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Cant get event handlers to work or do anything??? help

Asked by Gareth Evans
16 years ago.

Please examplain the following as if i have in my c# code-behind file. The following code does not seem to be used. lets say for example i want to click on an a time with an event in. I would want it to be redirected to a page where they can view/edit that event. If they clicked on a time that was not used, it would redirect them to the NewEvent.aspx page for example.

From what i can see i am using the correct event handlers (as shown below) but nothing wants to work. It is nothing to do with postback. Please assist



Comment posted by Gareth Evans
16 years ago.

Why has the code been removed. Here it is again. Why does this not work (no error, pahe just refreshes and noting else)

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
16 years ago.
I apologize for the disappearing code. I've fixed the forum code and nothing should be missing anymore (the security parsing was too strict).

You can also send the code directly to the support e-mail: daypilot @
Comment posted by bob
15 years ago.
Can you post the resolution for this. I also cannot get the server side event to work. I set the eventClickHandeling to postback, and add a event handler to the code behind page. I used the syntax in section 7 of the online tutorial ( Server-side event handling) The appears the event is not being raised. Help please.
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
15 years ago.
You need to set two properties (an example for moving):


I guess you are missing the second one. Let me know if this was the problem.

Note that the signature of the handlers is different from the tutorial (even in DayPilot Lite):

protected void DayPilotCalendar1_EventMove(object sender, DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.EventMoveEventArgs e)
// ...
Comment posted by bob
15 years ago.

That worked.

Thank you!!

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