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cell to into two lines or below the current line

Asked by praveen
1 month ago.

Dear , i want to display data into linear format , in this column have 8 hours grouping . when we collect data for display it comes 100% sequential and when we display that on screen
it show correct but sometimes it show cell to into two lines or below the current line where other data is displayed, please refer to attachment which will clear the problem.

i am new to this component, can anyone help me in this

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 month ago.

The events will be displayed in a single horizontal line if they don't overlap. If the end date/time of the first event and the start date/time are the same the events are still considered non-overlapping and will be displayed side-by-side in the same line.

I recommend checking the data - most likely the problem is that the events overlap.

It is also possible to force overlapping events to display in the same line using EventStackingLineHeight="0". However, it this case it would be a workaround rather than solution of the problem.

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