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Simple Requirement for a Resource View

Asked by steve65
14 years ago.
Hi Dan,
Ive been developing with your control for a while now but Ive come across a simple requirement that I dont seem to be able to do. Can you help?

I need to create a Resource view :-
1- Resources down left hand side
2- Show only 1 Day
3- Hide non business hours
4- Show Bubble on event mouse over

I cant seem to achive this combination using either the calendar, scheduler or scheduler dynamic

- Calendar in Resource view only shows resources across the top (no good when a lot of resources)
- Scheduler in Resource mode cant hide non business hours (wastes a lot of screen space when Im only scheduling events during daytime and therefore limits the amount of data that can be displayed in each event)
- Dynamic Scheduler seems to be too early in its development ( No bubble event, doesnt display after ajax postback, no 'useeventboxes' option, only has fixed width)

Any help would be appreciated.

btw printing is definitely also a big issue, I know its been mentioned before and as a developer I'm on your side 'why print?' but people need it.
Basic printing sort of works and I can get away with it but Ive noticed that if you try to print a calendar that goes onto multiple pages then no events display on any page except the last page (IE6/7 and Firefox)
Answer posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
You are right that it's not possible at the moment. I plan to add the missing features to DayPilotSchedulerDynamic so that's the way to go (you just need to wait a little bit).

There is a raising number of request for a 100% printable output. That's hard to do in the DHTML code with all the position:absolute elements and scrollbars etc. I plan to introduce PNG output for printing and export.
Comment posted by steve65
14 years ago.
Thanks Dan,
Appreciate it.
Get the dynamicscheduler up to the functionality of the scheduler, and find a way around printing and you'll turn a first class product into an outstanding one.
I've got 2 new developers starting in a couple of months so achieve this and I'll be upgrading to a site license.
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