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Change the BusinessBeginsHour on the fly

Asked by Anonymous
12 years ago.

Hi all,

Anyone have any tricks to changing the BBH property on the fly? Example, in Day View, each day defaults to 8am start hour. However, lets say on one day there is an event at 6am. I'd like to change the BBH setting to be 6 on that day.

Is this possible?



Comment posted by Bhavesh Patel
12 years ago.

As per my knowledge, it won't be straight forward. you will have to calculate the earliest event time (6 AM) in code behind. Then when you bind your control to datatable or dataset you can add below 2 lines to get your desired result.

dpCalender.BusinessBeginsHour = 6;
dpCalender.BusinessEndsHour = 18;

Hope this helps

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