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Event Move / Resize Refresh Slow

Asked by Hennie Francis
6 years ago.

I am now to DayPilot.

When I resize / move an event, it takes way to long before a refresh comes through, and it looks like the calendar is not responding and then it jumps suddenly.

Any idea where to start looking?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
6 years ago.

You can switch to "Notify" event handling to make it faster.

If you use EventResizeHandling = CallBack the sequence is as follows:

1. The user finishes resizing.
2. The calendar/scheduler sends a request to the server-side event handler using an AJAX callback.
3. You make the DB changes and reload the events.
4. The events are refreshed on the client side.

Basically it waits until the roundtrip is complete.

If you switch to "Notify" mode it will look like this:

1. The user finishes resizing.
2. The calendar/scheduler is updated on the client side immediately.
3. The server-side event handler is called.
4. You save the changes to the DB but you don't have to reload the events.

See also:

The same applies to event moving:

Let me know if it didn't help.

Comment posted by Anonymous
6 years ago.

You are a legend!!!! Works like a charm!!!

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