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Differences between Calendar and Scheduler + Why a person would choose between them?

Asked by mrplatypus
4 years ago.

Hi Dan and Team,

Please would you explain the differences between a Calendar control and Scheduler control and why one person would choose between them?

I've inherited some code which I am progressing...
In one page the previous developer used a scheduler control - which works brilliantly..
In another page the previous developer used a calendar control..

I'm trying to figure out why the previous developer changed tact...

Hope you can help..


mrplatypus (aka Dave)

Comment posted by mr platypus
4 years ago.

Hi Dan and Team,

Please would you provide me with an update - I'm not expecting reams of information just some general pointers..

Thanks & Regards


Comment posted by Pete
4 years ago.

From developing in them, each has it uses.

The calendar is more suitable when dealing with a single resouce as it can show more detail and isn't just a thin single line across the page.

The scheduler is for when you are dealing with multiple resources and allows the easily see the timeline across the page and separate each resource line down the page.

So depending what you are dealing with, depends on which one is best. Also, have a look at the demos for each of the control on the site. It gives you a good idea of what each looks like.

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