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Open pop up while moving in DayPilot Schedular

Asked by Capstone Pvt. Ltd.
13 years ago.

i am trying to open popup for confirmation like it wil ask you eg. (i have 3 work order i am trying to move 2nd Work order while moving it will ask you do u you want move 2nd workorder or all the workorder that are below the 2nd workorder or 2nd and 3rd Work order ) .

or i want to open a Modal popup at the time or Workorder moving

i am using .Net Technology.

OnEventMove="DayPilotScheduler1_EventMove" i want to do every thing in .cs Page . because i need to handle may condition in this page


Comment posted by Random Dude With A Top Hat That Likes Pizza, Chickens and even more!!!11
13 years ago.
Make a function and do it...your question isn't really related to Daypilot but to ASP.Net programming..You better ask on a ASP.Net forum if you really need help.
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