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Scheduler - DayPilot.Scheduler: The placeholder element not found: 'dp_1673963716024126533'.

Asked by Anonymous
1 year ago.

I had this error once and was able to resolve it. Now it happens again, after some changes I did. However, I can't tell what it was exactly. To have a better understanding in order to continue analysing the error, I whould like to know, why the scheduler show this error, although the element exists in the DOM (please see the screen shot)

Error: DayPilot.Scheduler: The placeholder element not found: 'dp_1673963716024126533'.
    at new DayPilot.Exception (daypilot-pro-angular.mjs:989:389)
    at DayPilot.Scheduler.Mg (daypilot-pro-angular.mjs:10467:27)
    at DayPilot.Scheduler.init (daypilot-pro-angular.mjs:10469:132)
    at DayPilotSchedulerComponent.ngAfterViewInit (daypilot-pro-angular.mjs:11173:22)
    at callHook (core.mjs:2577:22)
    at callHooks (core.mjs:2546:17)
    at executeInitAndCheckHooks (core.mjs:2497:9)
    at refreshView (core.mjs:11853:21)
    at refreshComponent (core.mjs:12921:13)
    at refreshChildComponents (core.mjs:11572:9)
Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 year ago.

The Angular Scheduler component includes a placeholder div in its template. This placeholder is then initialized using init() call in ngAfterViewInit() - you can also see this in the stack trace.

If it can't find the placeholder, it will throw this error. It looks like you are using some kind of tab component. If this component hides tabs by removing their content from the DOM (temporarily) it may cause this problem.

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