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Angular Gantt chart row header expand collapse not working.

1. When I try to expand a row in the Gantt chart, the first time it is expanding correctly but collapses automatically. Then I try for a second time for the same row, it is working fine, It is happen...

How can show Scheduler event text without wrapping ?

Answered: To disable text wrapping, the eventTextWrappingEnabled value must be set to false. It adds "whitespace: no-wrap" style to the event element. See also:

How to hide non working hours for each users?

Answered: This is not possible. You can't hide just one cell of a column. You can either hide a full column (if the non-business hours are the same) or use a special background color for non-business hours tha...

Cannot read properties of null (reading 'offsetHeight')

Answered: It looks like one of the event handlers survived the component destroy phase and it is trying to access DOM elements that were already removed. That should be fixed already - could you please give it...

Where do the args of the onBeforeTimeHeaderRender method come from?

Hi everyone, I'm working on a project that loads events dynamically, also using the onScroll method. In addition to this there is a zoom that allows, depending on the selected level, to view the peri...

php hotel room booking

Answered: You can find the licensing options at the Buy page:

How to select a date range dynamically and highlight it?

Answered: To set the initial date selection, please use the select() method in ngAfterViewInit(): When you add the selectionStart, selectionEnd properties to...

Is it possible to use the onRowCreate method in each resources group with childrens to add new rows dynamically?

Answered: At this moment, it's only possible to use the "new row" feature to add rows to the top level. In order to add children, you can use a context menu as demonstrated in this tutorial: https://code.daypi...

How can I make scheduler scrollable in mobile?

Answered: I made a few changes and Now it's working fine.

How can I display shorten name of the Week?

Answered: The timeHeaders property is only applicable to the Scheduler component. In the Calendar component, you can change the date format using headerDateFormat property:


Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial - it shows how to load calendar events from a database:

How to format timeheader "Week"

Answered: Yes, you can do it using onBeforeTimeHeaderRender event handler: import {Component, ViewChild, AfterViewInit} from '@angular/core'; import {DayPilot, DayPilotSchedulerComponent} from 'daypilot-pro...

Error: Event data item must specify 'start' property

Answered: This error suggests that the event data object doesn't have the correct structure. I recommend checking the object - it may look fine at first sight but make sure that it's a real object - and not a ...

Scheduler TypeError when right-clicking on a link between events

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest release (2021.4.5165): Please let me know if there is any problem.

Angular - Add buttons with click event inside cornerHtml

Answered: Unfortunately, it's not possible to use Angular templates in the cornerHtml property. However, it is possible to create a custom Angular component and add it to the upper-left corner - please see the...

Row in DayPilot.GanttBeforeRowHeaderRenderArgs is missing html property

Answered: This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.5161):

when change

Answered: I recommend following the Angular Scheduler Zoom tutorial which includes a working Angular project where everything works fine: In particular, y...

Missing typing in DayPilot.GanttPropsAndEvents

Answered: Hi Hicham, This should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.5152). Thanks for reporting the issue!

How to add search on child row?

Answered: The args.row property holds a DayPilot.Row object and you can access the original resource data object (from resources[] array) using "data" property:

Clean solution to import custom scheduler theme with prefix CSS in Angular project

Answered: Two steps are required: 1. Include the theme in the global CSS (styles.css): @import url('themes/your_theme.css'); 2. Activate it using the "theme" config property: config: DayPilot.SchedulerCo...

DayPilot for angular mobile touch device.

Answered: Please see the following tutorial:

I'm facing issue while updating my daypilot version 2018 to 2021.

Answered: You can remove both properties. The "cssOnly" property is no longer used (the css-only mode is always active). The "cssClassPrefix" property has been replaced with "theme" - and "bubble_default" is t...

Gannt View Sticky date header.

Answered: Please see my comments here:

How can I make sticky date header of Angular Gantt view?

Answered: The horizontal (date/time) header is sticky by default. You just need to set the height properly. For all options, please see the Scheduler height topic in the documentation (the Gantt chart uses the...

New UI of Daypilot

Answered: Thanks for the feedback!

How to load row axis based on selected items from dropdown by the user

Answered: You need to make sure that the URL used in dp.rows.load() call returns the data correctly. I recommend using browser developer tools (Ctrl-Shift-I or Option-Command-I), the Network tab, to inspect th...

load data based on dropdown list

Answered: Please see my answer here:

How to change color of duration bar based on values in database

Answered: The backend_events.php script should look like this: <?php require_once '_db.php'; $stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM leave_event WHERE NOT ((leave_end <= :start) OR (leave_start >= :end))"); ...

Daypilot angular bundle size

Answered: Unfortunately, the package size can't be reduced. We recommend the following to improve the loading time: make sure the bundle is served compressed (in your screenshot, you can see that the gzipped s...

How to update event text value after click on a button.

Answered: You need to get the DayPilot.Event instance first using events.find(). Then you can update the event using events.update(). const dp = this.scheduler.control; const e ="1"); e.dat...
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