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How to set dates in X-Axis and resources in Y-Axis

Answered: You can use the Calendar in resources mode:

Show time header area text when hover cell

Answered: Unfortunately, this scenario is not supported at the moment.

custom resource field

Answered: You'll need to transform your data set to match the data structure required by the Scheduler. It displays the name specified by the "name" property:

Is it possible to have resources on the vertical axis for the calendar?

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible. You might be able to mimic this arrangement in the Scheduler using a combination of custom start/end values and eventStackingLineHeight (

How to highlight the row header (resource) after range selection

Answered: You should take a look at the dynamic onTimeRangeSelecting event: It will let you highlight the current resource using args.row.addCl...

Scheduler Persist row (resource) moving

Answered: You can take a look at the following tutorial to see how to handle row moving and persist the row order (in JavaScript/Node.js):

How to get resource name instead of ID

Answered: You can get the row object (DayPilot.Row) using rows.find(): dp.onEventMove = function(args) { var row = dp.rows.find(args.newResource); // ... }; It's also possible to use onEventMoving i...

Edit resource name with JavaScript

Hello. I‘ve seen, that it is possible to change the name of a resource/row inline. Is it also possible to do this outside of Daypilot with an external formular? Since now I didn’t found a way to do t...

Show resource unavailability based on time-range not on cells

Answered: It's possible to implement custom rules using onEventMoving, onEventResizing and onTimeRangeSelecting events:

How to display time range of resource e.g. to show unavailability

I`m familiar with selecting cells to achieve that, but unavailability time range may not be rounded on cell duration.

Move resource server side in Scheduler

Answered: The resources will be displayed in the order specified in the Resources collection. When adding a new Resource just insert it at the specified position or sort the collection before updating the Sche...

HTML in resource text

Answered: I've found a solution: dpCalendar_BeforeResHeaderRender In vb code I change the property e.html in e.html = "<b> & e.html & "</b>" if some my contitions are true. Bye Davide

Collapse feature and dynamic loading

Hi, I'm using the collapse feature for resources and dynamic loading for events, but when I collapse resources events does not load until I user the sroll how to fix this ?

adding additional attributes to a resource ?

Hi! I want to add f.a. "resourcetype" to a resource. And then, i want to read this attribute when the user drop an event, f.a. in the method "onEventMove". Is this possible? THANKS!!! Daniel

Fix the upper Resource?

Answered: This would be a nice feature but it's not quite easy to implement it... I'm adding it to the wishlist.

Highlight Resource on dragging an Event

Answered: Nobody can give a hint? :/ Daniel.

trying to remove a resource row removes incorrect resource cells

Hi Dan, I have added a functionality to remove a resource from the scheduler control by clicking on an icon in the resource header. How I accomplish this is by iterating over dps.resources array to f...

adding resources by vertical resizing

Answered: Hi Dennis, Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment - an event can only be displayed in one resources row. If you want to display it in multiple rows, you will need to have it twice in the da...

How to customize resource column value programmatically

Answered: You can access the Resource columns directly using Resource.Column collection: DayPilotScheduler1.Resources[0].Columns[0].InnerHTML = "Room #12123";

Binding Events does not contain property resources?

I am following the example here: I am getting an error on the callback. I can see my data and the fields I am settin...
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