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How to disable scrolling in DayPilotScheduler (v4.0)

Asked by Kyle
16 years ago.
Hi ,

How can I go about disabling scrolling for the Scheduler control? I only want people to be able to see and schedule things between 7 am and 3 pm...

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
16 years ago.
You can disable scrolling by setting the width to RowHeaderWidth + 24*60 / CellDuration * CellWidth . However, the minimum time range will still be one day.

It's possible to limit access to the time outside 7am - 3pm in the server-side event handlers (e.g by not updating the database when the event was moved outside of the range or by adjusting the time before saving). Could that work for you?
Comment posted by Kyle
16 years ago.
Actually, I think I figured out another way around this. I'm trying to modify the scheduler to work on a 8 hour school day. The "Cell Duration" property is PERFECT. I can modify the headers to say "Hour 1", etc. Who cares if "Hour 1" is actually 12:00 A.M. to 1:15 AM (or whatever it is). The user only needs to know that Hour 1 is blocked off.

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