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Delete event For MVC 3

Asked by Timsen
10 years ago.

My Company is about to show our custummer DayPilot Pro. Atm ive got create event and edit event to work. but i cant figure out how to make a delete event to work in MVC 3?

i have a ode like this atm :

@Html.DayPilotScheduler("dps", new DayPilotSchedulerConfig
BackendUrl = Url.Content("~/Schedule/Backend"),
EventResizeHandling = EventResizeHandlingType.CallBack,
EventMoveHandling = EventMoveHandlingType.CallBack,
TimeRangeSelectedHandling = TimeRangeSelectedHandlingType.CallBack,
CellGroupBy = GroupBy.Month,
CellDuration = 1440,
Days = 365,
StartDate = new DateTime(DateTime.Today.Year, 1, 1),
EventClickHandling = EventClickHandlingType.JavaScript,
EventClickJavaScript = "editEvent(e.value());",
ContextMenu = "menu",
EventBubble = "bubble",
EventRightClickHandling = "JavaScript",
JavaScript="if (confirm('Do you really want to delete this event?')) dps.eventMenuClickPostBack(e, command);"

//EventRightClickHandling = EventRightClickHandlingType.JavaScript,
//EventRightClickJavaScript = "if (confirm('Delete?')__doPostBack('ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$DayPilotScheduler1','PK:{0}') }"


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