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BeforeEventRender EventClickEnabled Not Working

So when form loads and calls beforeeventrender, I have it set for all pre-created events to have the e.eventclickenabled = false (by looking at and make sure its all old ids versus new ids). Whi...

Dynamic resource columns in Scheduler

I'm currently using DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET MVC: 8.1.5819.1. The objective is having 1 or 3 HeaderColumns depending on a parameter. In my cshtml I declared the following : "HeaderColumns = new RowHe...

Start and Enddate parameters wrong when I click November and October month

I have a problem. I am using DayPilot Pro for Javascript. My events for October and November are not loading when I click on the month. I have checked to see what parameters for start and end date ar...
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