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Following Event Editing example, but id is incorrect

Asked by richk74
4 years ago.

I have copied the code from the tutorial verbatim, but when I try to edit an event I get an error related to the id.
It is getting passed to the Javascript not as a value, but as script. All of the below is exactly what the id variable contains. What could possibly be causing this? On a side note, if I create a context menu with an "Open" command per that tutorial the Javascript works fine.

function($0k){if(typeof $0k==='undefined'){return;}else{this.temp().id=$0k;}}
function() {
[native code]

arguments: null
caller: null
length: 1
prototype: {...}

Answer posted by richk74
4 years ago.

I solved this. The documentation is incorrect for ASP.NET Web Forms.

It tells you to use the following code:


But this doesn't work. It needs to read as:


It is missing the "data" in the example.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
4 years ago.

Thanks for posting the solution!

Please note that is a method and it needs to be used like this:


Another option is to use editEvent( as you found out.

I wasn't able to find the doc page with the typo, can you please let me know the URL so it can be fixed?

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