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Little issue with css and areas

Asked by Naomi
4 years ago.


I'm using the following code in the onBeforeEventRender:

if (data.layer === 7) {
                args.e.cssClass = `${args.e.cssClass} fas fa-times`;

            if (!data.moveDisabled && !data.locked && data.pay_status !== "A" && data.pay_status !== "L") {        
       = [
                        right: 1,
                        top: 0,
                        height: 18,
                        width: 10,
                        cssClass: "draggable",
                        style: "cursor: move",
                        toolTip: self.addToClipboardTitle

I want to display the blue X icon on the left when layer = 7 and I want to have the draggable icon at the end of the event on the right.

Instead I'm seeing both the X icon on the left and the draggable icon on the left. When layer!=7 it does display correctly on the far right.

Do you know what may be amiss?

Thanks in advance.

Comment posted by Naomi
4 years ago.

I believe I did trace the issue to the following code (added by my colleague):

/*.scheduler .fas > div {
    left: 4px;

I commented it out and now the draggable icon displays properly on the right. But unfortunately the blue times icon now overlaps the text.

Perhaps there is some css trick to still have that code working, but have draggable on the right.

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