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Is horizontal scroll bar available with event calendar(all view types) control

Asked by RajeshB
9 years ago.

I'm just evaluating the Daypilot pro javascript (v1418).
In the 'Resources' view, we might have 30-50 resources, at that instance, the columns will become narrow and we might not able to see the resource name.
Is there any way to have horizontal scroll bar on resources columns and is there any configuration option to set the resource header width?
Kindly help me to achieve this requirement?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
9 years ago.

Yes, you can use fixed column width:

Comment posted by RajeshB
9 years ago.

Thanks for your quick reply...
I'm working with Daypilot Pro javascript(v1432).
I can see the horizontal scroll bar but when i scroll the horizontal scroll bar the column headers are not moving.
Could you please help me to fix this.

Fiddle can be found here:

Comment posted by RajeshB
9 years ago.

I'm working on the Daypilot Event calendar Pro javascript (v1432).
Also found below inconsistencies:
1. When i scroll the vertical scroll bar the time headers not moving. i.e., its fixed.
2. On the initial/reload of event calendar, the vertical scroll bar always stay on the bottom of the event calendar.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
9 years ago.

There were a few issues - related to scrolling synchronization and switching the columnWidthSpec on the fly using .update(). It should be fixed now in the latest build (1442):

It required a few deeper changes so it's possible some problem will pop up (it's not fully tested yet).

Comment posted by RajeshB
9 years ago.

Thanks Dan...its working fine now.

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