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Hiding NonBusinessHours in the DayPilotScheduler LITE ???

Asked by Barry O'Neill
14 years ago.

Another thread in the this forum implies there is a property to hid non-business hours of in the DayPilotScheduler LITE version....but the property doesn't seem to i missing something ?

Perhaps it's just a property for the PRO verison ?...orregular Calendar control only ?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.

The Scheduler in the Lite version has two relevant properties:

  • BusinessBeginsHour
  • BusinessEndsHour

They will allow you to define the business hour start and end but the actual effect is a different background color of the time cells (BackColor vs. NonBusinessBackColor).

The same applies to the Scheduler in the Pro version.

Only the Dynamic Scheduler from the Pro version has the ability to actually hide the non-business hours (use ShowNonBusiness="false").

Comment posted by Barry O'Neill
14 years ago.

Thanx for the info....I edited the source (extensively) to allow me to:

1) Have to view modes: 12 hour (6:00 AM - 6:00 PM ~ "Hide Non Business Hours"), and regular 24 hour mode. I used the un-implemented NonBusinessHours property in the Scheduler, and modified that back end code to make it work.

2) Bluecellbar(added a client side parameter to allow the color to be dynamically set) that is painted on the current hour column, from the header column downwards.

3) Color-coding for events that are past (red), currently running (green), anf future (blue). The blue stripe in the event time-line bar gets over-ridden depending on where the event is in relation to thecurrent time (the blue bar in #2).

And now...I'm figuring out how to implement the call back to my parent project to load event data fior editing (beneath the Scheduler control) from the user clicking on the event time-line bar in the Scheduler.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.

You can use either EventClickHandling="PostBack" and do a URL redirect in the code behind or EventClickHandling="JavaScript" and do a JavaScript redirect in EventClickJavaScript.

Comment posted by Anonymous
13 years ago.

For Barry ONiel

Could use ur code for hiding the non-business hrs in the scheduler lite

Thankx or reply

Comment posted by Itwoman
13 years ago.

Hi Barry

Can you please share how you implemented hiding non business hours in day pilot lite.

Please mail at if possible


Comment posted by Mazhar
12 years ago.
Hello Folks, seems like I am in same boat. Can some one point me in the right direction. I tried to sum up with some easy way around in source code but that didn't worked.
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