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Huge(30 sec. just on server) performance problems with 30 days for 300 resources for aprox. 4000 events

Asked by Darko Kralik
10 years ago.
I have 300 resources thru 30 day's and approx. 4000 events in modified TimeLine.aspx from Demo. I am updating just one(1) event and have to wait 35 seconds for callback update to finish. After browsing thru Fiddler's log I have become aware that Your control sends everytime every event thru AJAX postback. Just on server is spent 27 seconds. Would It be possible to do it better ? I think It is not necessary to change and send every time all events when it was changed only one event. Thanks. Fiddler's Statistic Request Count: 1 Bytes Sent: 118.721 Bytes Received: 986.632 ACTUAL PERFORMANCE -------------- ClientConnected: 14:23:16.505 ClientBeginRequest: 14:23:16.505 ClientDoneRequest: 14:23:17.018 Gateway Determination: 0ms DNS Lookup: 0ms TCP/IP Connect: 0ms HTTPS Handshake: 0ms ServerConnected: 14:23:17.019 FiddlerBeginRequest: 14:23:17.019 ServerGotRequest: 14:23:17.019 ServerBeginResponse: 14:23:17.020 ServerDoneResponse: 14:23:44.090 ClientBeginResponse: 14:23:44.090 ClientDoneResponse: 14:23:44.093 Overall Elapsed: 00:00:27.5882740
Answer posted by Dan Letecky
10 years ago.

Hi Darko, Please see the following checklist:

  1. The most important step would be to upgrade to 6.2 SP3. It doesn't store the events in the ViewState anymore.
  2. The second most important step would be to switch to dynamic event loading.

Please let me know if it doesn't help.

Comment posted by Darko Kralik
10 years ago.
Thank You on Your response.
It's working very well.
But, something else came to my attention in Fiddler.
I have 300 resources but only around 30 are visible at the time.
I don't get it why but Your control POST's on every AJAX request all 300
resources beeing them visible or not.
In other words in Fiddler if I have 30 resource's every POST'ed request is 10 kB large,
and if I have 300 resource's every POST'ed request is 118 kB large,
but every time we can change only event's in ViewPort window.
Answer posted by Dan Letecky
10 years ago.

I'm experimenting with compressing the POST data on the client side using LZJB algorithm. In my tests it took the POST size down by about 50%.

It's available in the latest sandbox build (6.2.2165).

If you include the iuppiter.js library (also included in the js directory of the demo) in the page with the Scheduler the callback requests will automatically be compressed. It seems to be very fast (no delay is noticeable) and quite effective.

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