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Click event on resource in Scheduler

Asked by tn
8 years ago.

Is there a way to get an event on right/left clicking a resource in the left pane of the sceduler - where I can get the ID of the clicked resource?

I have my Scheduler:

var dp = $("#dp").daypilotScheduler({
startDate: new DayPilot.Date(getFormattedDate()),
cellGroupBy: "Month",
timeHeaders: [
{ groupBy: "Month", format: "MMM yyyy" },
{ groupBy: "Cell", format: "ddd d" }
days: 365,
cellDuration: 1440, // one day
treeEnabled: true

And methods like


I would like something lin

"dp.onResourceClick" in Javascript.

Answer posted by Thomas
8 years ago.

Got it to work with a contextMenu:

dp.onBeforeResHeaderRender = function (args) {
args.resource.contextMenu = new DayPilot.Menu({
items: [
text: "Something",
onclick: function () {
alert("You clicked: " +;

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