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Searching for DayPilot Pro ASP.NET Developers

Asked by John W
22 days ago.

DayPilot Pro ASP.NET Developer Wanted

We are a Transportation and Warehouse Logistics company, located in the USA.  We use a MS Windows Transportation Management System (TMS) to manage customer orders and assign them to drivers and equipment.  The system uses SQL Server. Our planners use MS Excel workbooks to plan(schedule) these jobs.  They are constantly cutting & pasting information form the TMS to Excel to accomplish this.

We’re on the hunt for custom development resources, to create a visual scheduling (planning) app, using DayPilot Pro ASP.NET.  The app would pull data from our SQL Server-based TMS and allow our planners to drag & drop assets & drivers into appropriate day/time slots. Based on these actions, the TMS would be updated accordingly. Both direct and API-enabled access to the SQL Server data is available.

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