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DayPilotMont - GetEventMap Error

Answered: Thanks for reporting the issue. It's now fixed in the latest sandbox build (8.4.3620):

Mouse click on the cell not exactly

Answered: i found the reason why, because parent tag has a style with value: "margin-top: 50", change to: "padding-top:50" and it worked perfect ^_^

Resource bubble is not supported yet

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.4.5883): Thanks for reporting the issue.

Javascript breaks when hover scroll bar

Hello, I am using DayPilot.Web.MVC version 8.3.5880.1 and daypilot-all.min.js version 2937. When I hover the scheduler scroll bar, on the bottom of the scheduler, I get this error message: "Unhandled...

New version uses Array.prototype.find which is not supported by IE11

Answered: Hi Marc, This is a bug. It's fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2934): Thanks for reporting the issue!

Drag and drop from one Kanban to another is often failing (no move done)

I have two kanban in a page and dragOut is enabled; allowing to drag a card from one kanban to another. When using it, it often fails (nothing happens, the card is not moved; it remains at the previo...

Event overlay

When you create one-minute or two-minute events, and with two-minute intervals between events, they overlap. The configuration used is below. dp.days = 365; dp.locale = "pt-br"; dp.scale = "Day"; dp....

Typescript compile errors in daypilot-angular.min.d.ts

Answered: These errors are fixed now in build 2914. Thanks for reporting the problem!

Calendar _onMainRightClick

Answered: This should be already fixed since build 2886. See the sandbox: Let me know if the problem persists. And thanks for reporting the issue.

Scheduler print error on Internet Explorer

Hi, I've followed this guide: but on Internet Explorer it fails :( IE is in compatibility mode: EmulateIE10 Thanks, Giovanni

Calendar Context on event after initial load

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.4.2887): Let me know if the problem persists.

GANTT: Calculating time for superordinate task

Dear all, I posted this issue one year before, but still found no solution. when I create 2 subtasks, the superordinate task does not calculate to correct days. (Means beginning of the first task and...

Bubble is not show on Mobile devices (DayPilot.Scheduler)

Hello, We are experiencing some strange behavior on mobile devices. When clicking on some event in calendar with Bubble from IPad or Android browser, the bubble will not pop up until user clicks on s...

Navigator not right

Answered: Yes, the latest version is 8.3.2848: Did you download it as part of a tutorial? It may need an update - could you please let me know the URL?

Resource rows not lining up with schedule rows in Chrome

Answered: It looks like some global CSS may interfere with the Scheduler CSS styles. You can try to disable the global styles temporarily to see if it is the case. Also, it looks like you are using an old vers...

interval date of events

Answered: DayPilot interprets the dates in your example as "2017-04-01T00:00:00" and "2017-04-05T00:00:00" - that should explain the default behavior. You can switch the behavior using eventEndSpec property: e...

Day pilot scheduler is not showing all events in angular 2

Day pilot scheduler is not showing all events. It just display events for the visible contents. it does not show events for the days for which we need to scroll. Show it is only showing records on fi...

can't set color in cell when getDayOfWeek() == 7

Answered: DayPilot.Date.getDayOfWeek() returns 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday ... 6 for Saturday:

Performance issue when adding/deleting entity in daypilot

Answered: Please hold on - the events.add() and events.remove() optimizations are in the works. At this moment it redraws the full row because it's always safe (the added/removed event can affect row height an...

Implementing a navigator in a Resource View

Answered: The visibleStart() and visibleEnd() are guaranteed to work only for the following viewTypes: "Day" "Week" "WorkWeek" The primary purpose of these methods is to provide information on the dates that w...

Kanban - args.preventDefault()

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.3.2792):

StartDate = null after decode a recurring event.

Hi everyone, I am useing the following code to make a recurring event. RecurrenceRule rule= RecurrenceRule.FromDateTime(id, start).Weekly().Times(times); In rule the StartDate is correct. After Encod...

DayPilot.Scheduler.resources expects an array object in 8.3.2724

Hello, I evaluated feasibility of daypilot in Angular in trial of version 1938 and now we bought licensed code. Once I copied library I started to getting error: DayPilot.Scheduler.resources expects ...

SyntaxError: Unexpected token in JSON at position 0

Answered: It is definitively related to the use of BOM, If I open the file I clearly see the [ at first position but if the file is read through fs, the BOM is not stripped and the JSON.parse fails.

Gantt: onBeforeTaskRender cssClass not working

Answered: You need to specify the CSS class for either the row header ( or for the task box in the grid ( In the Gantt chart, doesn't exist: ...

Demo failed in Visual Studio 2017

Hi The demo opened OK and built OK, however, when I ran it in Internet Explorer I got Server Error in '/' Application Exception Details: System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly '...

Events show less one day and endDate on TimeRageSelected gives 1 more day

Answered: This is by design. Please see this topic for more details and other options:

Leak on the splitter object in daypilot-all.debug.js

We found out that the events 'mouseup' and 'mousemove' registered in daypilot-all.debug.js line 6227 are never unregistered, causing a leak every time you zoom in/out of the component. this.registerG...

Incompatible DayPilot client script version. Expected 2717 (you are using 1478)

Answered: It looks like the old version of the client-side script is still cached somewhere. You can try forcing a reload by adding a random query string to the js file url (e.g. a version number): <script s...

Svg export bug

Answered: The time header background color should now work properly with the latest sanbox build (8.3.2737): The export doesn't support HTML in the Scheduler elements a...
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