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Fix Height in Scheduler

Asked by Anonymous
15 years ago.
Mr. Letecky,

Thanks so much for DayPilot, and the work you do !

I wanted to ask about an enhancement announced for 4.0 SP3 and SP4, where you could control the height of the Scheduler and have a vertical scrolling bar.

I was so looking forward to it. I am writing an application dealing with 200+ function spaces and the user wants to be able to browse at least three days of events. But it did not make it and seems to have disappeared from the roadmap.

Once again, thanks.
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
15 years ago.
Hello and thanks for the compliments.

You probably mean "Vertical scrollbar height fix (table adjusted according to real scrollbar height)." item. That was, however, something a bit different. It should have been "Horizontal ..." because it was related to the height of the horizontal scrollbar which is already there (my mistake, it was a typo).

But vertical scrollbar is coming too. It will come in 4.2 (1 November 2007), together with on-demand loading. Vertical scrolling itself is not so difficult but it usually means you want to show a lot of resources and a lot of events. DayPilotScheduler is already becoming a bit slower for large time ranges (full year with a lot of events). That's why I put it together with on-demand loading.

Depending on how the development will be going, I could be able to provide a beta of vertical scrolling (without on-demand loading) in mid-October (let me know at daypilot @ if you are interested).
Comment posted by Alex Goenaga
15 years ago.
That is exactly what I meant.

Thank you.
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