row inline. Is it also possible to do this outside of Daypilot with an external formular? Since now I didn’t found a way to do t...

login to scheduler

Hello, is there a sample how to handle user login/logout for the scheduler users. Thank you in advance Otto

HTML5 Hotel Room Booking (JavaScript/PHP) bubble

Answered: The bubble text/HTML needs to be specified using "bubbleHtml" property of the event data object: If the "bubbleHtml" property is not part of the serve...

Show resource unavailability based on time-range not on cells

Answered: It's possible to implement custom rules using onEventMoving, onEventResizing and onTimeRangeSelecting events:

Request your support on day pilot challenges in implementation.

Answered: > 1) Horizontal line only visible in the scheduler control You can customize the CSS theme generated using the theme designer ( and clear the style for the vertical line e...

How to visible false Day pilotgrid line

Answered: The grid lines are specified using the CSS theme, using "*_matrix_horizontal_line" and "*_matrix_vertical_line" CSS classes. Please see also:

How to remove the entire left side?

Answered: I just set it to 0 Thanks

BeforeCellRenderer fired only on Startup

I am using the BeforeCellRenderer event to modify certain cell's background color via DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.BeforeCellRenderEventArgs which works as expected. the problem as soon as an event updates...

Edit Event does not fire in Chrome unless DevTools is started

Answered: Fortunately, I found a workaround by using these JS events: dpc.onEventMove = function (e, newStart, newEnd) { eventChange(e, newStart, newEnd); }; dpc.onEventResize = function (e, newStart, newEnd) ...

Event for resource column click?

Answered: Just found out about:

DayPilot Gantt - Export Client-Side

Answered: Hi Andrea, Gantt client-side export is in the works - it will be available in the near future.

How use Daypilot on Laravel

I have project for work orders on laravel I like to use scheduler of daypilot. But lmodal.showUrl and loadResources() did not work. How I can use. Please let me know samples.

Display Totals On Rows and Columns

Answered: Hi Aliaa, Sorry for the delay. There are actually two event handlers that let you customize the row headers: 1. The onBeforeResHeaderRender is a legacy event which is only fired when the rows are loa...


Answered: In PHP, you can modify the backend scripts (backend_events.php, backend_create.php) to work with your database. The DB connection properties can be found in _db.php. The MVC version defines the data ...

Increase the height of the DayPilot Calendar control to fit its parent dynamically

Answered: Please see the following tutorial for a working example (Scheduler with heightSpec set to "Parent100Pct"):

Right-click range select, on button release

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2018.4.3470):
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