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Scheduler + jQueryUI Tabs = wrong height

Asked by Richard
11 years ago.

DayPilot v6.3.2226

I have a scheduler control contained within a jQueryUI tab. If I reload the scheduler using activityScheduler.commandCallBack("navigate", {start: startDate}); while the parent tab is not selected, the height of the control is calculated incorrectly. Although there is plenty of room for the control, the last resource row is hidden by the horizontal scroll-bar, and a vertical scroll-bar is shown.

To work around the issue, I've had to hook the "tabshow" event for the tab control and call the resize method on the scheduler for the selected tab.

The relevant properties from my scheduler are:

  • AutoScroll="Disabled"
  • BusinessBeginsHour="0"
  • BusinessEndsHour="24"
  • CellGroupBy="Day"
  • Crosshair="Full"
  • Days="7"
  • DynamicEventRendering="Disabled"
  • EnableViewState="false"
  • EventFontSize="8pt"
  • EventHeight="20"
  • HeaderFontSize="8pt"
  • RowHeaderWidth="120"
  • TimeFormat="Clock24Hours"
  • UseEventBoxes="ShortEventsOnly"
  • Width="100%"
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
11 years ago.

The problem with the hidden tabs is that JavaScript calculations doesn't work properly on hidden elements. There has been a similar issue with the TabContainer control from AJAX Control Tookit. What you used is the only viable solution, although it's a bit hacky.

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