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Modal dialog does not pop up when gantt is placed inside ajax update panel

Asked by Roger
7 years ago.

I placed a gantt diagram inside an ajax update panel component from MS Visual Studio. An entry in context menu of a task should start a modal dialog. Action of this menu item is set to postback. But the modal dialog does not pop up.
If I remove the surrounded update panel the modal dialog comes up.

How to show modal Dialog even when gantt is placed inside update Panel?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
7 years ago.

What happens on menu item click when the gantt control is inside the UpdatePanel:

1. Do you see a full page PostBack?
2. Any JavaScript error?

The UpdatePanel should intercept the PostBack calls and invoke a partial PostBack instead.

It looks like you display the modal dialog using the ModalPopupExtender. It might not be the solution you expect but you can use the DayPilot.Modal helper to display the modal dialog. It displays a standalone page (unlike the ModalPopupExtender) in the modal window. This is solution is easier to debug.

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