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Resource label vertical alignment on concurrent event

I would like to keep resource label be vertically middle aligned respect the visible area when concurrent grouped events are expanded, for instance in the attached image the "Ass.Waiter" resource lab...

How to get resource name instead of ID

Answered: You can get the row object (DayPilot.Row) using rows.find(): dp.onEventMove = function(args) { var row = dp.rows.find(args.newResource); // ... }; It's also possible to use onEventMoving i...

Add/edit events with in-place editor

Hi I would like to use the DayPilot scheduler as time report board. When the user clicks on a cell in the scheduler, an in-place editor like a number box or a drop down list will be shown, where he c...

ScrollToResourse() in dynamic event rendering

Answered: It looks like the onAfterRender event handler wasn't fired properly if args.clearEvents was set to true in onScroll (and that is the default value). It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build...

Daypilot Scheduler - Bubble shown on different page

Answered: There is a static DayPilot.Bubble.hide() method that will hide the current bubble immediately:

Event counter per day

Hello, I'm building a scheduler with 3 different possible events for each resource and I would like to get the number of these events for all the resources per day. Do you think there is a solution? ...

Change color on header click

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial:

findByPixels returns cell with incorrect date

Answered: And what's the use case? The purpose of onGridMouseDown is to modify the click + shift/ctrl/meta behavior before the actual events are fired, not to handle clicks on events and cells. Normally you wo...

Why after deploying in iis, IE11 doesn't show calendar?

Answered: Sometimes, the intranet site is configured (by group policy or in IE settings) to use IE compatibility mode which is not supported by DayPilot. This is the most common problem of different behavior w...

Hotel Room Booking Tutorial with infinite scrolling

Answered: The infinite scrolling is only supported for timelines generated automatically (scale !== "Manual"). However, it's possible to adjust the generated time cells using onIncludeTimeCell to achieve the s...

onScroll infinite loop

Answered: Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the problem with args.clearEvents = true. Which version of DayPilot do you use? In Angular, it's necessary to avoid changes to the watched objects ([config] a...

Rowheader columns background-color

Answered: You can set the background color for the whole row header using e.BackgroundColor in BeforeResHeaderRender: protected void DayPilotScheduler1_BeforeResHeaderRender(object sender, DayPilot.Web.Ui.Ev...

infinity horizontal scroll

Answered: It seems i was to early with my post. i came across this documentation. Going to try this out first.

Popup menu (contextmenu) behind modal

Answered: You can set the z-index of both components using zIndex property:

Answered: You can access the original data object like this: var data = events[0].data;

Alert() Replacement in TypeScript, Angular.

Answered: Please see the following tutorial:


Answered: The onBeforeCellRender implementation must be very fast because it's called for every cell in the grid during scrolling. I recommend reading all cell data in advance and storing it on the client side...

How to change start time?

Answered: In the Pro version, this can be set using dayBeginsHour and dayEndsHour properties. See also:

How to change bar color?

Answered: The right property name is "barColor". Here is a full list of event object properties: There is also an example that shows how to change the duration bar...

full display for Calendar

Answered: In the JavaScript version, all member names follow the camel case convention. You need to use "heightSpec":

In tutorial app is referenced

Answered: It's the Vue app: var app = new Vue({ el: '#scheduler-app', data: { } }); It was missing in the previous code samples - the tutorial is updated now.

Change the amount of days on screen, scroll through entire year

Answered: Yes, you'd have to calculate the cellWidth based on the viewport size. Something like this: cellWidth: function(args) { var days =; return Math.floor(dp.nav.scroll.clientWid...

New Event with dropdown values as name

On the creation of a new event, instead of typing name, get possible values from a query to a mysql. Getting a dropdown menu to select the name of the event.

can we assign value to parent control in DayPilotScheduler1_BeforeCellRender(object sender, DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.BeforeCellRenderEventArgs e)

Answered: Yes, you can use BeforeCellRender to set the content of every grid cell. See also:

New Event from a list of pre define events

Answered: I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but if you have existing unscheduled events/tasks that need to be scheduled you can use external drag and drop to move them to a specific time slot in...

Custom multiple parent control value

Answered: You can set the content of the grid cells using BeforeCellRender (see also You can also add spe...

Displaying Group Availability of child element in parent control in webforms

Answered: This is possible but you'll need to calculate the values yourself because there is no API to get a list of events for the specified time range in the ASP.NET WebForms version.

Show Duration of External Drag and Drop Event

Answered: This example uses the generic HTML5 drag and drop API and that doesn't allow reading the source object properties until drop. So unfortunately, this is not possible. If you use the built-in external ...

Sticky Time Header on Javascript Scheduler

Answered: You need to use heightSpec value other than "Auto": That will enable a vertical scrollbar and the time header will remain fixed. It's a good idea to design ...

how to delete link

Answered: You can delete a link using the api: Users can delete a link using a context menu:
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