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How to implement recurrent events in Javascript version with spring boot

Asked by Anonymous
2 months ago.

Hi guys and thanks for any help it will be provided, I'm trying to integrate Daypilot to test his functionalities into
a spring boot project all is functioning as expected but i do need the function of recurring events scheduling per weekday everyday Month etc... I should change Event Model to fit my needs (weekdays and start time end time), anyone has already done this work or could me give any advice? Thanks in advance

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Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
2 months ago.

The JavaScript version requires the individual event instances to be passed to the component. So handling the recurrence is fully in you hands (on the server side).

You'd have to store the rule with the master event and also the individual occurrences to make them accessible to select queries. Depending on the rules you want to support, it can get quite complex (especially if you also want to support exceptions from the generated occurrences).

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