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How to export Gantt chart view in png/svg/pdf in 2022.4.5483 version.

Answered: The latest release now supports export customization events in the Gantt Chart component as well ( You can use onBeforeRowHea...

Cannot read properties of null (reading 'dontFocus')

Answered: It looks like you are passing "null" as the "options" argument. Try removing it or use an empty object - "{}". This problem should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2023.1.5527).

How to customize title when using print()?

Answered: The print() method uses the title of the current page when printing. You can temporarily override the title like this: const oldTitle = document.title; document.title = "My Scheduler"; dp.exportA...

args.loaded is not a function

Answered: In version 2023.1.5508, asynchronous processing of onEventDelete is not supported. It is now available in the latest sandbox build (2023.1.5525+). See also:

Does Gantt have a dispose() method?

Answered: There is a special React package that defines a <DayPilotGantt> React component which you can use in your JSX instead of creating the instance manually using a placeholder and init() method. To see h...

How to set the start of the week as monday

Answered: The Gantt Chart component uses the "locale" property to determine the first day of week: You can use one of the built-in locales or create your own. Se...

How to export Gantt view in png/svg/pdf

Answered: Please see my comments here:

Gantt-Chart: Dotted line for current date

Answered: You can add a separator to the Gantt chart to highlight the current date/time: The separators are marked with "gantt_default_separator" CSS class - you can ...

Make editable cell in rowHeaderColumn when double click

Answered: The Scheduler supports inline editing of the row header. However, you can only edit the first row header column at the moment:

NPM javascript throws error "Uncaught ReferenceError: module is not defined"

Answered: The JavaScript NPM package (daypilot-pro-javascript) defines a CommonJS module which can't be used directly in the browser. The purpose is to allow using DayPilot in a Node project. In the browser, y...

Scheduler - How to add active areas to cells

Answered: 1. You can make space for the active areas at the bottom using the "rowMarginBottom" property : 2. If you use the full crosshair mode the ...

Gantt - How to automatically move task2 start when task1 resized or moved

Answered: Unfortunately, there is no built-in support for automatic moving of the linked events at the moment. You would have to detect which tasks need to be moved and update them in onEventMoved event handle...

MaxEvents for scheduler is possible?

Answered: This option is now available in the Scheduler (since version 2023.1.5515). You can specify a maximum number of lines for each row using the new "maxLines" property. For an example, please see the fol...

Scheduler - How set the same margin between events and between events and cell borders

Answered: There are two options: 1. You can use "eventMarginLeft" and/or "eventMarginRight" properties:

Scheduler - How to programmatically fire onBeforeCellRender for certain resources

Answered: You can either update the full scheduler using update(): Or you can update a row using rows.update():

How do I modify a database?

Answered: You can take a look at this tutorial: It is for Angular, but it shows how to add a context menu to the row headers with additiona...

Scheduler - Restore default behaviour in onTimeRangeSelecting when snap to grid is disabled

Answered: You will find an example of a custom snap-to-grid implementation in this tutorial: It is necessary to round/floor the date...

modal.form html inputs

Answered: This is not a typical scenario but you can use the onClose event handler to query the content before it is removed from DOM:

VueJS, DayPilotCalendar, resource view

Answered: In the Lite (open-source) version this is not possible at the moment but in the Pro version you can customize the calendar column headers using "onBeforeHeaderRender" event handler: https://doc.daypi...

Any Option for Max-Width for the columns or Resizable height

Answered: In the latest sandbox build (2022.4.5479), there is now a new property (maxAutoWidth) added to the rowHeaderColumns array items that lets you specify a maximum width that will be respected during row...

How can I get the line of event?

Answered: I do not recommend storing individual line numbers in the database. A fixed line number should only be used for selected events that you want to display in a specific position, out of the standard or...

Trying to update resource row using timerange selected

Answered: This error has been fixed in version 2022.3.5391: Please let me know if the problem persists.

Scheduler - How to center multiple active areas horizontally in row header column

Answered: Unfortunately, it's not possible to center a variable number of active areas horizontally. The width is not adjusted because active areas are displayed in a separate layer which is not part of the ro...

DayPilot.Modal Form

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.

Scheduler - onTimeRangeRightClick not fired on frozen rows

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.5471):

Show event bubble in Queue?

Answered: Event bubbles are now supported in the Queue component in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.5467): You can use the standard API:

Use keyboard with daypilot angular

Answered: The Scheduler attaches "keyup" and "keydown" event handlers to the document element if you enable keyboard support using "keyboardEnabled: true". It uses the document object as the event target (you ...

How to change text in active area.

Answered: It is not possible to change the text of an existing active area using the Scheduler API. The Scheduler is built on a "refresh" model - you need to update the state first and then request an update t...

Scheduler - Is it possible to show whole days, although cell duration is half-day

Answered: You can use onBeforeGridLineRender to hide selected grid lines in the Scheduler: You can also use a different approach - set scale ...

Start drag and drop programatically (Scheduler)

Answered: That is not possible but you can activate any element to be draggable to the Scheduler using DayPilot.Scheduler.makeDraggable():
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