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Regarding Date

Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial which shows how to let users change the visible range:

Angular Gantt Chart Cannot filter

Hi, The scheduler have rows.filter this function. However on gantt didnt have rows filter function How to do fil...

Angular Gantt Chart different Tasks in same one row

Answered: Only the Scheduler component can display multiple events/task in the same row. But it supports event links as well:

How can i set Day-pilot start and end hours as 8am to 8pm ?

Answered: You can use dayBeginsHour and dayEndsHour properties, please see an example here:

Angular Gantt Chart replace onrowcreate with button

Answered: You can use your own button and add a new record to config.tasks property (Angular will detect the change) or you can use the direct API tasks.add() method:

resource calendar

Answered: You can disable selected grid cells to make them unavailable for drag and drop operations: See also the following tutorial that shows how to define ...

Looking for a way to update the viewport without having to scroll after render in DayPilot Scheduler

Answered: You can take a look at the following tutorial: It's an Angular sample that uses the built-in Scheduler zoom support which retains the scrollbar ...

Bubble is positioned incorrectly (Angular 2+)

Hi I added dynamic tooltip in daypilot event calendar but the popover is seems to be misplaced. Please have a look at screenshot attached

Filter by Group

Answered: Yes, this is possible: dp.onRowFilter = function(args) { if ( === -1) { args.visible = false; } var parent = ar...

Korean language support

Answered: Korean locale ("ko-kr") is now added in the latest sandbox build (2019.3.3983).

Hide bubble on outside click of calendar (Angular 6)

I'm showing bubble on click of event and I set hideAfter property to '0'. It works pretty well, but the bubble popover do not hide if I click outside of daypilot calendar. Any help is appreciated.

How to show popover on click of event in daypilot calendar

Answered: DayPilot includes a built-in callout named "bubble". See more here: You can map it to event click action by setting eventClickHandling config property ...

NG7 - scheduler (zoom example): undefined "args" in .config ?!

Answered: It looks like if you set startDate using a string (not DayPilot.Date) in the config you may receive it in unconverted. It's fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2019.2.3893). In previous ...

Scheduler Grid HTML File

Answered: The Scheduler grid can be customized using the API, such as onBeforeCellRender event handler (see The full version includes unminified source ...

Angular Scheduler - Horizontal scroll position

Answered: It looks like the problem might be the scrollTo/scrollX/scrollY properties in the scheduler config object. If you add them to the config they will be re-applied whenever the Scheduler detects a chang...

2 rows for one resource

Answered: It is possible to display two rows for each resource: 1. The resource id needs to be unique. This can be done by prefixing a certain string to the resource id, e.g. "R" + id for reservations rows, "I...

Open source version of Kanban board

Answered: Unfortunately, the Kanban board component is only available in DayPilot Pro (paid version). See also the feature matrix:

regarding SASS license

Answered: When you need to deploy multiple instances (e.g. for scalability reasons) you'll need to upgrade to a multi-server license (i.e. SaaS Team or SaaS Office).

Increase the height of the DayPilot Calendar control to fit its parent dynamically

Answered: Please see the following tutorial for a working example (Scheduler with heightSpec set to "Parent100Pct"):

How to switch between the Day,Week and Month view in Angular4

Answered: Please see the following sample project that shows how to implement a calendar with day/week/month views:

Drag and drop into Angular schedular

Hi there Is it possible to drag and drop an external object into the Angular scheduler? Do you perhaps have an example or demo of dragging and dropping from another component into the scheduler?

Format date in timesheet mode (Angular 5)

Answered: By default, the timesheet uses the short date format specified using the current locale for the day headers. You can customize the text using onBeforeRowHeader render event handler: config: any = {...

How to routing on onEventClicked: function (args) { } ANGULAR

Answered: Try using the TypeScript syntax: constructor(private router: Router) { } config: any = { onEventClicked: args => { this.router.navigate(.....); } } When using the JavaScript syntax "...

Scheduler small events width

Answered: Hi Martin, If this only affects short events, I'd recommend reviewing the useEventBoxes property:

CellAray type is missing forRange function in Angular

Answered: Thanks for reporting the issue. The forRange() method is now added to the TypeScript definitions in the latest sandbox build (2018.3.3385).

No source variable in ContextMenu when opened programatically with TouchEvent

Answered: Hi Dan Thank you so much for your help. I upgraded to the latest stable version 2018.3.3353 and now it works without any issue... PS: I noticed that I can't install the sandbox version as pro version...

Cannot use DayPilot.Angular.Modal

Answered: The modal dialog tutorial was created some time ago - the DayPilot.Angular namespace has been deprecated meanwhile. An updated version of the tutorial is now available (it uses Angular 6 and DayPilot...

Event text is overlapping with added active areas

Answered: There are two ways to fix that: 1. Apply additional padding to the inner event div ("scheduler_default_event_inner" CSS class in the Scheduler) to prevent overlapping with the active area. 2. Set the...

Hide complete percentage label

Answered: You can customize the task text/HTML using onBeforeTaskRender: config: any = { onBeforeTaskRender: args => { =; // displays task text instead of percenta...

Add new column

Can we add new column with description
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