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DayPilot, ASP.NET AJAX and AjaxControlToolkit

Asked by Anonymous
11 years ago.


I would like to know if DayPilot uses ASP.NET Ajax or its own Ajax framework for all javascript related features, because I would avoid having many javascript frameworks loaded at the same time...

And does DayPilot uses some parts of AjaxControlToolkit ?


Comment posted by Dan Letecky
11 years ago.

Does DayPilot use ASP.NET Ajax?

No. DayPilot uses only tools available in raw ASP.NET 2.0 (Callbacks). But DayPilot is compatible with ASP.NET AJAX (UpdatePanel in particular) so you can use it together.

Does DayPilot use its own Ajax framework?

There is some AJAX-related plumbing but 95% of the code is application specific (calendar-related) so there is minimum overhead.

Does DayPilot uses some parts of AjaxControlToolkit?

No. AjaxControlToolkit is included in the DemoSQL to demonstrate invoking a modal popup using ModalPopupExtender but this is just another demo.

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