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DataTagFields - e.tag[name] has wrong value in BeforeEventRender

Asked by Anonymous
12 years ago.


I am new to using DayPilotCalendar.

I have 3 events being loaded from a DataTable. I have 26 fields defined under DataTagFields. For the first two events, the e.Tag fields all look good. For the third event, the values start getting messed up with the 15th field in the DataTagFields list. Starting with the 15th field, the e.Tag fields all have values form the previous e.Tag field.Some values can be empty/null. The first two events have emepty/null values in the first 15 fields where the third event has data.

Any ideas?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.

Yes, this might be a bug. Maybe an incorrect encoding of special characters (especially '&'). Could you please open the HTML source of the page and send me the following two lines to

a line starting "c.tagFields = "
a line starting " = "

I will check the encoding of the tag values.

Comment posted by Tray Schreiber
12 years ago.

Hi Dan,

I changed my page so I am not using the Tag fields. But I looked at my data and you were correct. I have a field that contains a '#', '@', and '&' character.

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