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Context Menu Styling - Not working

Asked by Brenda
8 years ago.

Product: DayPilot Pro
Version: 7.3.2871.0

I am trying to use a Context Menu for the Event Click Handling, and I have the menu items displaying. But there is no styling on the menu. It seems as though it's not finding the style sheet. All I see is a list of text links with no background colour (see image attached).

I have taken everything regarding the context menu pretty much exactly from the downloaded version.

My 3 style sheets (areas.css, scheduler_transparent.css and menu_default.css) are in the "Themes" folder, along with a folder called "menu_default" which holds 3 images (bg3white.png, left.png, right.png). Am I missing something here?

I have a "Media" folder which holds elements.css and layout.css, along with the expected images. Again, did I miss something?

Both the "Media" and "Themes" folders are located at the root of the site.

The links to my style sheets are pointing to "/Themes/scheduler_transparent.css","/Themes/menu_default.css", "/Themes/areas.css", "/Media/layout.css" and "/Media/elements.css", so no broken style sheet links.

This is the first item on the style sheet, it matches the menu's CssClassPrefix property: .menu_default_main

This is the corresponding property on my menu: CssClassPrefix="menu_default_"

I've tried putting the style definitions right on the page itself, but there was absolutely no difference.

WHAT could I be missing? Is there something else I need to include that I haven't? I've checked around your site, and there is mention of a "themes.css" page, but this seems to be from an older version, and was not included in the download.

I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

Comment posted by Brenda
8 years ago.

Me again. I just looked at the sandbox project, and you're experiencing the same issue with the Context Menu. -- Right-click on one of the events.

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
8 years ago.

The menu CssClassPrefix syntax has been updated recently to match the other other controls.

If you replace CssClassPrefix="menu_default_" with CssClassPrefix="menu_default" (note the missing last underscore) it should work.

It's fixed in the sandbox as well.

Comment posted by Brenda
8 years ago.

Thank you! Works perfectly.

Comment posted by Anonymous
8 years ago.

You might want to update the documentation on the site to reflect that as well. I spent 2 hours trying to match what is in my code with your documentation only to find out the documentation is wrong.

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