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adding resources by vertical resizing

Asked by Dennis
8 years ago.

Hi there,
I´m testing DayPilot Scheduler. Everything works fine and was relatively straightforward to implement.
But, before we buy this nice solution, I have one question.
Is it possible to resize an event vertically. So, I want to add an ressource to an event. Normal event-moving and resizing is no problem.
Vertical expand would be a super feature.

thanks for help!


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
8 years ago.

Hi Dennis,

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment - an event can only be displayed in one resources row. If you want to display it in multiple rows, you will need to have it twice in the data source.

I'm afraid what you would like to would not work generally (the linked resources don't have to be adjacent).

If you want to display the events this way, it will be necessary to generate multiple events from a single source record (one per link).

Anyway, it would be possible to add an event-resource link by "copying" the event. Please see the following howto:

It is also possible to make such events be selected together - if you hook the EventSelect event you can find other events from the group and select/unselect them as well.

Comment posted by Dennis
8 years ago.

Thanks for your answer Dan!

It´s a nice 2 have feature for our work to get this work.
But it´s not really neccessary at the moment.

I will test your advice and let you know if it works for me.

Best regards

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