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Recurrent events

Answered: You can display recurrent events (and add the necessary icons) but you need to handle the recurrence definition and storage on the server side. The calendar needs to receive the individual occurrence...

Honoring grid layout

Answered: This seems to be caused by the wrapper divs that you use to display the columns for DayPilotNavigator and DayPilotCalendar. The tutorial uses "display: flex" to arrange these components but your code...

How to not show non business Hours in DayPilotCalendar

Answered: You can hide non-business hours using the heightSpec property: const calendar = new DayPilot.Calendar("dp", { heightSpec: "BusinessHoursNoScroll", //... }); calendar.init(); See also: htt...

update is Undefined (Calendar)

Answered: The value of "this.$refs.calendar" will be null before the component is mounted. That means the computed "calendar()" method will return null as well. If you call "loadEvents()" too early it will thr...

Change Hour Format

Answered: You can hide the minutes using CSS: .calendar_default_rowheader_minutes { display: none; }

Calendar Customization

Answered: It is possible to modify the appearance using CSS. You can either override the built-in CSS theme for selected elements or you can create a custom CSS theme ( and adjust i...

error with computed function (Calendar)

Answered: The $refs values will only be accessible after the component is mounted. Before that, this.$refs.calendar (or any other $refs value) will be undefined and you will see this error. 1. If you move your...

Use method on click (Calendar)

Answered: Yes - you should take a look at the onTimeRangeSelected event handler in your application. By default, the calendar doesn't do anything when you select a time range (click a cell) so if you see a mod...

Create event only by clicking (Calendar)

Answered: If you click a calendar cell, it will fire onTimeRangeSelect (and onTimeRangeSelected) event handler where you can create a new event. This works in both versions (Lite and Pro). To make sure only a ...

How to display custom task array elements (React Calendar)

Answered: I have managed to solve this and the solution was: the method that build my events array was async and due to that fact, to update the events field in state I had to perform setState in .then functio...

ERROR TypeError: this.f is not a function at

Answered: This turned out to be a minification issue. It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2023.1.449): The next official release will be available n...

How to clear the previous event from calendar if the updated event list is empty/null?

Answered: Great, thanks for the update. In the latest sandbox build (2023.1.444), the Calendar component now accepts null as well and treats it as []:

How not to trigger onEventClicked after canceling onEventDelete (Calendar)

Answered: This is a bug of the latest release. It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2023.1.443): The fix will be included in the next official releas...

VueJS, DayPilotCalendar, resource view

Answered: In the Lite (open-source) version this is not possible at the moment but in the Pro version you can customize the calendar column headers using "onBeforeHeaderRender" event handler: https://doc.daypi...

Angular DayPilot Lite Library - DayPilot.Calendar class missing property "headerDateFormat"

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.434): The next official release will be available next week. Thanks for reporting the issue!

View again current month

Answered: For this, you need to create one more button 'Today Button' and create one function for the today button and write your logic on this. todayDate() { this.configMonth.startDate =

cannot find dayBeginsHour for reactjs

Answered: Unfortunately, these properties are only available in the Pro version of the React Calendar. See also:

How do I embed a html link in the Event text?

Answered: The "DataTextField" property specifies the name of the data source item field that will be used to set the event text. If you want to set custom event HTML (hyperlink, image, etc.) you can use the Be...

Using Vue Calendar component with the Composition API

Answered: When using the Composition API in Vue, you can use the calendar component like this: <template> <DayPilotCalendar id="dp" :config="config" /> </template> <script> import {DayPilotCalendar} ...

No event

Answered: Please see my suggestion here:

How to show allday Event in Schedular

Answered: Unfortunately, all-day events are only supported in the Pro version of the calendar:

daypilot all - functions not working

Answered: I resolved this. I was sending the 'data' object via jQuery $.post and it was failing. Re-populating the object sent using $.post using: newStart: args.newStart.toString(), newEnd: args.newEnd.toStri...

How to resize the table column and row like excel ?

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not supported. In the Pro version, it will be possible to resize columns in the near future.

Setting heightSpec: "BusinessHoursNoScroll" resets hours shown on grid

Answered: The support for heightSpec: "BusinessHoursNoScroll" is now implemented in the latest sandbox build and it will be available in the next release.

Can't use scheduler with daypilot lite javascript

Answered: Unfortunately, the Scheduler component is not included in DayPilot Lite for JavaScript. See also the feature matrix here:

Vue - Accessing calendar functions

Answered: It looks like you are using the open-source Lite version which includes only a subset of features. The scrollToHour() and message() methods are only available in the Pro version at the moment. See al...

How to disable previous dates in calendar

Answered: At this moment, blocking selected dates is only supported in the Pro version. Please see the following tutorial:

Show calendar with 15 minutes slots

Answered: No, the Lite version only supports 30-minute slots. See also:

Show view Month?

Answered: You can find a demo of the monthly calendar (Lite version) here: Click the "Show source" button to see the JavaScript source code. This demo...

DayPilot is not supporting Arabic language

Answered: The RTL text direction is only supported in the Pro version, you can find a demo here: At this moment, it's not supported in the Lite (open-sour...
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