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Question about Conflict detector Parameter???

Asked by Anonymous
9 years ago.

I have tried many times with the conflict detector, but it it all returns zero with detector.Count.
The Conflict detector loads data Table and looks for eventstart, eventend and Employee_ID columns in the table and
returns integer number for the total number of event within the range of start and end.

I have set start to November 3 2012 and end to December 3 2012.
but I still get only 0 from the detector.Count.

Are there any parameter missing for the Conflict detector???

The following are my code and the Debugger capture picture.

DateTime start = DateTime.Today;
DateTime end = DateTime.Today.AddDays(30);
DataTable data=dbRecurrenceData(start, end, DropDownListEmployee.SelectedValue);
var detector = new ConflictDetector();
detector.Load(data, "eventstart", "eventend", "Employee_ID", start, end);
bool value;
if (detector.Count > 0)
value = false;
value = true;
return value;

Comment posted by Anonymous
9 years ago.

Sorry I posted the wrong picture.
The picture should contain two events with the same start end time and employeeid
Like the following.

The first and last row have conflict time, but why detector.Count is still zero?
Did i misunderstand the conflict detector parameters?


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
9 years ago.
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