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How to disable moving certain events

Asked by Jeff Kurzner
3 years ago.

I have events that come from different sources those from external sources need to be locked so the user cannot edit or move or resize them. However, for all other events I do need to allow the user to edit their own events. I have tried setting eventMoveHandling to "Enabled" and then args.e.EventMoveEnabled = false in the onBeforeEventRender and it still seems to allow event moving for all cases. Each time when I drag an event the dp.onEventMoved function is firing.

Is there a working example that might shed a light on my difficulty?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
3 years ago.

It looks like you are using the ASP.NET syntax. In JavaScript, the property name is "moveDisabled".

dp.onBeforeEventRender = function(args) { = true;

See also:

Comment posted by Jeff Kurzner
3 years ago.

WOO HOO! Genius. Thanks so much.

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