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DayPilot Responsive

Nice, easy to use package. I saw earlier question about making DayPilot responsive. I poked around in the code and found two lines where percentages are added as comments. I used the percentages inst...

BeforeEventRender EventClickEnabled Not Working

So when form loads and calls beforeeventrender, I have it set for all pre-created events to have the e.eventclickenabled = false (by looking at and make sure its all old ids versus new ids). Whi...

Is bolding of navigation calendar dates available in Lite version?

Answered: Unfortunately, loading free/busy Navigator data is not supported in the Lite version at the moment.

Disable cells previous to the current datetime

Answered: Unfortunately, DayPilot Lite doesn't support disabled cells. However, you can check the dates in onEventMove, onEventResize, and onTimeRangeSelect events handlers and call args.preventDefault() to ca...

Print Scheduler With Header On Every Page

Answered: With the direct print() method you only have limited control over the result (the browser will simply print the exported image). I recommend exporting the Scheduler to PDF, this way you can specify h...

Select multiple events from code

Answered: Unfortunately, the Lite edition doesn't support event selecting. In the Pro version, you can select the events using SelectedEvents list (in the Scheduler). It's a list of simplified EventInfo object...

DayPilotScheduler - hide non business hours

Answered: Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the Pro version. See also the feature comparison:

All appointments shifted by 30 minutes

Hi, Somehow, all my appointments (and business starting hours) are shifted by 30 minutes (see attachment). What am I doing wrong/how can I fix it? Using: DayPilot Calendar, Version: 2018.1.228-lite I...

Calendar stops working

Answered: Do you see any error in the JavaScript console? Does the whole page freeze (do other element on the page work) or is it just that the Calendar doesn't respond to mouse actions? I know that it might b...

Event Creation

Answered: The latest version of DayPilot Lite exposes "start" and "end" variables (DayPilot.Date object). The string replacements ("{0}") are no longer applicable. You can use the following TimeRangeSelectedJa...

Daypilot - change start day of the week

Answered: The first day of week is determined by the Calendar locale. The default locale is "en-us" which uses Sunday as the first day of week. You can switch to one of the predefined locales (https://api.dayp...

Download into pdf

How can i download the gannt chart into pdf format?

Free to use

Answered: Yes, DayPilot Lite is available under Apache License 2.0 - it's free and open-source. See also:

how to set tool tip for daypilot-calender

Answered: The event tooltip is enabled by default (ShowToolTip property is set to true). The default tooltip uses the event text (loaded from the field specified using DataTextField). You can also customize it...

How to change font and localization of day of week at header of Daypilot lite Calendar?

Hi, I want to change font and localization of day of week at header of Daypilot lite Calendar. First, I tried to increase font size at header by changing DayFontSize at the DISPLAY section of the Day...

How to change the Date and time position in Daypilot calender

I want to change the Date and time position of Daypilot calender from horizontal to vertical. here is the link: Thanks

Width of overlap event

Answered: In the Lite version, it's not possible to adjust the overlapping behavior. It uses a fixed mode that corresponds to "Full" arrangement mode in the Pro version:

Delete and Menu option in angularJS Event calendar

Answered: The open-source version doesn't include any built-in UI mechanism for deleting events (compare with the options available in the Pro version - I re...

how to get Entire week total hours using daypilot scheduler

Hi I am new to Day Pilot Scheduler. I have referred this link here this link has both javascript (angularjs) and PHP for me...


Answered: The Lite version uses the first day of week that is read from the current Culture. It works automatically for ViewType="Week". You can also display custom number of days (Days property) starting at c...

How to change the time range showing in left hand side of the DayPilot Event Calender

Answered: @Html.DayPilotCalendar("days_resources", new DayPilotCalendarConfig { BusinessBeginsHour = 9, BusinessEndsHour= 17, } you need to add bussiness begins and ends hour in your helper html tag

Changing HeaderDateFormat in Calendar has no affect on output

I have been experimenting with the DayPilot lite version 1.5.434.0, and I have been unable to change the way the dates are rendered. I would like to have the day name displayed, but currently it only...

I'm having troubles with databind

This is my getDate function: Private Function GetCalendarData(ByVal start As Date, ByVal [end] As Date) As DataTable Dim rfTecnico As Integer = Session("idUtente") Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("stato...

How can I set the value of Text in the Calendar control if it's not data bound?

Answered: The "Text" property is read-only but you can set "Html" property. That is the value that is actually used for rendering the event. If Text is available it's used as the default value of Html.

image in Scheduler

Hi Can it is possible to have an profile image of Resources in Daypilot Scheduler. If it is possible can you provide me the code in JS. Thanks Anil Singh

How to split hour in DayPilot Lite (Is it still only in Pro)

If your answer is 'Only Pro': "Please inform/guide me a way to make it ( Lite version of MVC ) work to split an hour into 4 parts. As i only need this functionality, to be added in free version given...

'CalendarController.Dpm.OnInit(InitArgs)': no suitable method found to override

Answered: It looks like you are missing the following import: using DayPilot.Web.Mvc.Events.Month; You can also add the full namespace to the header: protected override void OnInit(DayPilot.Web.Mvc.Event...

When setting timezone to australia/sydney event in day calendar shows 30 mins late

i use moment js to arrange time my calendar config: $scope.calendarConfig = { startDate: moment().utcOffset(11).format('YYYY-MM-DD') } in my database there is different field for time and date so i u...

Error with attribut "cellgroupby" And "scale"

Answered: It looks like you are using the Lite (open-source) version that doesn't support these features. See also the "Availability" table at the bottom of the documentation pages:

Using multiple values in DataTextField

Answered: If you need to display data from multiple fields you can use BeforeEvenRender event handler to customize the event HTML:
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