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Unspecified error

Asked by the_muton
7 years ago.


I use the Month calendar in a C#/ASP.NET (3.5) project.
I display a ModalPopup (Ajax) when clicking on an event, but sometimes I obtain:
"Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unspecified error"

In debug mode, the error occurs on :
"var b=element.getBoundingClientRect()" in WebResource.axd.

This is the beginning of the block :

DayPilot.abs=function(element,$g){if(!element){return null;};var r={x:element.offsetLeft,y:element.offsetTop,w:element.clientWidth,h:element.clientHeight,toString:function(){return "x:"+this.x+" y:"+this.y+" w:"+this.w+" h:"+this.h;}};if(element.getBoundingClientRect){var b=element.getBoundingClientRect()

A screenshot is attached.

And this is the code-behind :

protected void DayPilotMonth1_EventClick (object sender, EventClickEventArgs e) {
string idActivite = "";
if (e.Recurrent)
idActivite = e.RecurrentMasterId;
idActivite = e.Value;
displayEvent (idActivite);

protected void displayEvent (string idActivite) {
try {
ModalPopupExtenderDetailsManifestation.Show ();
} catch (Exception ex) {

Could you please help?
Thank you

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