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Scroll Using Java and Day Separator

Asked by Olivier
14 years ago.

I've got4 missing points where I'm searching a solution
Scroll & Date
I don't know why but on the page load (if not post back), I set the start date at FirstDayOfWeek, and after, the scrollPosition to today (want to display the full week but directly "focus" on today)
And the "focus" is always on firstdayOfWeek

JavaScript With Date
I see on your exemple some javascript method that can be used to have fast result (no postback) and give values and call function to the scheduler (like your exemple with dspi.refrteshCallBack.
Is there a page where all this kind of method that can be used on "javascript: xx" can be found ?

Day Separator
When a full week is displayed, it could be great if the line between the days (on the EventCel) can be more big, like twice the size of the normal "cell" separator.
With this feature, users don't have to look on the top of the control, where hour start/end , are displayed, but can use this "day line" to see directly where they are.
It's maybe not so easy to understand, and also to explain .. :)
Is it possible with the scheduler ?

A new time, this is already a very good control !

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