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resource view horizontal with days not hours

Asked by Anonymous
16 years ago.

I am looking to create a resource view horizontal with days not hours.
The scheduler default has exactly what I want only with the axis flipped.
Basically the resources should be the columns, and days for rows (instead of hours).
Is this possible, maybe using a CellGroupBy="Month".

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
16 years ago.
That's not possible with the current version (DayPilot Pro 4.0 SP1). DayPilotCalendar control has the axes orientation you need but it supports just a single day on the Y axis.

It would be possible to extend it but it would take some time. What's your time frame?
Comment posted by Anonymous
15 years ago.


Is this a feature you are looking at?

Resource view with the ability to set which axis to have the resource represented?


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