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Resize Event daypilot-scheduler doesn't work. App crash

Answered: Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Would you be able to post your config and a sample event?

Feature Request For Frozen Rows

Answered: We don’t plan to add a vertical scrollbar support to the frozen rows in the Scheduler. If you want to display two independently scrolling row sections, I recommend using two Scheduler instances, like...

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'style')

daypilot-core.js:17 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'style') at DayPilot.Calendar.Ea (daypilot-core.js:17:14081) at DayPilot.Calendar.La (daypilot-core.js:16:23322) at Res...

How to use angular component in bubble HTML

Answered: Sorry for the delay! There is a tutorial that shows how to insert an Angular component to the bubble. Angular Scheduler: Dynamic Tooltip It is necessary to instantiate the component and add it to the...

<daypilot-scheduler> is not a known element

Answered: It is necessary to add DayPilotModule to the imports section of the module where you want to use <daypilot-scheduler>. Example from the Angular Scheduler Quick Start tutorial: import {DataService} fr...

Cannot install DayPilot in my current Angular application

Answered: It looks like Chrome has started to report certain code as an error, even though it was acceptable before. It will be fixed shortly.

How to Select multiple events using Click

Answered: You can use the API to modify the behavior: Add an onEventClick handler and use multiselect.add() to add the event to the selection.


Answered: I’m not sure if that’s what you mean but in the Calendar component in the Pro version, it is possible to select multiple events and then delete them using the API (use to get a l...

How to edit Queue items

Answered: To edit the queue items, you can add another item (“Edit”) to the context menu: It will open a modal dialog with task details: This context menu can be defined like this: queueConfig: DayPilot.QueueC...

scroll 2 daypilot component in a single scroll event

Answered: You can synchronize two Schedulers using a native scroll event as demonstrated in this demo: // scrollbar synchronization ...

Cannot install daypilot-pro-angular

Answered: The correct command is as follows: yarn add You can also get the current version link at

Splitter between the rowheader grid and task grid not showing

Answered: I've tried to add your config to a new Angular Gantt chart project generated using and it seems to work fine. The splitter appears as expected. If you are using a custom ...

Create custom column with DayPilot scheduler in angular 12

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial: It uses a context menu to show/hide individual row header colum...

Scheduler: consecutive events appear as overlapping with high zoom level

Answered: In some cases this can happen. It's a result of the following logic: 1. The Scheduler enforces a minimum event with of 1px. 2. The overlaps are resolved on pixel level. These rules are necessary to e...

Use keyboard with daypilot angular

Answered: The Scheduler attaches "keyup" and "keydown" event handlers to the document element if you enable keyboard support using "keyboardEnabled: true". It uses the document object as the event target (you ...

Angular DayPilot Lite Library - DayPilot.Calendar class missing property "headerDateFormat"

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.434): The next official release will be available next week. Thanks for reporting the issue!

multiple event

Answered: This is not supported in the Calendar component at the moment but you can take a look at the Scheduler component which can group concurrent events automatically:

Multiple event show +1

Answered: > If we have multiple event can we show +2 or +3 etc Please see my answer here: > in weekly can we change date format You can change the calen...

Version no of Angular 13 DayPilot proversion?

Answered: Thanks, it's worked with latest DayPilot version.

Angular Gantt chart row header expand collapse not working.

Answered: 1. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the first issue. In Angular, it's important to remember that the expanded/collapsed state is stored in the data source. If you load the Gantt chart tasks u...

How can show Scheduler event text without wrapping ?

Answered: To disable text wrapping, the eventTextWrappingEnabled value must be set to false. It adds "whitespace: no-wrap" style to the event element. See also:

How to hide non working hours for each users?

Answered: This is not possible. You can't hide just one cell of a column. You can either hide a full column (if the non-business hours are the same) or use a special background color for non-business hours tha...

Cannot read properties of null (reading 'offsetHeight')

Answered: It looks like one of the event handlers survived the component destroy phase and it is trying to access DOM elements that were already removed. That should be fixed already - could you please give it...

Where do the args of the onBeforeTimeHeaderRender method come from?

Hi everyone, I'm working on a project that loads events dynamically, also using the onScroll method. In addition to this there is a zoom that allows, depending on the selected level, to view the peri...

php hotel room booking

Answered: You can find the licensing options at the Buy page:

How to select a date range dynamically and highlight it?

Answered: To set the initial date selection, please use the select() method in ngAfterViewInit(): When you add the selectionStart, selectionEnd properties to...

Is it possible to use the onRowCreate method in each resources group with childrens to add new rows dynamically?

Answered: At this moment, it's only possible to use the "new row" feature to add rows to the top level. In order to add children, you can use a context menu as demonstrated in this tutorial: https://code.daypi...

How can I make scheduler scrollable in mobile?

Answered: I made a few changes and Now it's working fine.

How can I display shorten name of the Week?

Answered: The timeHeaders property is only applicable to the Scheduler component. In the Calendar component, you can change the date format using headerDateFormat property:


Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial - it shows how to load calendar events from a database:
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