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MenuItemData Automatin ID

Answered: Hi Jörg, You should be able to target the element using a custom CSS class which you can add using the cssClass property. This property is already available.


Answered: The full project is attached - you can download it at the top of the article using the “Download Source” button (below the main screenshot).

Vertical dragging to associate one event with multiple resources

Answered: Yes, this is possible. To distinguish this action from moving the original event to a new location, you can use a modifier key or an active area. 1. Modifier key You can use the approach described in...

Next invisible month

Answered: In the Scheduler, the visible range is set using the startDate and days properties. You should use the combination that displays the desired date range. Another option is to create a custom timeline ...

Year View

Answered: Yes, this is possible. You can use the same technique that is used in the yearly calendar tutorial (which displays months as columns) - define rows with custom start, one per month: <div id="dp"></di...

Selection and multimove in DayPilot.Gantt

Answered: I’ve added it to the wishlist.

Feature Request For Frozen Rows

Answered: We don’t plan to add a vertical scrollbar support to the frozen rows in the Scheduler. If you want to display two independently scrolling row sections, I recommend using two Scheduler instances, like...

Enhanced keyboard navigation for automatic timerange selection

Answered: > Why don’t select a cell or event when moving the cursor? In Excel when I move my cursor to the next cell, it selected the cell direct and I can edit or add something. OK, let’s see if I understand ...

Can you enable the no block for full crosshair

Answered: The full crosshair in the Scheduler now allows mouse events to pass through in the latest sandbox build (2023.4.5765). See also:

Events movable if time range over it is selected

Answered: The Scheduler includes a built-in tool for selecting multiple events using drag and drop - the rectangle selection. You can switch it to row-only mode to only select events in the same row. It disapp...

add ctrl and shift to onTimeHeaderClick args

Answered: Yes, it’s now available in the latest sandbox build (2023.4.5746):

Date type in daypilot modal table

Hello, would you please add a possibility to have a date type column in daypilot modal table ? It would help a million times. Or is there some way to hack it ?

Vue Calendar component is not exposing its properties and methods

Answered: There is now a Vue Composition API example available in the documentation: Here is a shortened version that shows how to access the DayPilot.Calendar object ...

All day events

Answered: Yes, this is possible. Please see more here:

JavaScript Scheduler Model Custome date selection

Answered: You can use the "dateFormat" property of the date field: const resources = [ {name: "Resource A", id: "A"}, {name: "Resource B", id: "B"}, {name: "Resource C", id: "C"}, ]; const form ...

Scheduler - Fix row header columns during horizontal scrolling

Answered: Unfortunately, this would be an enormous effort and the result would be very complex UI - so I don't see a way to add this at the moment.

Previous And next not working when Adding more features to it..?

Answered: I recommend you to review the code and remove duplicate parts - that makes it confusing and error-prone. You define three functions that do the same thing. There are also other issues, like calling s...

Scheduler - New Event Placement Strategy

Answered: You might want to take a look at the "split resources" feature: It lets you split a resource into multiple subresources, each having a special row ...

Feature: Display in new line if event overlaps htmlLeft / htmlRight of another event.

Answered: The element that displays htmlLeft/htmlRight content has variable width and it's not possible to calculate the real width without expensive pre-rendering. However, you can use a workaround: You can r...

How to use Previous and Next in the DaypilotMonth..?

Answered: The React monthly calendar component works the same way - you need to update the "startDate" property and provide the event data for the new range using "events" property. Another option is to update...

How I can Update events coming from api response..?

Answered: You need to get a reference to the DayPilot.Month object (using "ref" attribute) and call its update() method to display the events. You can find an example here (see the "How to load calendar event ...

Event Text Font size

Answered: When using the default theme, the Scheduler events are marked with "scheduler_default_event" CSS class (the outer div) and "scheduler_default_event_inner" (the inner div): .scheduler_default_event_...

Multi move for calendar

Answered: At this moment, there are a couple of other features in the queue for the Calendar. If you would like to sponsor this feature and speed things up, please write to to discuss the op...

Progress feature request: parent resouce in front of child resources

Answered: Hi Santor, It's in the works. Unless there is some problem, it will be included in the next release (June 1, 2022).

Parent resource in front of the child resources

Answered: This is not possible at the moment but it's in the queue and it should be available within 1-2 months.

Day-pilot Calendar - Event Link Feature

Answered: Unfortunately, the event links are only available in the Scheduler component at the moment.

ResizeStart / ResizeEnd not working on touch devices

Answered: This is a regression bug which should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.3805): Thanks for reporting the issue!

Warnings in Chrome console for the scheduler

Answered: The warnings on non-passive event listener only appear if you set the log level to "Verbose". It's a hint and not something that can be "fixed" in all cases. The non-passive listener is essential for...

UndoService in reactjs

Answered: Please see the following tutorial:

rowheaderhideiconenabled set up colums which stay showed

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. You can implement this feature using your own button. You can find an example here:
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