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Can't able to change event background color in IE8 & 9, and show delete button permanently in latest version?

Asked by Shaiz
9 years ago.


I have recently upgraded my daypilot scheduler to version 7.9.3349.0. With this upgrade i introduced a couple of issues. Both of them were working in the version 7.4.2923.0 but now they don't.

1- How to make the Delete button permanently visible on an event.
2- How to add/change event background color.

I know that they have changed the functionality related to delete button visibility and now by default its available on mouse hover on the event.
Also the changing background color was working fine before the upgrade. But after the upgrade its not working for IE8 and IE9. The same code which is used to change event background color is working fine in Chrome,IE10,IE11 and safari. I haven't tested it in other browser.

I would really appreciate if some one can guide me that how to proceed with these issues.
I am using 4.5(webforms) and day pilot version 7.9.3349.0.
Let me know if anyone of you need more information to reproduce this issue.


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
9 years ago.

1: You can add a custom delete button using an active area. It's described here as method #3. You can make the active area permanently visible by calling Area.Visible():

2: This is caused by a slightly modified CSS theme in the new version (it uses s filter style to add a gradient). The latest build (7.9.3362) now includes a fix that ensures the filter is cleared when setting a custom color. You can download it in the sandbox:

Comment posted by Anonymous
9 years ago.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your Quick reply, I have fixed the issue related to delete button and indeed the background issue for event is fixed within the time slots section of the calendar but it is still not fixed for the calendar header part.

Time background color issue:
Custom Event background Color issue:

I am using daypilot 7.9.3367.1 with IE 8 & IE9.

Also the delete event does not work in ipads, what i understood is, the touch event is bound properly at all. This issue was present in Daypilot version 7.4.2923.0 as well.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


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