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Highlighting Today

Asked by Anonymous
13 years ago.

On the Scheduler control, I'm wanting to Highlighting today's date (cell background a diff color). I've read what has been posted about the before render, but I'm not proficient enought to understand how to do it. Also, along the same lines, I'd like to change the color of the little blue line at the top of the event, depending upon what the value of the event. ie if the event is Project A then green, if = Project B then Red etc.


Answer posted by Szymon
13 years ago.

The little blue line is called DurationBar and in Lite version you can set fixed color for all events by setting DurationBarColor property. You can also decide if you want to see it or not by setting DurationBarVisible property.

You need to change source code to have a possibility of color setting or buy a Pro version which as I assume has this feature.

But hard coding colors based on event name is not a good solution - assume you want to change to a diffrent color or start a new Project C - you need to recompile source code. Its better to create a column called color in events table and use it as a source of colors for an event.

But to achieve this you need to reach the source :)

And as Dan is saying it really isn't so hard. Drag and Drop can be hard, but color changing isn't. All you need is analyze source code, understand how it works, find a place where color is binding, make changes, compile and enjoy.

Dan - chapeaux bas! Great job.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

Szymon, I wouldn't say it better.

Thanks for helping other users in the forums!

Comment posted by Vivek
10 years ago.

What about the answer for Highlighting today's date??

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