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onBeforeCellRender loading after trigger click

Asked by Boris Civcic
11 days ago.

We found issue with Daypilot. Because of this issue, we have problems with performances(modal loading issue).
On first load we got: `onBeforeCellRender`, and that's okay. But after that we trigger click function, and if we have any state inside `onBeforeCellRender` he will be recalled again.
This causing a lot of problem to us, because modal was opening very slow in that case. A lot of rendering from onBeforeCellRender , which is not necessary I believe.

If we don't have any state inside `onCellClicked` function, everything will be fine. `onBeforeCellRender` will not be called.
Please take a look a video.

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
11 days ago.

At this moment, the React Scheduler will always update on state changes.

This is a design decision and the alternative would be to perform a deep comparison of the current/previous props. The props can be very deep and this would introduce a potential performance issue of a different type.

I recommend not using the state in onEventClick (if possible) or to wrap this state in a standalone component - this approach is used in the following tutorial:

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