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how i can change the slots to be 15 min replace of 60 min ?

Answered: You'll need to change the "SlotDurationMinutes" value in the Timeline class. using Project.Models; namespace Project.Service { public class Timeline { public static int Slo...

How to disable cells in monthly calendar

Answered: Since version 2022.2.5287 (now available in the sandbox), you can disable selected cells using onBeforeCellRender event handler:

Scheduler - Add text at the bottom of a day

Answered: Yes, you can add it using onBeforeCellRender. Try something like this: onBeforeCellRender: args => { args.cell.areas = [ { left: 0, right: 0, bottom: 0, text: "...

Scheduler - How to show tooltip on hover over active area

Answered: This syntax is correct and it seems to work fine. However, the screenshot doesn't correspond to the sample code - "left: 0, right: 0, top: 0, bottom: 0" will fill the whole cell. So you might want to...

Where do the args of the onBeforeTimeHeaderRender method come from?

Hi everyone, I'm working on a project that loads events dynamically, also using the onScroll method. In addition to this there is a zoom that allows, depending on the selected level, to view the peri...

Loading events from multiple sources (onto Scheduler)

Answered: You need to make two requests manually and merge the results into a single array. The following example uses two parallel requests, waits until both return a result and update the Scheduler: const ...

How to add bubble to event group?

Answered: You can enable a bubble for event groups using the groupBubble property: There are two ways to specify the bubble content: 1. You can use onBe...

How to select a date range dynamically and highlight it?

Answered: To set the initial date selection, please use the select() method in ngAfterViewInit(): When you add the selectionStart, selectionEnd properties to...

Is it possible to use the onRowCreate method in each resources group with childrens to add new rows dynamically?

Answered: At this moment, it's only possible to use the "new row" feature to add rows to the top level. In order to add children, you can use a context menu as demonstrated in this tutorial: https://code.daypi...

how to prevent the daypilot modal from closing when clicked outside?

Answered: You can do it using onClose event handler: onClose: args => { if (args.backgroundClick) { args.preventDefault(); } }

Force resource column of two schedulers on the same page to have the same width

Answered: You'll need to turn off the "row header width auto-fit" feature (it adjusts the column width dynamically based on content):

React component inside cells

Answered: It's in the works - it will be possible to add custom React components to cells in the upcoming release.

How can I make scheduler scrollable in mobile?

Answered: I made a few changes and Now it's working fine.

Start rectangle selection on event

Answered: At this moment, this is not supported. The mousedown on event will trigger event moving, unless you hold the Shift key.

How can I display shorten name of the Week?

Answered: The timeHeaders property is only applicable to the Scheduler component. In the Calendar component, you can change the date format using headerDateFormat property:

Can't use scheduler with daypilot lite javascript

Answered: Unfortunately, the Scheduler component is not included in DayPilot Lite for JavaScript. See also the feature matrix here:

Group concurrent events first state

Answered: There is no way to control the initial state of the automatic event groups, beyond setting the minimum number of overlapping events that form a group (using groupConcurrentEventsLimit property). If y...

Adding values of events than counting in Group Availability

Answered: This example will calculate a sum of values stored in a specified event field ("val"): onBeforeCellRender: (args) => { if (args.cell.isParent) { const field = "val"; const children =...

Refresh Gantt command

Answered: The Modal.Close() method uses a workaround to return the control back to the client side. Older versions may not work well - please make sure that you use the latest version of the ASP.NET WebForms h...

Re-Calculate Totals row when a row is deleted

Answered: The cells in rows marked with "cellsAutoUpdated: true" will be updated on every change, including a row removal. You might want to review and update the calculation logic. The tutorial (https://code....


Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial - it shows how to load calendar events from a database:

custom resource field

Answered: You'll need to transform your data set to match the data structure required by the Scheduler. It displays the name specified by the "name" property:

How to force Event to new row

Answered: Yes, please take a look at the following tutorial:

Daypilot Event phases with custom bubbleHtml

Answered: 1. Yes, the active areas are rendered on top of the event and it covers the text. The solution here would be to render the text in a special active area that is rendered last (they are rendered in th...

How to align text centered in daypilot event?

Answered: The event content div (*_event_inner) uses "display: flex" which prevents "text-align: center" from working. You will need to use "justify-content: center;" instead. It has to be set on the inner div...

Automatically collapse child tasks

Answered: By default, the state of all Gantt chart groups is set to "expanded". You can keep the children collapsed by setting Expanded = false when loading tasks.

Vue - Accessing calendar functions

Answered: It looks like you are using the open-source Lite version which includes only a subset of features. The scrollToHour() and message() methods are only available in the Pro version at the moment. See al...

Gantt chart not showing

Answered: I recommend checking the HTTP requests using the browser developers tools, Network tab. You will see which requests fail and the responses will include an error message which may provide a hint. Most...

Scheduler: How to disable rowheadercolumn resizing?

Answered: This is a divider between row headers and the main Scheduler grid. At this moment, it is always resizable when you enable row header scrolling:

How to let the grid occupy the white empty space a the bottom

Answered: You can set custom row height using minHeight property ( However, it doesn't calculate the value automatically. In order to avoid the white spa...
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